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Jul 2015
Hope Still Exists Because You Are Alive

With eyes tightly shut, existence takes on a different dimension
mentally exploring my hidden world, communicating my intention
my soul has begun to take charge, my body must patiently wait
as mind and heart connect, lips and tears unify in order to relate

Solitude and serenity, love and security, are as clouds of blue
impossible to explain, knowing and feeling G-d is before you
silently petitioning the one source in the world with the power
where your hopes and dreams can become reality in an hour

As tears slowly flow, focused on before whom you stand
nothing exists for the moment, G-d is all you understand
I was talking because he was listening, my tears did declare
with complete dependence on him, with no cause for despair

Oblivious to my surroundings, nothing external had any effect
standing in silence, in deep thought, with my heart alone to reflect
requesting G-d to open my lips, my mouth to acknowledge his praise
drawn with a burning desire, my soul on fire, an uncontrollable blaze

What can I give you, only prayer from my heart with some tears
a lonely creature, flesh and blood, with an existence for a few years
throughout life ever dependent on you, you alone hold the key to life
an unending kindness, keeping this world from total chaos and strife

As time passes and reality sets in, the end of my journey slowly nears
unwilling to confide in others, beseeching you alone to allay my fears
help me to deal with the unknown, that fork in the road will I soon greet
either my soul to be bound in endless light, or flames of purgatory to meet

While the strength of life is still within, remaining is my one request I humbly now make
wishing to repent for the sins I've done, and replacing them with my tears for you to take
G-d, you are above all earthly dimensions, thereby being unrestricted by time and space
you have the power to remove sins, even making them as if they have never taken place

Imploring You to grant the request of my prayers, not having withheld any of my tears
my human weaknesses testify before you, revealed as is the sun, naked with their fears
no longer to continue denying the facts, because true judgement will you soon consider
whether I am deserving of heaven, or to be forever banished as an unrepentant sinner

My prayers and tears beg mercy from the G-d of Truth, of Heaven and Earth
what vanity can I hold, having been created in your image is my only true worth
taking three steps back, I temporarily depart from your glory, returning to be Man
this world is about repenting, becoming one with you, by achieving your Master Plan

Eternity awaits for those summing up the courage, having conquered the evil from within
in the next world a movie of our life patiently waits to play, having arrived they now begin
what can be said on this day of truth as all is revealed, our thoughts and actions will attest
G-d gave us his commandments to earn a place in heaven, but we failed and transgressed

Hope still exists in life so long as the candle is still lit, time yet remains allowing to repair
realize while alive and free will is still yours, you must consider wisely and with much care
G-d wants to give you good, but you must first seek to earnestly change your evil ways
ultimately you will succeed, choosing life, and finding G-d singing to you eternal praise
This is a short poem which shares some thoughts and feelings about a prayer with a tear
Joshua Adam
Written by
   DaRk IcE and Vernon Waring
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