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Ogden Nash


Canada    Strung and stitched entirely from impulsive emotions.
M/Ant-hard-ica    she inquires why I write so many poems, easy comes reply: It gives me a fantastic living, it makes and gives, each poem, a calculation, ...
54/M    I am a van driver from Essex, where I live with my wife and three grown up children. I write and take photographs for my ...


Poetemkin Mar 2019
ʸN ðͧ b̓gʸnn̓ŋͥ Gdͦ cʴͥͤtd̛ ðͧ hͤvͪn̓ nͣd ðͧ rͤÞ.

2. Nͣd ðͧ rͤÞ wͣs wʸÞt̆ frͦm, nͣd vͦdͥ; nͣd drͣkn̓ßͤ wͣs pͧnͦ ðͧ fͤcͥ vͧ ðͧ dpͥ. Nͣd ðͧ Spʸrʸt vͧ Gdͦ mv̐d pͧnͦ ðͧ fͤcͥ vͧ ðͧ wtͣrͤs.

3. Nͣd Gdͦ sͤdͪ, Lͪtͤ ðͤʸr bͥ lʸght: nͣd ðͤʸr wͣs lʸght.

4. Nͣd Gdͦ swͦ ðͧ lʸght, ðtͣ ʸt wͣs gd̑: nͣd Gdͦ dv̓ͣdͥd̓ ðͧ lʸght frmͧ ðͧ drͣkn̓ßͤ.

5. Nͣd Gdͦ cͦlld ðͧ lʸght D, nͣd ðͧ drͣkn̓ßͤ hͥ cͦlld Nʸght. Nͣd ðͧ vͥn̓ŋͥ nͣd ðͧ mrͦn̓ŋͥ wrͤ ðͧ frͤst dͤʸ.
gd  Mar 2014
Hockey skates.
gd Mar 2014
He held my hand today in the most delicate way,     
as if my fingers resembled flower petals and my     
palm reenacted butterfly wings. My hand felt          
fragile in his grip, which mimicked my feelings        
towards him because his heart did not belong           
in the spaces between my touch - his heart                 
belonged in something as light as air; something      
as delicate as cotton. And my heart was tattered      
with thorns, assured to shred his into pieces. All      
the more treacherous, he traced my fingers be           
tween my mittens, and it still felt like fabric -            
contrary to your inevitable static. And that is           
when I knew that even though he did everything    
right, he made it that much worse. As much as he    
tried, my frost-coated lips challenged the warmth    
in his voice, and it wasn't me he needed. It was I      
that needeth not deserve him.

shaqila Dec 2013
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Repeating this here part.
Race relations is bad all over the world worse if you live in the GD U.S of A. People here don't give a ****** about other races unless you say something bad about they own race.