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Jul 2015
This poem represents one, of many, of life's journeys. A journey filled with tears, disappointments, and lies. Many years of watching relationships being tossed, people crossed, and still worse, years lost. Yet, one can never know when the sparks of faith will ignite. When you least expect it, it appears. With it, strength for some enabling them to overcome. You are a new person, with a cause and a reason to add to your "being". You have direction with a spiritual goal as your sole purpose. A faith, borne of pain, now bringing you into His inner circle. A circle filled with this bright light. A light that will never be extinguished, because it has now become a real part of you--a part ofย ย your very soul.

I never sought your money, never sought your gold
all I ever asked, was for the truth to be told
while time has passed, my hope has faded
G-d only knows, how long I had waited

Memories I have as a little boy, once happy just to play with my toy
but as I grew up my mind did ponder, if truth really existed over yonder
reaching adulthood I saw for myself, the lies which my soul had been fed
only by the grace of G-d was I prevented, my steps to purgatory from being led

Now I am older, being blessed with a family of my own
left with so many questions, and still very very much alone
perhaps if only I could make sense, to understand who you really are
a chance to at least to be able, with hope to remove this scar

And you my forebearer, although you brought me into being
you gave me my strength, but my faith gave me my seeing
but now your are old, and you can no longer pretend
despite our relationship, gone is the ability for me to mend

Those missed opportunities, now my mother is no longer
only after her death, did I realize she made me stronger
my internal tears how inconsolable, when this truth set in
oh how much I failed to honor her while alive, this my sin

"Honor thy father and thy mother", have we been commanded
for no other reason or purpose, other than He has demanded
no matter how much grief or anger, you feel from you they deserve
avoid bringing punishment upon your soul, your anger do not preserve

Lessons of a lifetime, skeletons in the closet we all do hide
varying durations of time we have been pained, in whom to confide
there can be no escape, for our actions will we be judged
how difficult to overcome our ego, to this we can't be budged

While we cannot go back, stopping those hands from turning time
but we can seek to redirect ourselves, focusing toward the sublime
charity starts at home, therefore it's for our own ultimate good
eternal bliss really does await us, if we but only understood
Pain Is G-d's Way To Bring You Close. A Pain which will ultimately lead to faith.
Joshua Adam
Written by
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