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Bhill Jun 2020

let's kiss the mind with some flare every day
challenge the very core of your energy by accepting all sensory input
all the visual
all the audible
all the input thrown your way
see if that doesn't leave your mind with more flare

Brian Hill - 2020 # 164
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𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Nov 2019
With the watercolor of the evening sky
I paint my failed memories
That insist on looking for
In my mind, a space to allocate.

With the colors of the mountains
From lighter to darker green
I fill my lungs, let them inflate
I kick out the old air as a chance to change.

I don't hold hurt or grudge inside me
I know it will burn like fire
Flare I call soul.

Like water, I let them go
And I wash my bones and flesh in an attempt to purify
The evil they insist on keep inside me.
Eloisa Jun 2019
Luminous fireworks
Into the sea of silence
Stranger on the street
Erian Rose Apr 2019
A fire abloom
Deep within my heart
Even a match
Couldn't start the flare
You blaze so brightly
Without having to burn
Away from the field of roses
In my arms
You don't see how much you mean
With or without
A blazing mark
Grab a camera, we can make it a movie
And watch it in the evening with no sound on
See the way the light flares of Amber on your skin?
As radiant as your energy, captured on Kodachrome
Oh how I feel warmth as I delight in your image
And all time stands still as this memory projects
I don’t need sound to hear your laugh again
Because in my heart I feel it, it plucks my heartstrings so

sushii Nov 2018
A tiny flare
Inside my hands
Grows bigger at the feeling
The feeling of want

That big flare
Rushes around a sky
With clouds that don’t deserve
To be illuminated

Sparks shoot out
There’s rain coming from the clouds
The big flare
Becomes smaller again

Sparks turn to ashes
My hands are burnt
No more light
In this rainy sky

During this period
I lose track of time
Everything is coated in sorrow
It feels as if months go by

But then the clouds clear
No more rain is near
A drizzle here and there
But still, we’re safe
This place is all warm
And, now,

The flare is shining, beautiful and bright
In my hands
Umi Apr 2018
A recurring memory which ties us together,
Is the fuel for a fire beneath my pitch-black wings, take this flame,
Burn my body and break my destiny, but deep within it will always flicker in hope to be going ablaze, a firestorm of raging conflagration
Empowered by my heart, the strengh of the sun's core and a stellar flare, sweeping it all away by just a furious, mighty energetic outburst
A star amongst billions, in one of just countless traveling galaxies, may make it less special, since I am neither the brightest or strong,
But as long as I can gift you sweet light, golden and untouched to make your day brighter I will shine, try harder for your fragile sake,
Just don't gaze at me, or I'll burn my image into your eyes, blind you for all of eternity, leaving you in darkness when my goal was to send you warm light to cheer your way illuminate your path and your stay
Flapping my wings towards more light I might appear alike an angel to you, yet, I am nothing more but a demon who tries to be good,
Even if I should cause, through my burning thoughts tragedies,
One day the day will come when everything melts down, heaven then hell, then you and finally me so I am left to rest at the very last,
Embracing you with the sweetness of burnt out black feathers

~ Umi
anotherdream Nov 2017
Candle candle, in the air,
Where is your flicker,
Where is your flare?

Candle candle, in the dark,
Do you believe with all your heart,
That you and your light will never part?

Candle candle, in the night,
Do you not scoff at the sight,
Of the darkness that surrounds you?

Candle candle, light so small,
Do you not have one single flaw?
Nothing to hide, it only reflects off the nearby wall.

Candle candle, why do you flicker?
Do you barely hold on and hinder,
While bearing the cold harsh winter?

Candle candle, of golden warmth,
Why is it so easy to love, to adore,
All you are that shines brightly on the floor?

Candle candle, flame of bright,
Why so humble and yet reach for heights,
No one admires or sees, for we all are blind?

Candle candle, why so faint?
You have endless beauty of flame,
And no match to light it, only pain.

Candle candle, in my dream,
Tell me, are the things I see,
Things of old or present reality?

Candle candle, in my head,
Is the flame of my heart,
The one fire I haven’t lit yet?

Candle candle, tell me now,
Where to give up, when, and how,
So I can leave the dark and shine bright.

Candle candle, show me how,
To light my spark and take a bow,
For the candle’s voice is a small sound.

Candle candle, on the wall,
Let me glide and let me fall,
This is my choice, it’s not your call.

Candle candle, why so hot?
Draw me close just for a shot,
To see what it would’ve brought?

Candle candle, pull me close,
Tell me all, I want to know,
So that you will never hit a low.

Candle candle, listen dear,
Life is too short for sadness or fear,
Regrets, pain, or makeup-filled tears.

Candle candle, I know it’s hard,
You were never warned you would get this scarred,
And put up with the things of the dark.

Candle candle, cherish what you have,
And never even try to look back,
There are only lost memories that take what you had.

Candle candle, you were thrown out,
Rejected with force and left with doubt,
Of your flame that still yearns to shout,

Candle candle, here I stand,
Take all of me, take all that I am.
It’s my turn to play in love’s final band.
Moonshine Noire Sep 2017
solar-flare pokes out

a quick glare in the ether

plasma uncontrolled
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