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JKirin Apr 29
You kiss without reservations, always have,
be there friends around, an unfamiliar crowd.

Always bold, you claim what's yours with passion, pride,
drawing a fit of laughter out of your bride.

You care not for daggers piercing through my heart,
or for the way you shatter what's left of hope
I carried through our years of friendship. No, you do not.

As your best friend, the best man, I’ll play the part
but don’t expect me to be here when this marriage falls apart.
She isn't right for you (I am!) You know this to be true, you do.

As soon as you exchange your vows, I'll leave and I won't miss you.
It doesn't matter that everything inside me screams to kiss you.

Ah, who am I kidding? I will be here for your every need.
When everything inside me crumbles, and even when I bleed.
I'm prisoned by my love for you, my dear friend. I can't be freed.
JKirin Apr 29
It didn't affect you, my friend, at all.
It was an accident after all.
When your lips brushed mine,
it wasn't on purpose.
Nobody caused this.
I said we're fine.
Yes, I'm fine.
It isn't your fault, no.
At myself, I'm mad
that my cheeks are red.
My heart skips a beat in a hurry,
and my vision is clouded, blurry.
I'm about to faint.
I'm in love
but you ain't.
JKirin Apr 29
Lower your voice, I beg, stay away.
Can't you see, I am out of control?
Stop this nonsense. We are friends, you say?
This is something I always have mourned.
I'm so angry with you for your lies.
There's passion in us, open your eyes.
Drop the veil of ignorance and see
how hungry you are for us, for me.
Every time I'm close your breath heightens.
It is maddening, man, it frightens.
Stay away, please, get out of my face.
It's a trap.
I need space.
Don't move, this is as far as you get
Or I snap
and do something we both will regret.
JKirin Apr 29
I keep on pretending it's okay,
your kiss isn't splitting my heart in two.
I fathom the ending of this play
this tragedy, starring me and you.
You asked for a favour - to pretend
that lovers we are and not best friends.
I should have said no, but how could I?
Without you beside me, I would die.
your kiss is soft, disarmingly so.
It breaks me that it's only for show.
JKirin Apr 5
When she smiles,
you smile in return.
I get sick,
my insides churn.
Sour jealousy scrapes,
burns my throat.
Don't you know you're mine?
You do not.
So lost in your silly crush, in her,
you forget how close we are,
always were.
You don't know my need
to let go,
to kiss you,
so you know.
JKirin Apr 4
In a flash of raw desperation
I cry, fight, and steal your attention.
I silence you with a hopeless kiss,
breaking the walls of ignorance, bliss,
crushing our hearts, our poisoned friendship.
I pray on your lips, begging to change
our ways. Desire—I must be deranged,—
it is burning my core. You respond –
I let go. Yes, I must be insane.
Did I break (did we?) our precious bond?
I don't know, but you kiss me again.
and again, and again, and beyond.
JKirin Apr 2
He hurt me, you know,
stripped me bare,
burned me to ashes.
I don't care,
don't hurt anymore.
Barely there touches
bring comfort, somewhat.
You kiss me and, see?
I don't hurt, don't feel.
You must think me dumb,
but I'm glad I'm numb.
I don't cry a sea.
I don't hurt — I'm free.
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