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JKirin Apr 6
let everything burn,
bring the world to its knees, to ashes..
let everything burn
as i mourn—
let the flames bring light to this darkness
about grief
JKirin Apr 4
I want you out of my head.
Your words are poison, you see?
Will i forget what you said
or will it always haunt me?
Hateful, the power you have—
your wicked touch—over me.
I’m bleeding, wounds are too deep.
I’m broken – I’m yours to keep.
I want you out of my head.
I’m hanging here by a thread…
about unhealthy relationships
JKirin Apr 4
I’m chasing the ghost of attention
through the pages and pages of words.
every time I lose concentration,
I am feeling a little more lost—
hoping, there is something to guide me
at the depths of my heart of my soul—
something able to shine, inspire me,
as I fight to recover control.
about losing focus
JKirin Apr 4
I thirst for palms on my skin
to burn through me with desire,
for lips to make my world spin,
to set my body on fire.
I dream of breaths mixed with mine,
as pleasure tears me open.
As fingers brush, intertwine,
my thoughts are left unspoken…
For you, I yearn, don’t you see?
Do you ever dream of me?
about pining
JKirin Apr 1
so hollow—
nothing but a shell,
a vessel emptied and left without purpose —
she’s drifting through the days, alone and hopeless.
silence, as she fell
in sorrow
so hollow—
about sadness
JKirin Mar 17
a quiet melody—
the falling snow—
enwraps you tenderly
in chilling throw
to ease your restlessness,
the rushing flow
of thoughts of helplessness,
until you glow
and hum the melody
of falling snow.
about rest
JKirin Mar 17
Some days are harder than they may appear…
When, lost, you spiral down, out of control—
I’ll catch you in my arms, my love, come here.
about support
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