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Descovia Nov 2023
Swinging with flow of time
Building chains of memories
Ambitions giving me aspirations for flight!
Descovia Nov 2023
Happy birthday Isaiah!
My heaven-sent, remarkably brilliant and outstanding son! You break records, love endlessly with a heart having more mass, than all matters in space. You bless people everywhere with your creative imagination and your curiosities spark inspiration!

8 years here, you have accomplished numerous achievements!

You make me proud and beyond grateful to be living through life's excitement to experience all as your father!

Through challenges and changes we're still pushing through together!

Today will be a great day!

You make me the proudest
Only ones who love will see
You honor the definition to family.
You will grow to be enormous
and strong like a tree.
Time will change us
From what we are
Into what we are meant to be
In my eyes, you will forever be my mini me.
Happy birthday my beloved son. You still inspire everyone, everywhere you go!
Descovia Nov 2023
I pray to the universe guide me with light
Patience and forgiveness.
Bless my essence to acquire God's  
strength to heal and be humble.
This adventure takes me through the tide of deep emotions
memories of a troubled past and discoveries in nature,
reminders to me change is a savior.

I walked, many steps today.
Any unfortunate soul dreads to wonder about
As I went home and had myself an aperitif
Burdened with thought-shattering, uncertainty
at this late hour
I am consumed by doubts!
I know tomorrow is still yet to come
with all it's silliness and pranks
But tomorrow wants nothing more
than its compliments and thanks
they may think tomorrow must for us come
yet i say, today is yet to be done!

Today's journey, is a mere stepping stone towards tomorrow's
successful aspirations!
Believe in your strength
Descovia Nov 2023
Allow your words to radiate
You are bright
You are glowing

Why is it tho?
Why is it the sun
Finds away through my concealments?
In order to reach me.

Why is that?
No matter, where I reside in solitude or darkness....

The light finds a way to me.
Determined as many truths.

The light reaches you. No matter where you wonder. You are light.
Believe in your light.  It empowers all in this very life!

Descovia Nov 2023
Don't take anything personally.
Take responsibility and accountability.
Do not carry grudges.
Carry God's prayer.
Do not pray for an enemies downfall.
Pray for peace to be restored.
Don't give up.
Have faith in yourself
Your emotions determines the outcome of your reality.
Let God handle all.
Miracles are waiting for you to unfold. Believe in yourself.  Have faith in your destiny. May good reward your aspirations.
Descovia Nov 2023
These words that have pull and plunge your being into an intense trip. Watch the words, fly off the page and take you through time faster than any Uber or Lyft.
For this neat little trick, we employ the words that grip.
The ones that squeeze and then some that suddenly hold until the reader drips. Fill their bottle with a cuffing concoction, with every verse, they'll take a sip!
Descovia joined forces with Alma/Rota to deliver a compelling masterpiece for genius minds!
Descovia Dec 2022
Art is my universal love language.
I speak it. I create it. I live it!
Contribute to the greater good.
Evil cannot suffice my intentions.
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