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M Solav Jul 2023
It is as if I were

Truly, marching, numb,
Blind despite standing
On a pillar above the sun,
Bathing in an ocean of
Clarity, clean, dumb
A kind of understanding
Or a stellar love, a unison
Dripping in slow-motion.

It is as if I were

Well fastened to a past
Faint, absent, steady,
Found elsewhere once more,
Begrudgingly opaque,
As sequestered and cast
Paint spent uneasily
Around canvases ashore,
Erosionally awake.

It is as if I were

On the verge now,
Ready to step onward,
Dare, envision, try,
If but for a moment
In an urge somehow
To unravel the skies afar
Care, abandon, fly,
And not ever lament:

It is as if I were.
Written on July 15th, 2023.

This picture was written to accompany a picture by Tim Gentle (@atimosabeart). See the result at:

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Brett Jan 2022
Faint(adjective)- (of a sight, smell, chance, or sound) barely perceptible,
Like the beating of a broken heart being drowned out by
Screaming behind closed doors. The redness that circles
Around the crying eyes you use concealer to hide behind.
Faint as the sun shimmering over your receding silhouette
As you pass just beyond the horizon line, away from me.
Faint chances of survival, when fifty yellow-gold and black
Rosary beads hang free around the necks of those who surround you.
The tinge of iron you smell as your blood pools in your mouth, but
The will to never faint, as in fall to the ground in front of thirsty crowds.
Faint thoughts of happiness that arrive like butterflies, though
They never land long enough to wrap your arms around.
A faint pulse after chasing a feeling through a needle.
Faint, like the beauty of life being burned away. Ever faint
Are the screams of smoldering redwood trees.
The faint spinning of the globe, balanced on an invisible finger.
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, dreams and dreams will be remembered:)

a nightmare or a dream???
the day you wrote a poem to me
titles stumbled on the versus our desires declared
gone in the drop of a lit matched flare
guess that love will remember us
stared promises tangled even the unspoken trust
i think of the time of all lasts
hourglass sand stolen so fast
nonsense traffic faints
in the path of the cuts this hurt paints
bruises in surrender to the knife
like when two plus two makes five
Venus on the window pane
whispering to others about the ****** stain
till this day

Moe Jan 2021
A faint tiny tear
Can feel like a replacement arm
Leg or eye
Kashish Lahrani Oct 2020
Our souls were intricately woven into intense love, our souls deep-rooted
Not for a moment I ever hesitated
I gave you all of me, you seemed to have given too
I still remember you saying, 'To be lovers, we are fated'

I am so tired of the gnawing pain that has been wavering around me
From the moment you left me jilted
The tears of happiness that once rolled out of my eyes
Now cry out in agony. I am no longer jovial, just wilted

I wonder if you ever loved me. The air of agony I am surrounded by won't take away the pain
You spilt your love in my life, I was spoiled with stains
But now that you are gone, the stains you caused will never faint
And I have come to realise, all that I am is an abyss of your remains.
Bhill Sep 2020
as the world sleeps, the enchanting begins
being unseen and quiet, messages are delivered
information bouncing in and about all sleeping intelligence
apparitions and memories of long-ago actions
as the world awakens, the enchanting flees the mind
some of the enchanted will recall with faint impressions
some will remember nothing...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 265
Laokos Sep 2020
listening to
Father John Misty in
pink time

poppy red

with a pleasing
of shadow
within reach


our faint


the universe
ultima Thule
neth jones Jun 2020
ground swell
and furniture at odds
storage collage
the breathing flutter

head blood flush
rush until taunt
and breathing...
                     an ail

off of still
pudding the chamber
tow my breathing
as ought

a gentle petitioning
takes effect

my senses are hooked back up
and i observe i am sat awkward
; floor and wall
untightening into feeling
Read like The Shipping Forecast if you like
Heather Apr 2020
First I feel it in my fingers and toes
The buzzing that grows
Grows into a quiver
From my thigh to my spine; a shiver

The pain of numb so few will know
Vision as black as crow
I trace my raised skin
What made the tingles begin?
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
This Distance Between Us
by Michael R. Burch

This distance between us,
this vast gulf of remembrance
void of understanding,
sets us apart.

You are so far,
lost child,
weeping for consolation,
so dear to my heart.

Once near to my heart,
though seldom to touch,
now you are foreign,
now you grow faint . . .

like the wayward light of a vagabond star—
obscure, enigmatic.
Is the reveling gypsy
becoming a saint?

Now loneliness,
a broad expanse
—barren, forbidding—
whispers my name.

I, too, am a traveler
down this dark path,
unsure of the footing,
cursing the rain.

I, too, have felt pain,
pain and the ache of passion unfulfilled,
remorse, grief, and all the terrors
of the night.

And how very black
and how bleak my despair . . .
O, where are you, where are you
shining tonight?

Keywords/Tags: distance, gulf, apart, divide, foreign, faint, gypsy, saint, loneliness, broad, expanse, barren, dark, path, black, light, shining
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