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Moonshine Noire Sep 2017
solar-flare pokes out

a quick glare in the ether

plasma uncontrolled
Neharika Jul 2017
The bickering sunlight at my door
I am feverish, this crazy flare,
Like flashlight, poignant flashlight pointing at me,
Never been so queasy
Disgruntled, displeased.
There is more to this
More than the glare
The bickering sunlight never goes away
And it has reached my door.
My head is hung down
Upside-down for that
I guess that turns a frown to a smile
I could get used to it.
The sun I defeat,
He is too tired for today
One step back at a time it takes, slow
Promises to be even bolder tomorrow.
I look at it
Maybe he will
I smile till then, may be a smirk;
A smirk from my upturned frown.
K Balachandran Jun 2017
Away from the nicely lit place,
where guests chatted and giggled,
we sat face to face, in the after glow
of our smoldering new found love,
for quite a while,wondering within us,
how could emotional fireworks blow up
amidst prolonged pandemonium,like this?
Words to us, seemed quite out of place
I just gazed and gazed in to her eyes
she blushed,like a first time kisser.
A faint beam from a distance, made her
emotionally charged  face look all  aflame.
Her nostrils pretty attractive,perfect rings
looked flared,like an animal's,I noticed
that catches a scent, awaited for long;
seemed like she had an urgent need to express.
I had a guess, but her words were distracting,
"I love your fingers"she lisped, my index finger
on the right hand she started to pet,
"It's so enticing"she spoke as if
she substitutes a thing for one different.
as the compulsion was such.
Time stood still, in the middle,but that wasn't a hitch!
I remembered she had to leave, shortly
but the tide of our passions was flooding still,
so we created darkness at will around us.
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
Lightning is the fleeting thorn of blooming thunder
The self-erasing crack into the sky window
The laceration of the clouds that left no scar
And sealed itself instantly
And bled to life bountiful
Shifting afloat in deep grey


The lightning showed me the way
To the burning tree
The clouds were dark with worry
That I would not see
The thunder told me to hurry
Before the earth swallows me
a nice song that I found to go along:
Poetic Artiste Jul 2015
If flames could leak,
She’d be the blaze puncturing my core,
It was only with her that fiery passion poured down.

Heated moments led me to ponder,
How the sodden creation of our affair,
Was enough to put her flare out.

I knew she was perfect for me,
Our opposites attracted,
How do we tread cautiously against the steam?
When opposites attract.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
If you can hear my disguised screams

Send out a flare
Bright red
Into the sky

And tell me to have hope
To teach me to fly

If you can see me crumbling

Send out a flare
Bright red
Into the sky

And tell me that I can be fixed
To teach me to not be tricked

If you can see me trapped here in this cage

Send out a flare
Bright red
Into the sky

And tell me how to get out
To teach me others ways rather than to flail about

Save me
Save me
From this misery

Save me
Save me
No easier could it be

To help me be free
Oh please do not flee

Just please help save me
That's all I ask of thee
Frank Ruland Dec 2014
My worship of the sun suddenly
   went so wrong
From guiding star to supernova,
   where I did not belong

The surface of my soul
   was besieged by a solar flare
An instant inferno scorching
   my love, upon a dare

From the stars aligning,
   to the lunar eclipse,
my own star devours me,
   and takes me to the Styx

Everything is burning
   and there is no escape,
from a super massive black hole's
   all consuming disgrace
I've gotten messages from people saying that many of my series are somewhat abstract, which I will not lie and say they aren't. They're meant to be, as to reinforce the reader in making their own personal interpretations. But, for this series I will introduce a basic guideline to follow. The series is about finding love you're not meant for, the distancing of lovers, and ultimately the heartbreak endured at the end.
This is part three. If you like this, please be sure to check out the rest of the series! Thank you so much.

— The End —