L M Biese Jan 22
Two lines, visible on your right arm;
I kiss them every time I see you.

Not much else can be said about
two little lines, but I need to say more.

Two tiny lines that'll scar and fade away
leaving only a memory of why you

ripped open your arm because you felt
completely and utterly alone

because your own brother couldn't
do anything.

or say anything.
or stop you.

Even when he saw you create
those two bleeding lines.
Gale L Mccoy Jan 22
reaching deep down in
grime between your nails, between your fingers
trying to reach all the way down but
your arm doesnt reach/ your arm doesnt reach/ your arm doesnt–
but you still reach
because there has to be something within your reach
instead, something reaches you
your arm is no longer there
a jagged toothed thing took it away

you reach in with your other arm
nanda Jan 9
i wish i could change my stars
wish i could reach them with my hands
place them in my eyes
mold a new fate
start anew

i wish i could erease the past
wipe it clean
paint a new begining
a new me
a new you

i wish i could create new words
gift then to you
so you could sing them to me
play them on your strings

i wish we could love as we once did
forget what was
bleed a new story
spoil us with love and happiness

i wish for so many things
to change our stars
our lost love
our forgotten hope
but the stars are far away
and my grasp is too weak
to hold you in my arms
always loved the idea..
bret Dec 2017
no mountain too high they said
i rip the wood from the trees,
to build the road to Juneau
and bathe in the endorphin river

dry my ankles
and let them breathe the cold air
so the people know
im just a nobody

break my hands
to feel my legs again

break me down
so i can love again
When bullets develop wings in the hands on a devil,
We hide behind needles while bullets search for a place to call home.

You kept scraping your etching finger on a trigger,
Our vessels vomited adrenalin, we saw danger,
You flooded our blood with anger.

I’m from the death,
Telling you not to dare,

If you dare pull another trigger,
Remember God’ eyes are watching.
Liz Carlson Jul 2017
I wrote you a note at 5 am,
you read it,
with no reply.
Before you left you asked for a picture of the two of us.
I made a joke and we laughed through the pictures.
But all that I could think about was
how it felt to have your arm around me.
It was holding me,
as I held you.
I wish I could go back to that moment,
but it's gone.

When we said our goodbyes,
it hurt so much.
I wanted to tell you so many things,
but time was running out.
I hugged you so many times,
you thought it was strange.

As soon as you walked away,
my heart felt empty;
I missed your presence already.
We touched hands as you drove away
in that big green van.
I ran after you,
as did other friends.
But you were gone.

I can still see your eyes gazing into mine,
and your oh so sweet smile;
but you're gone.
Nowhere to be seen.
Seanathon Apr 2017
When it comes to fire
Within my arms
I will crash and burn and rebuild myself

Because I am
Because I was
And because I have yet to become someone else

All that I can be
All that I wasn't
All that I do is because I must

Its not owned by this
The want or wont
But because I will regret it if I don't
Below my average... But I'm trying something new.
Diána Bósa Apr 2017
With arms wide open
and with a mind open wide
I would too open
my body to you; yet you
remain unopened,
thus, for you, nothing more but
my veins are left to open.
George Krokos Jan 2017
We tend to embrace technology with open arms
but are not really mindful of how much it harms.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Amanda Nov 2016
Under the cold ambient night sky
My senses run wild
Having tasted it
I want more
I crave no others
Is this selfish?
To want this warmth flow over my skin
To have those arms around me each day
Do i delude myself, like i always do
Or do i let the fire burn in the winter snow?
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