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Heart of fortune filled with frecklish love for solitude,
One minute i love all, the next i love nothing.
I dont know what my feeble heart desires.
Marie Apr 4

Feelings that I wanted to flee
when the world went dark
It seems, I feel delighted every night
Totally alone, stuck in darkness' side.

Even now, I couldn't feel
the frozen ground
As I lay underneath a big old oak tree
I don't know if it is inhuman
to stay calm
When you couldn't find the beauty
of the things around.

I won't fret if the moon vanishes
from my sight
I'm thankful of the insects silenced
by the cold
I feel the emptiness run inside me
I can comprehend now the language
of pain.

I know, I'm an unconvincing feeble
Swallowed by world's benightedness
Trying to find an answer in all the miseries
Makes me feel that my life is so pointless.

Somehow, I wanted to go out of this
situation overnight
I wanted to view things to it's perfection
But again and again
I always end up in this prison cell.

I couldn't deny, I'm so cruel to myself
I always let intrusive thoughts intrude
In the vicinity of my consciousness
Because, I want to be a witness of this
Moonless Darkness.
A poem made by me out of reading the novel of John Green,THE TURTLE ALL THE WAY DOWN. Most of words in here are from the book. I compile it and made this one.
Yuki Feb 2019
Give the gates
of your heart
permission to
be wide open
but make sure
not to let winter
settle in your
feeble bones.
Sudeshna D Feb 2019
Do you feel it when
Your mind is drifting to
Someone other than
The one you’re talking to?
I ignore it as often
As I think I can possibly do
But do you realize the space
Captured in my head by you?
I know not what to call this
It’s breathable and new.
I do not want to spoil this
Fearing what it’ll turn into.
The paranoia of losing it
Is what I’ve already grown into.
Conservative, feeble, shy?
Call me whatever you want to.
Lieke Jan 2019
I was a wobbly little girl
Tortured by my devil
She chased and chased me
Hunting me down

Criticised my success
Laughed at my victory
Shortened my smiles
Prevented my laughs

My first tear
My only snap
My loudest sob
The whitest flag

I cried for help
there she was
I called emergency
there she was
I raced to school
there she was
I ran back home
there she was

Darkness flowed through her veins
Jealousy kept her running
Black magic empowered her
Sorcery concealed the naked

my head ******
my hands tied
my face torn
my vision blurred

Now she shoots and shoots
and shoots right through me
She strikes and strikes
and strikes up my smile

Protected by my love
I realised right then
I tried to die once
Never again.
13 September, 2018
My imagination is so feeble,
For no matter how hard I try,
My image of how beautiful you are
Is nothing like reality.

My best dreams are so ineffectual.
For no matter how lucidly,
My clearest dreams of you and your beauty,
Are dull compared to the real you.

My most eloquent words lose their meaning,
For no matter what words I choose,
My language too simple and imprecise
For the indescribable you.
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J Oaks Sep 2018
and Beetle
Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon
and feeble
Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon
and Beetle
JW Jun 2015
My mind is a feeble thing
Coming unraveled at the seams
It lies to me of what it needs
Tells me to hate everything
To be so critical and obscene
Why can’t I just be happy?
Jamie King Mar 2015
In labyrinths of
Baleful forests with
eyes of gibbet makers
and buried undertakers.
In gloaming sights,
hobbling towards the light.
The silver teeth of
obeisance sundering will,
plundering peace,
blazoning smiles of
malicious beings.
Hello painters hope you enjoy the imagery
The feeble glow
of yesterday's myths
and illogical legends
drift into obliquity
where the pallid shapes
of old friendships
and silhouettes of demented heads
with a splash of light
on the satirical side of solemnity
in the pursuit of profundity.
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