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Dakota Aug 30
Kissing with my eyes closed because I know you inside and out
10 months and he never gets old
Tsunami Aug 15
Our atoms were in the same vicinity when the universe was created;
how lucky are we to, once again, cross paths.
once again,
To brush our atoms
One against the other,
feel the familiarity of "oh we've met before".
The universe has fallen into place many times since I have glanced into your eyes
Alas, he takes my breathe away.
stop falling in love @me
Nathalie Jul 22
My heart takes a snapshot of the open sky
The projection of light illuminates
The fields far and wide
The scene is splendid and I'm immersed
In nature's beauty
A familiar dawn wakes me into oneness
I am at one with creation
No longer removed from it
But placed at the epicenter
Time lapses and a tingling
Runs right through me.
This is life

eli Jul 20
I don't exactly know you yet
we haven't been talking for long
you don't really know me yet
but id tell you anything
I trust you

I feel like I've known you forever
you seem so familiar I want to know you forever

you feel like home.
Blade Maiden Jul 16
A home is a home is a home
it's a place, it's a haven, it's a heart
my head, a heavy tome
but here, my pages, they easily part

A feeling is a feeling is a feeling
of belonging, of caring, of staying
here, my mind felt ease, I'm simply being
my body speaks tired, here, I'm not afraid of swaying

A lover is a lover is a lover
for I'm well fed, for I'm blanket-covered, for I'm hot-showered,
I'm being shared, my lover and my bed, and I'm undercover,
I do as I please, I'm undaunted or a coward

A house is a house is a house
sometimes old and weary, cold and eerie, sole and leery
it breathes in and out, familiar rhythm, one with my mouth
My home gives me the feeling that there's a lover in the house, here I saw ice being fiery
Strange to be back home but alone.
In crowds and places,
and on other people's faces,
I am struck with familiarity
that I've seen you before.

A laugh that radiates,
a face of glances,
a voice which mediates
songs and dances.
A smile which leaves me
in light trances,
and everything similar
like every chances.

The fact that you're everywhere
is one I can't ignore,
yet nobody else but you
made me love like before.
yet i kept confusing you
with the rest of them
What is freedom? It's whatever you want. That's the original, human freedom: choice. How do you define freedom? Is it unrestricted action? Is it liberation from falsehood? Is this the dusk? Or is this the dawn?

Will you look back at the dark days gone, then forward, into the new, driving those same stakes, making those same mistakes, trumpeting reverence of atrocity and explaining it as tradition? This house must come down.

I will, on bended knee, submit a commitment of deed.
I will not harness fire for there is less to burn.
I will be as water and wind and flora before.

I will not reap.
I will sow.
I will not strike.
I will be.
I will pray.
and it will sound
as the wind
through the tree
in the shallow
and the reed.

The vehement will tire and weep.
The peaceful will sing the song of echoes.
The young will carry this sound into the future.

Humanity will prosper.
baskerville Apr 14
i slam my door shut & stomp over to my radio. i turn it on & crank up the volume. i'm about to change the station when i notice something familiar about the song playing. the notes i've heard time & time again come rushing out of the small box. i close my eyes & breath in the music. memories rush into my head ; memories of me & u. i think of the first time i heard it, with u looking longingly at me, hoping i'll like it. "it's ok," i had said. "just 'ok'?" u asked, smiling. "fine, fine, it's great," i admitted. "told u so," u replied. u walked me home to that song on repeat. suddenly the song is over, just as quickly as it started, snapping me back into reality. i can vaguely hear that a new song has started, but i'm more focused on my thoughts. & as i'm thinking, i realize that u are all i need.
We are all just strangers
with familiar faces
and unique souls
Your lips taste
of nothing in particular
just as a home
has no scent
it is familiar
and inviting,
as are your lips
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