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KV Jun 9
What makes us human?
Is it the never ending barrage of emotions?
The communities we have
The families we grow
The lives we live

We have enslaved
And have fought wars
We have built cities
And have torn people down to their cores

We have tamed beasts
And have left them homeless
And while we feast
We leave many hopeless

Perhaps it's time we take a step back
And realize that maybe
What makes us human
Is the compassion we lack
I want to write,
About my family, friends and relations.
I want to write,
About my thoughts, feelings and imaginations.

I want to write the fragrance,
Of every flower that I smell.
I want to write the sweetness,
Of every fruit that I consume.
I want to write the bitterness,
Of every challenge that I face.
I want to write my experiences,
On every single moment of my life.

I want to write the emotions,
By the pen of my nerves.
I want to paint the nature,
On the canvas of my mind.
I want to capture the beauty,
Through the lens of my eyes.

Every minute, new thoughts knock my brain,
And I hold my pen to carve words.
But I put down my pen again and again,
Because, I'm not getting any inspiration to write!
colette alexia Sep 2020
I'll give this dress a new occasion
Maybe then it won't feel so painful
When I see you with her again

I'll fill these picture frames that are vacant
With new memories you haven't tainted
And I'll convince myself you've changed

I'll plan a new trip to San Diego
So I no longer think about graduation
When our families went on vacation

I'll walk away from the future that we painted
Redirect my destination
And I'll watch you become a stranger
Keebo Jul 2020
I’m listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees
The song “Happy House” repeatedly
I’m laughing at the irony
The projections of a prefect family
Blonde hair, smiles and sunshine everywhere
Everybody’s thin and everyone cares
But sadly, that’s not our reality
That’s just something we see on the TV screens

What we have is husband’s beating wives  
Children on the street dying from a high
Angels losing their faith because of ****
And body size is always on the mind
But like Siouxsie says it’s safe & calm if you sing along
“This is a happy house, we’re happy here in the happy house
To forget ourselves and pretend all’s well
There is no hell.”
Music has and always will be an escape from this ****** reality. This poem is based on one of my favourite songs that makes me feel a little more “sane”
Michael R Burch Jun 2020
by Michael R. Burch

(for the victims and survivors of 9/11 and their families)

In truth, we do not feel the horror
of the survivors,
but what passes for horror:

a shiver of “empathy.”

We too are “survivors,”
if to survive is to snap back
from the sight of death

like a turtle retracting its neck.

Published by The HyperTexts, Gostinaya (Russia), Ulita (Russia), Promosaik(Germany), The Night Genre Project and Muddy Chevy; also turned into a YouTube video by Lillian Y. Wong. Keywords: survivors, victims, families, 911, 9/11, terrorist, attack, terrorism, empathy, sympathy, truth, horror, death, survive, survival
Michael R Burch May 2020
Post-Mother's-Day Poems

We desperately need a Mother Recovers Day!
by Michael R. Burch

Mother’s Day!
Lovers’ Day!
Adulation Re-Smothers Day!
Hugs ’n kisses galore
till she’s tired and bone-sore.
Now, like a needle in the hay,
she needs to find a Recovers Day!


Mother’s Day Replay
by Michael R. Burch

Mother’s Day!
Lovers’ Day!
This Hug-and-Kiss Smothers Day
when a roll in the hay
conjures babies, olé!
(Please, children, ignore these verses, okay?)

Keywords/Tags: Mother's Day, mother, mothers, child, children, baby, babies, family, families, love, hugs, kisses, adulation
Chris Apr 2020
In the pool of drowning mud
The bullets searching
The rusty wire
Memory of mother faded away
Task at hand

Mother waiting for the call
For the son who never will come home
Father and family
In their heart
Keep the message that never goes away
Anzac day is the NZ equivalent of the American Armistice and is held on April 25. ANZAC comes from Australian and New Zealand army corps who fought side by side against the Turks in the first world war.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
"Happy" a label
Whole families watch cable
Ditch dinner tables
It seems like too many Americans are brainwashed by media instead of spending time with eachother
Quarantinistani Apr 2020
"So if I do that, nothing can hurt me?
"No, Abdullah, it won't stop the bullets.
If someone is trying to hurt you,
you have to call the police or get help, okay?"
"Even if it's Mommy?"
"Where's daddy?"
"He's never home."
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