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Evening Ways Sep 2014
Distant I have grown
While knowing all the while to care for my world
The sounds of those around me
Rushing cars and lively streets
Have often gone unnoticed
Reducing the details of recollection and memory

From time to time the page has turned
Pouring the world right into me
Where then all things are noticed
And I am a sound on lively streets again
But only for a time

After again my distance grows
From spark to wild flame
Until the next time I am swallowed
By tsunamis in a hurricane;
To douse all fires I have lit
I must drown in the storm
For if I do I'll them be carried  
Out to sea, immersed, reborn
Evening Ways Sep 2014
Sweet silence tamed the breeze
With brisk of pale scathed blue
Granulated through the air
And set my mood
These days before the autumn
Where I have learned to carry
Peddle on and set the marks
Towards all and in whom I choose to pace my care

Frayed I feel my cuffs
Right on the edge
Swaying synchronized within the breeze
And too my steps are fluid
Almost dancing on the seconds
I'm alive to swing my skip
Un-mindingly by abandon houses  
Built and raised on my life's road
This memory lane

I am a sail of seasons changing
Autumn winds a fuel cascading forward my vessel
Over known oceans of remorse
What sorrow deepest I had formed beneath the hull
Now act a platforms, open highways to the east
Of our sun rising on a woken world
In active motion to fulfill
What we know must be done
Now here to reach
What loving hands may greet you
Know me in prevail sailing on today

And when assembles evening
Just as eyes fix darker shades
Upon a world that with me swoons in pleasure
I would see a night time soon to rest me
After all has been appreciated
No single point or high
Our autumn is approaching
With life's true care
Reaching out from my truthful eyes
Evening Ways Aug 2014
For all was tame and quiet,
Pin drop symphonies rang the bells of my attention
As sound seemed very absence
But in the presence of movement over known
Emitting silent ******
My seances only were aroused
When all the limbs came round the bend
To tumble over interruption
While passive in their flail
A lonely lady frail soon moved from in the dark
Lent to the tilt of my eyes a gentlemen
Then floating out of balance
So near to me in absence of the sun

Lips divided slowly
Seeping breath of the flowing pale
Such absence clustered, subtle glowing
Painted figures from shadows as she stretched the crooked hand
To ***** my collar with uneasiness
While nameless forces bloomed
To guid her fingers to my breast plate
Envy shook within her eyes
That tasted visions of a heart beat
Never pulsing in her ribs
That soon unhinged and spread around me
But in i dove before the grasp
So she would not consume my soul

My body landed in a room
That was the same as such before
I left its confines while floating
Never greeting who soon came
Around the corner, solid form
A figure with my name and face
His heart was absent

Waiting, always waiting
To extend a hand to lonely wonderers.
Evening Ways Aug 2014
Along side the hills I drive
Wondering about the night before me
Where the moon will rise high
And my eyes will widen
Oh sweet diminished claim you've scooped me up again

Were my friends aware of my altercation
Behind my eyes and beneath the surface?
All the while searching for a soul to ask me
About the unexplained and my heart on days before
Swept away so long ago

A whisper quiet asked me if the few around
Could hold a knife in the name of what is right
Or dance away in disbelief
While I mop my self up and off the side walk
Curious about my breath and vision
I've walked this far and come along way to even consider turning back
The night has been long
But that is how it should be

The moon rose high
And my eyes were widened
Surrounded by the game
I walk away to find a pen
Evening Ways Jul 2014
Breathing off beat
She woke up half asleep
And knocked a picture off the bed post
He was breathing close
And fell a little less then silent to the floor
If only she had noticed
Not been thinking 'bout the dream
He would maybe breath again
And she would keep their happiness in tact
With or with out the fact of duet heart beats
Lulling her to sleep
She feeds from loving memory
When all is said and done
He kissed their happiness good bye
And lit the morbid candle
On way down falling to the floor
She never kissed the beauty of their love
Just dreamed while rolling over
Keeping track of perfect seconds
But the time to act soon came and passed
Relaxed she knocked the picture on his head.
The poetic format used is playing off of the slots in our memory that we fill with coherency in order to follow to conversation
Evening Ways Jul 2014
Dissociation held my hand while walking home in the rain.
Stripped of any voice to speak I hummed to my self an unfamiliar melody. Places I don't remember led me up to its door step where I knew only a brief introduction was asleep on the couch inside. Glancing back to find the streets had turned away I held my breath and knocked politely. Nothing made a sound and I paused for quite a while. Others in the house would be more then happy to watch me go swimming from their view up high on a bridge, but hope for this one shot should have been just behind the door, while I'm out here in the rain. A curtain moved as I got a hunch that there were never any options and saw the eyes one whom Id once loved there behind the cloth. This was it, this was the end of the road. A placed it seemed I had imagined came to light for a chance to destroy me. I reached for my belt and drew a grenade beating the door with all of my might. Assailants rushed down the steps as I kicked it in. They filed out of their house with swords rushing down the street to mine as I stepped into my living room with a pin in my left hand. The assailants came up to my curb and saw an array of splinters and glass. They looked towards one another and as the streets before me, turned away. Disappearing with out a trace.
Follow on tumblr. tell me what you think the metaphors is. What paradox do you see?
Evening Ways Jul 2014
Precious complications
The will to be impressed
Has gone away
To far forward
Mindless feeble altercations
The fear of what is left
Is hear to stay
Please refrain from harmony
If you can't see
What is infront of you
I'll be forced to tell a lie
Don't  make me take it to the grave
My left hand sank through a bible
Waiting for the world to burn
Beyond the day
I was waiting for freedom

True freedom travels in a mask
Disguised as tainted oxygen
Breath and believe the true
The abyss is calling you  

I found
Life above
The cannons of bliss
Firing In the dark
We broke
Love below
Untimely cliches
So we could leave a mark
These eyes
Built the gun
Now who is the man
Trying to speak the truth
I found life above
The cannons of bliss
I will remember you

No need toy with stop and go
The will to be alone
Wakes up the day
Unquestionable treason
Crack a smile
and break the bones
The hands of birthright given thrones
Move in the shade
Please keep you distance
I will refrain from here
Where uncertainty is clear
It's a life I'm accustomed to  
Moving through the motions
To save me
If you can change my mind
I ask you do it under wraps
In secret searching for freedom

Now and then
I'll attempt to defend the pain
Refurbish the past
Try to remember why
Now and then
I'll attempt to defend the pain
Prove that I'm insane
And make my way from there
If we can
Let's remember to **** the pain
Revisit the facts
And know that this is why
True freedom travels in a mask disguised as tainted oxygen
Breath and believe the truth
In not allowing cannon fire
To become white noise to you

I found
Life above
The cannons of bliss
Firing In the dark
We broke
Love below
Untimely cliches
So we could leave a mark
These eyes
Built the gun
Now who is the man
Trying to speak the truth
I found life above
The cannons of bliss
I will remember you
Evening Ways Jul 2014
To crack a voice
If the tongue throws away
Much needed words
As quiet fell the voice
None spoke
When right the time came
My blame was placed away from me
All shame placed curses on the words
And further now we drift
Away from simple clarity
Darkest now I see
Aborted hope soon spoken to the grave
Then quiet falls the shame
Evening Ways May 2014
Changing at an alter
As to fault my state of mind
Less permanent when pursued
Captured perfect when the blame is all mine

So I'll peek over the dawn after rising
Soon as night time colors fade
A grieving child am I after consequence
Blaming only the loss of my ways

To perfect would it be as to stumble
Over the cross heirs tangled sight
Falling then into an oyster
Where I am harbored from piercing day light

Maybe the sun I wish to blame
For tumbling off my sheltered road
No such denial shall reprove the yielded dream
A directional view no longer can I hold
When released I'll have faulted pursued self defeat
Evening Ways May 2014
Strictly through a reed  
I breathe a little bit of oxygen
Caring less about life above the ice
Dismissent of a common feel, to be unmindful of the air
I stammer less in storms of wind
For they fill my lungs
I only care about the reed
It is a simple life and I know it
Every part of my routine is only focused on the air
But if I die I'm released from water prisons,
And break my focus.
Content while air is right.
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