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Open the windows caked in dusty melancholy
Allow the sun's strange rays through
To call the skeletons from their closet homes
Forcing them gone in hurried queue
Wake your mind from heavy slumber
Raise your weary chin
Your search for absolution
Is found once you let light in
Exotic trollwood harlotry and mule kit blues
Tyrannical tyrannosaur traction padness
Cohort cavorts clastic and witch’s *** hues
Ontological ontogeny somatalogy fadness
Inductive endemic veracities and talus weather clues
Epistemological equilibrium’s homogeny badness
Timeless rhetorical ruminations and ephemeral exigency dues
Transcendent ascensional equivocal madness

Tactile acuity prescience capacity intrepid intrigues
Mystical symbiosis dharma sensorium sentiment proselyte
Torturous tractive prosthesis umbrage ultraism colleagues
Newfangled nocturnal nonchalant nether nestle neophyte
Top notch topography tortoise trauma fatigues
Faustian faux pas foist felicitous fealties socialite
Agnate nous ontological ontogeny euphenics in league
Mentalities evocative introjecting sycophant eulogizing apposite

Mystical terrestrial equestrian tellurian tableau
Panoramic imagery empiricist
Evocative exserted apomixies’ ethereal should show
Ontological somatalogy lyricist
Reflective refraction remissions opulence could know
Theosophy theophany epiphany equilibrist
Magniloquent inductive extrapolation quantum back ***
Transcendent nimbus nimiety exorcist
Ominous phenomenon portrayal spontaneous synchronous
Exponentially extemporaneous
i sold my soul for redemption
to sign this pain away
the devil however forgot to mention
that all the guilt would stay.
Johnny walker Feb 26
It Is said sorry Is to be the saddest word, for me Its forgiveness sometimes one asked for forgiveness and sometimes Its too
Sorry Is said all the time almost taken for granted like excuse being able to say what you
In an argument and then out comes sorry to make all right again to get you out the hole you dug for yourself
By saying something you Instantly you regretted but forgiveness  Is different all together forgiveness Is absolution
What Is needed when someone Is dying last chance to free the soul so
It can move on, so for me, forgiveness Is the saddest word
If you don't get change say forgive me there will be no absolution at leased not this time
Sorry for me personally Is not the saddest word Its absolution
If don't get chance to say forgive me then there will be no absolution and the spirit can't move on
M G Hsieh Dec 2018
Blue and somber white, I ask that
you ponder in your waking dreams and solid songs to bare the fruits with these eyes
like children and horses and such.

Naked and trembling. You frighten me.
Words of a thousand suns are witness.
They cross out the years of servitude and grace.

Absolutions. They yearn
to survive until they crave mortality.

I am about to give way. To see you with fresh sight,
hear the voice of another betrayal. Thus far,
there is only One

I have never seen
I have never heard
I have never known.

Cruelty abates
itself, shuns itself.

We wait in silence and petulance,
longing for a day to last
a thousand days
and more.
veritas Oct 2018
there's a rift in your heart (as there
are in the hardest of hearts)
and it festers like an unsolicited wound,
inflamed by the ire from which your deeply-seeded roots grew, from which you longed to escape but could never run from  ,
but leave it, now.
lay it low,
in a river of forgiveness dispel your grievances
and come up, come again, unbowed of burden,
lest it finds its way downstream to you once more.
read a book a year ago about a sad boy. wrote this.
scar Aug 2016
swallow the stars

glow from the inside out
as the pain of what you've done
spreads seeping through your body
filling your veins
with excruciating light.

close your eyes against it and
find it's to no avail
the bright follows, the light suspends
behind your eyes, pinpricks
finding their way out
working their way in.

sell yourself for borrowed silver
scatter it on the ground as later
you cry out for a redemption
that never came.

submit to the silence
you've swallowed the stars now
and there is no one else
there is just becoming
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