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Glenn Currier Feb 2022
Across the burnt field
I carry my load
I pierce the smoky expanse
my energy flags
I yearn for rest
but the burden gets heavier
I am alone
and slog for both of us.

I converse with my mind:
“Please, a small spell
to float this flood
to higher ground.
Find an ounce of push,
then I can unravel.”

A midnight exhaustion overtakes me
I lay depleted
at wits end
I pray
a surrender
my self
gaunt, frail, devoid.

Before sleep an appeal
to a power greater than me
deliver me from these ashes.
After a complex surgery my wife is in a painful period of recovery. Together with the help of friends who bring food and love, and with divine assistance, we will make it. BTW, the prayer worked. I woke up the next day refreshed and ready for what would come.
Red Robregado Sep 2021
Yearning, longing, asking — earnestly, do I seek you
Unending, devastating — how long will this parched desert be my view?
This woundedness brings a thousand muffled cries,
chaotic, disturbing lies,
and even more haunting nights;
Nevertheless, I say to my soul, “Arise”,
For one day, you shall see deliverance in Christ.
Just a quickie for my Soul Care class.
Claudia Santos Feb 2021
Deliver me O Lord,
from the desires of my selfish mind.
Deliver me O Lord,
from the recklessness of my defiled heart.
Deliver me O Lord,
or I won’t survive.
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For God So Loved the World
that He gave his one and only begotten son
For God so loved the World
that He saw our sins and didn’t call it “done”
For God so loved the world
that He sent a lamb to be grown for slaughter
For God so loved the world
and we chose to hate us… harder and harder

The Heaven rejoices, the night’s stars delight
The night runs gleefully in a bright satin light
The people around me, scurry with the customs.
The people around me, quaff honey and merry
The people around me, buried in delicatessens
The world reminiscing in carols with cake ‘n wine
But remember Christmas, not for its colour and pop
‘Tis the dawn of our deliverance by Love from atop

For God So Loved the World
that He gave his one and only begotten son
For God so loved the World,
that He paid a price in blood for us, bloodhounds
For God so loved the World,
and we chose to gracelessly trample our brothers
For God so loved the World.
and we chose to hate our kin, harder and harder.
Harder and harder.
Just a Christmas Rag but it speaks the truth. Christmas is Love. I hope you enjoy it.
Ces Dec 2020
Glum, chaotic musings
Dark clouds hovering in my mind
Torrential rains
Of pain
My composure, weary floodgates
Ready to burst, crumble and fail
I'm lost inside the caverns
Of my soul.

And suddenly, a spark of deliverance!
As my fingers tap the keyboard
Nothing but clicking sounds.
SammyJoe Jun 2020
The burdens I feel upon my knees
When the troubles I have impose
Is much too weighty to bear
To my God I must pray
God delivers me!
How light I feel
I fall down
But get
Joseph Preston Kirk Nov 2013
From yesterday to tomorrow and today we find our way
When my eyes can not see I will listen to her heart
When my soul begins to feel what hers cannot express
when my tongue is tied and can not speak
to what sometimes my arms might not be able to reach
when a loving embrace can not cut quite as deep
when the fire burns yet yet the path is steep
when direction has become a mystery and has no place
and time has forgotten everything but this place
when destiny calls but has been delayed
and life has left you feeling tricked or betrayed
when sadness has blinded you in distress
and everything seems as if it's a mess
when the troubles of the world have fallen upon your path
and wont let up till it leaves an aftermath
when our words are clouded and didnt quite come out right
and paradise is missing and were alone somewhere in this night
when fear has hidden what truth is already made known
and 2 souls carry what cannot be shown
It is then I will be reminded love withstands throughout any storm
because with a little rain everything is made clean taking its previous form
when passion rises and love withstands
sadness can never withhold from love's demands
and the beauty of for better or worse
isnt what some say is a blessing or a curse
the truth is that no matter what today might send
tomorrow were still lovers and together in the end
sometimes life might bring you flowers or maybe a memory of some forgotten discourse
but cast aside your fear and remember love is the strongest and most powerful awesome force
if today was tomorrow or even tomorrow was today
I might even know what it is I have to say
but since sometimes our words might not come until tomorrow and not today
Ill just love you in silence kneel down and pray
because the Lord already knows what we want to really say
'I love you baby and its all going to be OK"

Lets just chalk it up to one of those days.
Bad day for evil
Eloisa Jun 2019
My stronger warrior soul is confused and lost
Longing to be free from the visit of unpleasant thoughts
For five years, I was a wanderer between the glorious light and the evil of darkness
Which  seldom renders me adrift but often empty  and frightened
I would only try to dismiss the spell, the fight
Then battle to find my soul and to restore my heart
At length, amidst these giant storms and misery
Never would my tongue reveal my real unutterable agony
But the memories of the past became too haunting, more violent
And now I’m at the edge of the dark and eternal uncertainty
For sometime, I continued to believe that the nightmare was gone
That my visions were blessed with joy, and my dreams were untroubled
Suddenly, I awoke with the same frightful dream as before
The devil visited me again in my hours of sleep
Where did he get his powers and permission to torture me?
I contemplated one more time and realized
I understood why I dread my dreary destiny
I have not completely forgiven the devil for what he has done to me
So now to release myself from the chain of pain
and suffering
I’m breaking free from the sweet revenge I daily seek
As I command my wings to flee from hell and whisper my forgiveness
I heard a hymn from my  guardian angel’s melodic voice
A wonderful prayer for my deliverance
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