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Spriha Kant Jul 2020
Whirling in your charm
I crave for owning tiara
ornamented with your love.

No matter what you are ,
but a king throning on my heart.
Sovit Pokhrel May 2020
I still remeber
that elegant curve,
On that beautiful frame.

I still remember,
How it made me feel.

shivers down the spine.

I still remember,
That elegant smile,
On that beautiful face.
A smile is the only jewellery you need.
Wear it everyday.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Our English Rose
by Michael R. Burch

for Christine Ena Burch

The rose is—
the ornament of the earth,
the glory of nature,
the archetype of the flowers,
the blush of the meadows,
a lightning flash of beauty.

NOTE: This is my translation of a Sappho epigram. It was originally titled "Sappho's Rose" before I chose to dedicate it to my mother, Christine Ena Burch, who was born and raised in England. Keywords/Tags: Rose, ornament, glory, nature, archetype, flowers, blush, meadows, flash, beauty, lightning
nim Jun 2018
it's no wonder
you can't fall asleep,
when your tears
are ornamenting
your silky sheets
Crystal Freda Jan 2018
Glittery and gold,
big and bold,
hallow and round,
Shake it and no sound.
Shining and hanging
for all to see.
Glowing and twirling
its glitters so free.
Nikhil Khandekar Sep 2015
Why bemoan love’s loss?
To whose lot it may fall
Treat it akin to candy floss
One deprived may stand tall

When there’s no receipt
No dues are ever owed
Who never knew deceit
To him Gods have bow’d

What if sentiment
Is unrequited?
‘Tisn’t ornament
Cast off, de-spited

Loss of love is never an issue
Shun it, or plunge in anew!
When someone very special tells you that they would prefer someone else over you, it is a tough thing to deal with. You have no idea what you are gonna do. But if you want to fight it out, in the belief that maybe she still has that affection for you, you come up with a response. This poem is one such.

A true lover need not fear loss of love. For it's all his own.

Jessica Apr 2015
So very delicate.
Like the Angel placed at the top of the tree.
She watches over everyone, and makes sure they are okay.
She makes sure everyone is happy and safe.
There is no one to watch over her.
She is too fragile.
Elizabeth Pauzè Mar 2015
i am wearing my favorite christmas hairband
a snowman surrounded by red and blue bows sprinkled with snow
my father wears his favorite cubs hat,

i rest my head on my father’s Slanted shoulder
my eyes rest on my hand sitting lightly on his wrist
my father’s gaze is directed towards his gift.

maybe that’s it.
a poem i would never read my father
WistfulHope Dec 2014
- you-
*me   all   over
your   greenery   and
left me in the background
as  scenery,  treated  like  an
inanimate object, but some
decorations*    have
Supposed to look like an ornament...?

— The End —