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Nova Jun 30
Was there ever a story
As sad or unjust
As that of the Lady Jane Grey?

Abused by her mother
And forced to wed
At 16 already literally
Lost her head.
Makayla Mar 9
You can't tell me it was right
I saw their faces, I saw your face
Pain, sadness, all the bad things, I saw it
I felt their hope fade, the silence in their ears
You can't tell me it was right

You didn't hear the cracking sounds their hearts made
You did't feel the blood pumping throughout their brains
You put a hand on them, you inflicted that pain
But you don't know do you?
It was not right
Tilda May 2018
Crouching on the mud dirt ground,
Is a child,
sweat, blood, tears,
Smudging its face,
Sunken eyes,
Sinking deeper into its face,
Of misery,
Of loss,
Of a crippled reality,
So harsh- unjust,
Its skin is paper thin,
Eyes like a nights sky,
But missing the stars,

Its 7,
Still pure,
Still innocent,
Unlike the world,
Who turned against it,
Before it even took its first breath,
It was this world that killed its parent's,
Siblings, Uncles and Aunts,
Killed its soul,
Cut out the love,
Pushed forward the pain,
This world seems to think its funny- a game,
But it's not,
It's not,
It's a boy,
And nobody ever learned his name.
I think that this poem is for all children in the word who are in terrible, life threating situations.
Alaina Moore May 2018
Dishonorable, repugnant, grotesque.
Words highlighted, bright,
In correlation with your actions.

Gristle filled morality.
Chewing on the facts;
Unable to digest.

Audacity to ask
For cruel silence.
Allegiance forcibly chosen.

Claws against ribcage
Something's trying to escape
You put in chains.

Thoughts off the edge
Falling in circles
Crashing on pikes.

Hands clinched tight
On brittle strands
Of ***** blonde hair. snap

A cowards lies
Tattooed on my bones
"Approved eyes only."

Can't breathe
Atmosphere is toxic
Gassed by friendly fire.

Status quo upheld
Smile, pretty white teeth.
Ready to rip out.
Joshua Hobbs Jan 2018
A boy,
born of dirt and ash,
walks not alone in the shadows.

For he is accompanied by a heightened sense,
for who is to become, and for who he must destroy.

Lies spill forth from the mouths of those branded "Slaves."
Slaves to the Serpent riddled box they so desperately cling to.

His vision falls on the subjective view of right and wrong,
Good and Evil,
Just and Unjust.

Reality shattered by the sight of hungry mouths never to be fed,
Greedy hands that take, never to be sated,
and of the Love never to be had.

Put aside your pride, boy.
Fall the farthest you have ever fallen.
Then and only then, may you break into a million pieces.

From the ash of your misguided life,
you may rebuild yourself into more than a mere man.

From the shadows,
A King Rises.
I am the last enemy that shall be destroyed. Then, may I reign forever.
George Krokos Dec 2017
It is said that it's the early bird which catches the worm
and that in matters of principle we should all stand firm.
But what if the birds are many and the worms are few,
those principles people adhere to are unjust and untrue?
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Dolly Balou Dec 2017
What is fair?
It is a simple question.
I never really knew what was fair and what wasn't.

Do what you are told.

As a child one continues on, no matter the circumstances.
Do they question the fairness of what they're exposed?


It is only upon reflection that one feels the indignation that they endured.
More often than not, the suffering at the hands of another.

Is this fair?

Pent up anger, so suppressed it causes physical disease.
Passive annoyance, felt, but never spoken.

What is one to do when this is their reality?

How can one unleash the pain of indignation?

Who determines what is fair and unjust?

These are questions which are difficult to answer, therefore, remain rhetorical.

For sometimes an answer in the spoken form, is never enough.
Nor is an apology.
gray rain Apr 2016
Just war
war is acceptable
if it's self defence
unjust war
is unacceptable
a terrorist offence
of a nation
take resources and land
just or unjust
in my opinion all war should be banned
I'm not a pacifist but I don't agree with war.
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