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When people say a duty is to be done.
However, that is only done by some.
The rules do not stay.
Each situation to its own way.

In some situations, it is seen as the rule.
In other times, it is misconstrued.
You are accused of kicking up a fuss.
When others had not done their task.

Is it not right that one should clean up one's mess?
It would not be fair to push it to the rest.
Why do some get away with what others must do?
Under the same boss but governed by a different rule?

To give partiality based on seniority.
You would just be losing your credibility.
Please follow through the rules you set.
That way you'll earn much more respect.
This poem speaks of situations at work, where a practice and duty is being enforced, but other times, partiality is given.
Anthony Arellano Sep 2020
The way they describe you,
In the complex analogy,
Speak of you as an object,
Sitting here I remind quiet,
A part of the problem,
Rather than embracing your personality,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your kindness,
They embrace your figure,
Rather than embracing your strength,
They embrace your figure,
I continue to drink,
Staying to myself,
I acknowledge the problem,
That makes me no better than them.
Which are you?
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
I’ve always wondered what your intention was
You see, the intention is what makes all the difference
I know now that you intended to trap me
To make me behave as you wish

You tried to learn about me so you could figure out how to control me
Your words that gave me hope, you said them to trap me
I don’t think you ever meant to stay loyal to your words
How is anyone supposed to trust you when your words mean nothing

You like to own things; you’ve shown me that
You are so proud of all the things you own
Do you understand that I am not a thing?
I am a conscious person

You are so used to control; it was like second nature for you to try and trap me

But you see,
You have no right to trap me, to control me, to have power over me

You have no right,
Because I am mine and mine alone
Do you understand?
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
Everybody acts like they do no harm
At the sight of the truth,
We say no that's not mine that's yours
What a showmanship

Gaslighting 101 should be a gen-ed course
Professor preach to me, watch out for the ones you care for
They will burn you alive
They will laugh while you turn into ashes and tears

All in the name of love,
I'll sin like a saint and bless like a sinner

Funny seeing you be upset with me
For not carrying your weight anymore
It was never mine to carry, and I don't mind you being upset
Because you never stopped to think,
oh, she's crushing under the weight,
I should carry my share

I'm not here for your convenience
I'm here to die we all are

All my best friends are losing their innocence
And I miss our innocence
Very much, very much so

All in the name of love,
I'll sin like a saint and bless like a sinner
Poetic T Jun 2020
Every life is worth
              never having
a knee upon it...

Cant we all just stand tall,
    but honour those
with a knee who died
DJ Mar 2020
Ash Haffner,
she was only 16.
Was living it up,
smiling all the way.
Until that day,
bullies were coming from the left & the right.
Knocking her down with their ruthless cutting edge words,
she just wanted to be accepted by all.
Girls were snickering it up,
“Hey look, is that a girl or a guy?!”
At school,
in the gym locker rooms.
Ash Haffner couldn’t even get dressed,
& two the other girls were uncomfortable.
Ash wasn’t just being bullied by the youths,
she was also being bullied by adults as well.
One mother wouldn’t let her daughter anywhere near Ash,
afraid that “she would become gay.”
On December 28th,
she had enough.
Texting her friends up later that night,
“I’m done & I’m ready to die.”
On December 28th,
tragedy struck….
Ash walked into oncoming traffic & was hit by a jeep…
She later died the very next morning.
Ash was being hated and discriminated against,
especially by her parents as well.
This tragic event claimed worldwide attention,
writing a suicide note down from on Tumblr.
Stating that: “She would never be happy with her appearance
or with the way her voice sounds,  
nor will a man wanna ever love her either.”
Ash is & forever always will be a symbol for Transgender Justice,
bringing fourth awareness world nation wide.
When Ash first came out as a transgender girl to her mother,
it went downhill from there.
Her mother was ******,
sending Ash to Christian Conversion Therapy.
Where she will realize & see that God had truly made her a boy,
& that he has made no mistakes.
Ash soon became depressed,
her parents caged her from being around friends,
including all electronics.
Locking her away from the world,
denying her right to be forever happy.
The parents buried Ash as a boy,
their little girl.
Engraving her birth name,
Joshua Jeremy Alcorn.
It was the ultimate disrespect this world has ever seen,
it has a lotta people.
Including the LGBTQ Community in hysterics,
even Kim Kardashian & Lavern ***
have stated their claims upon
the matter at hand as well.
DJ Mar 2020
Rosalie Avila,
she was only 13.
Happy as can be,
smiling like the brightest sun.
Loving life,
while spreading the joy around.
Until that day at school,
classmates started teasing her,
while calling Rosalie
such horrific names.
She started cutting,
numbing every emotion
that came her way.
Taunting Rosalie,
always sat alone in the lunchroom.
Their words were tearing her apart,
ripping away her self esteem.
She had enough,
going home,
heading towards her room,
closing the door.
Her mom came walking inside,
gasping in horror,
seeing her baby girl
hanging from the ceiling.
Quickly taken to the emergency room, where she was later put off life support…
Still the bullying keeps coming up,
teens are now trolling,
even bashing the parents.
Rosalie's parents are still grieving and mourning,
while wishing upon a shooting star
that their daughter was
never put through all that crap.
(If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255; or contact Crisis Text Line, a confidential service for those wanting to text with a crisis counselor, by texting HOME to 741741).
Pranav Khanna Jan 2020
Everyone in this world needs a little saving
From the treacherous ones,
From all the things that might seem so overwhelming,
Too overwhelming to even be possible.

Everyone in this world deserves the best
No matter how rough they may be,
No matter how shrewd they may be

But to the ones like you,
The ones that are so pure at heart,
The ones that put others first, no matter what they're going through themselves,
You, deserve something even better.

You may feel desperate at times,
Desperate for your share, for your share of love
And of life, and of happiness, and of satisfaction
But with time you shall have it all,

Every single thing that you've ever wished for,
You shall have it all,
But not before the time is right
Not before this world has prepared you for it.

You may have a lot of friends,
And you may not be able to share your mind with them,
But you oughta know that you're being heard,
You're being heard every single time you wish to be heard.

There may be times when you feel low,
Times when you feel that life is not just,
Times when you want to quit and stay low,
But remember that times like these are the best for that must needed ******.

Life is hard, I get it
But you're a winner, trust me
You've got everything sorted in your head, even though you may not know about it,
You've got it all sorted out in your heart.

Just be grateful for what you have,
Hold on to the ones who look out for you,
Take your time to absorb everything that's going on with you,
And, with your head held high, kick all the walls down that try to hold you hostage.

For you are the one you've been looking for in all the wrong places,
For you are the hero in your story,
For you are one of a kind, unparalleled,
For you are, already in your mind, whatever you dream to be.
Life may seem unjust and you may not always get what you so desire, but have faith in time, for it shall give you ever single thing that you want, but only when the time is right. Do not look at other and frown, for it may be their right time to have it all, and you, just wait for your time to come.
InkHarted Dec 2019
I cannot tell if my heart is unjust
I cannot tell If I am alive
I cannot tell if I have a choice
I cannot tell if my words are worthy
I cannot speak although I have a voice
is it fait that I was given
a faintest of a chance to live
for I have not done a difference
and my words are undone
by any fellow that claims he's me
Do I have a personality
behind this mask I've been hiding behind
im scared the mask is my true own self
and once I remove it
I wont be alive.
my mask is my personality what lies behind the mask is an empty wind that was trapped for a brief moment
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