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Sovit Pokhrel Nov 2020
I recognize a broken soul when i see one.
Craving for affection,
Longing for that touch.
I recognize a broken soul when i see one.
I am one.
A broken soul reaches out more often than the other.
Look out for one another.
Sovit Pokhrel Aug 2020
Greed, nothing but a ego,
Fueled by my need.

Aren't we all,
So greedy to recieve ?
Wouldn't it be,
Much easier to live ?
If we were all,
So greedy to give.
Greed consumes us
Let go of greed.
Sovit Pokhrel Jul 2020
All of a sudden,
I'm wide awake.
And i have this urge to share something,
Something i have no idea about,
With someone who i have no idea about.
With no one to speak to,
I pick up, my pen.
Some nights you wake up and just need to jot random words. Tonight was some night.
Sovit Pokhrel Jul 2020
So much involved with the society,
In the search, for an identity.
I have forgotten my deity
I have forgotten my ability.
Far from calm, i'm feirce & feisty.
So much brutality,
In my personality,
I am fragile & full of vulnerability.
All this calamity,
Just for the sake, of an identity.
The hunt for success is killing the good in me.
I feel like im turning into a monster.
Sovit Pokhrel Jul 2020
Grasping my pen, i ground myself.
I start to breathe as the nib glides across the canvas.
The ink drops, forming lines, curves & more,
Breathing life into the paper,
My heart starts to beat,
giving me a sense of life.
As i form,
Letters into words,
Words into sentences,
Sentences into paragraphs,
As i try to graph, illusions into reality.
Trying to cling on,
To the little glimer of HOPE,
That you provide me NOW & THEN.
Sometimes i close my eyes Just to get a glimpse of your memory as it gives me hope.
Sovit Pokhrel Jun 2020
Does normal have a definition ?
Is it all, just perception ?
Quit forcing your opinion on others.
whats normal for you might not be for them.
Live and let live.
Sovit Pokhrel Jun 2020
There is a paragraph of emotion,
That i hide,
Behind every "good morning" i text.

There is a paragraph of emotion,
That i hide,
Behind every "good night" i text.

Sometimes i wish,
We could express without words,
Just so you could hear,
All that i fear,
And why i hide,
My paragraph of emotion.
Expressing has never been easy for me.
Just too scared the person at the other end might not feel the same.
why is this feeling associated with fear???
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