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Isaac May 2020
He doesn't need
To lie on his death bed
To celebrate
The simple gifts of life.

No matter what form
Or what size,
He celebrates.

Bystanders watch,
Jealous of his joy
Not knowing his secret
Open to all.

The grass is greener
On the side of who
Celebrates more than what
The other chooses to.
Written 16 May 2020
Mayara Giorno May 2020
Straight lines

Some curves

Straight lines

get you there faster

Curved lines

show mistakes
show loopholes
show limbo

Every single one of
our lives

have always
will always

be curved.

We must learn to tread
with these mistakes

We must learn to find
these loopholes

We must be willing to be
in constant limbo
in constant darkness

in order to reach the greener side.
Lost in my Head Mar 2019
They say the grass is greener
On the other side
We’ve all heard every iteration
Every delineation

So hear my quiet refrain
I will try and repay
Of how I was the first grass
And right by me you passed

A tear of dew runs down
Drifting into the soil
As you went over to the land of green
I hope he brings you to what you dreamed
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Roast  the
food  grains.

First  take
maize  crop.

While  roasting   these
your   nose  will
surely  feel
the  smell  of
wall mart
incense  sticks.

Second  and   lastly
take  wheat   grain
on  the  mud

Surely   the  smell
would  be
same  as
you  had
in  Brazilian  Greener
forest  village.
a polkadotted
full of problems
tied to a stick
slung across
my shoulder

from one place
to another

never questioning
why I bother
all over

a runaway
to sunny beaches
gloomy cities
far off reaches
of far earth

with stars poured
in my eyes
and hard-earned
pennies in
my purse

hoping that
this time will
be different

it couldn't
be worse


©2018 Adelaide Heathfield
Ever the escapist. Seeing new places with rose-colored glasses. Believing that everything will be better "over there". But forgetting to deal with my problems before I leave.
Poetic T Jul 2017
Your heart was like
an open fire...

Burning me with its
need of warmth..

Then I urinated
on it...

Just to see you
reek of

I was the flame,
but you needed
more wood to stoke
in your fires..

Here's some matches,
light the doused cinders
the wood will not burn
the same....
Man is born free but he is in chains everywhere
This is what a soothsayer like Plato has to share
No doubt he comes to the world with good flair
But there are very many obstacles on way to scare
No doubt that in creation he is supreme and rare
With his candor and cadence he has guts to scare
Being short sighted he is not ready to avoid or spare
All his enemies rivals who are hidden in holes there

Being crown of creation he was sent to see conquer
His destination is clear even path may be just blur
He communicates with heart even language is slur
With very many faces he may be an actor or author
He opens a chapter, with zeal and zest plays in cenetr
He was sent down to the drain but climbs as a climber
Being on image of God he plays hell with satanic figure
He blooms in spring , withers in autumn to be greener

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Alan S Bailey Dec 2015
Each day the world grows less sane, less safe,
Each day the pollution fills this world with dry air,
Each day children are subjected to noise pollution,
Smoking, cars, madness and broken households,
Each day the world grows more careless of these things,
More unwilling to change, less interested in actual solutions,

This moment all will come to an end with an endless sky

Every moment less pollution increases her will
Every moment the moon's halo is becoming vivid
Every moment the clouds are smooth as silk
Every moment we take one step closer to saying goodbye
Every moment we are given more air to breath, greener hills
Every moment is another step closer to nature, to life*

After 2000 years, such irony, so much beauty, such amazing truth...
Mikkel Mathiesen Aug 2015
Everyone always says that the other side is greener.
But sometimes the green is neon,
and how real is neon?
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