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Liz Apr 30
It might have been a week since last
What do I know
I don't think about when, where or who

You think so highly of yourself as I look at you
with tease in my eyes
                 but oh baby
it's just a disguise
You are not the one
Not for me

                                                    But easy

In the moment the only thing I see
is you pleasuring me
When I'm done
I leave you
like a piece of toy
left filled with joy
                                                    But easy
It's just for a time
you got the prime
When i find
something new  
You have been chewed

I leave you wanting more
Letting you know I'm out to explore

                    sorry boo
I'm not for you
oh baby
Liz Feb 17
I turn 21

that should be fun

I turn 21

yet i find it hard to act on

I turn 21

feel like it's gonna be a bad one

I turn 21

don't know what to become

I turn 21

to overcome

Liz Feb 9
I would like to say
                                  I’m okay
But what
                   If I’m not

Am I getting caught
          This is my blind spot

Seeing blurred lines
             Hoping for God signs
Liz Jan 18
I call you a friend
For you, it's just pretend
We're a loose end

I'm filled with respect
Something you just reject

I keep a secret
You always peep it

I'm face-to-face
You backstab in the right place

I could smack you a pair
But it wouldn't be fair
'Cause you need prayer
sometimes... I hate people
Liz Jan 16
close your eyes
imagine her

Light blond hair
An attitude that don't care
Skin like pearls
My stomach wearls

So kind
Not like mine
Glass off
Glass on
No matter what she is a beauty

She owns the earth
My heaven
My hell
My univers

look for the sign
and please be mine
A beautiful young woman I once knew.

— The End —