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Liz Dec 2022
I sit in the crowded lecture hall,
Surrounded by faces, not talking at all.
I try to blend in, to fit the mold,
But inside, I feel so withold.

I came here to learn and grow,
To find my place, to let my soul flow.
But as I listen to the professor speak,
I feel so lost, so weak.

I crave a place where I belong,
Where I can be myself, and sing my own song.
But until then, I'll keep on trying,
Hoping one day, I'll stop denying.

For though I may feel misplaced,
I know I am loved and embraced,
By those who care, and by the stars above,
Guiding me with endless love.
Liz Aug 2021
A flavour without taste
An eye without a blink
A smile without laughter
A grace without a touch


Com mu ni ca ti on

A word meaning so much
yet so hard to explain
A word so helpful
yet very frightening
A word causing so much greatness
yet harming so many
Liz Aug 2021
Deepening roots
Sprouting leaves
Wind catching branches

Pure life

One poison drop
And the blooming will stop
Liz Jun 2020
It’s like a disease
All over my body


This disease
Is spreading fast
Without a cure
                                     And Only I know about it
Wish it was different
Liz Jun 2020
Is it possible to disappear in your thoughts?

'cuz I'm drowning
the mind
Liz Jun 2020
I let my hand slide
Slide down of the side
Straight - curve - straight - curve - straight
Then I grab
I hate
Hate the love I feel
Let the love be there
Liz Jun 2020
I scream
I fight

Your *******
Your daylight

I'm sinking
I'm dying

You're winking
Not crying

I refuse
I try

You loose
You die
I'm not my past
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