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Sep 2016 · 653
Lover's Fire by Franco
Janessa Sep 2016
Realizing how you’re more delectable
When sheets unfold
Your wicked pose

You’re crawling slowly on your knees
To beg for me
It makes me weak
To know this beat

Oh you gently touch me
Like nobody else can do
Oh you mesmerize me
I feel the magic in you

Love's so inviting when we groove
To set the mood
You sinful food
You taste so good

I feel the rising of the heat
That lights the mood
It burns for you
It burns for two

Oh you turn the key in me
I feel desire for you
Oh you mesmerize me
I feel the magic and love

Come slowly down, down over me
Come slowly down
And love, come slowly down
Down over me
Come slowly down

We move from side to side
And in and out the gloom
And into plume
In the bedroom

I feel the rising of the heat
That lights the mood
That burns for two
It burns for you

Oh you fill the need in me
I feel the fire in you
And your love's the heat, lady
A ****** healing and love

Come slowly down, down over me
Come slowly down
And love

Come slowly down
Down over me
Come slowly down
Janessa Sep 2016
It starts with a stare
We're both well aware
You're pulling me closer
Pulling me in

Eyes locked eager to sink in my teeth for the taste of your sin
The nights blaze from heat of exchanges
Times fades so drive me away

Dim the headlights the streets are open
Once dark skies burst in orange and blue
Sit still on your passenger side and watch you drive me to fall in love

We fall in love

And when you speak it leaves me weak
In the days and days I'm lost and I am craving more
Yes you can touch me easy

The night blaze from heat of exchanges
Time fades so drive me away

Dim the headlights the streets are open
Once dark skies burst in orange and blue
Sit still on your passenger side and watch you drive me to fall in love

And if I lost you I've lost every piece of me inside you
With every taste of me that you take I break just

A little bit more
A little bit more
A little bit more
A little bit more
A little bit more

The night blaze from heats exchanges
Time fades so drive me away

Dim the headlights the streets are open
Once dark skies burst in orange and blue
Sit still on your passenger side
And watch you drive

Dim the headlights
We fall in love
Aug 2016 · 324
How Unkind of ME
Janessa Aug 2016
Soaring to the sky
Seeing the dark sky comin
I can only close my eyes
.. and think how unkind I am

Spreading my hands in the air
Let the wind blow hard
Till I fall in the edge of this cliff
and fall to the endless pit

If you push me
I'll gladly smile back while I fall
For I deserve it
I deserve it
No its not enough

For I am a deceiver
an unkind creature
selfish and afraid of being alone
greedy and insecure
I want it all
Yet I am afraid to give it all
Mar 2016 · 251
Janessa Mar 2016
Will you ever know... that I always think of you

How much I want to be near you....
How does it sounds...
You, saying you love me....

How does your touch feels...
Will it gives me chills...
....or will it make me burn...

If I look into your eyes...
will it reflect my soul...
... will I see the kind of love that I long for...

What does it feels like?
To be beside you when I wake up...
tangled in your embrace,
while you breathe on my skin...

The kisses...
The taste....
Your presence...
All of it
.... just a wish .....

But still,...
it keeps the warmth inside
and reminds me of something so good...
A fantasy to keep...
listening to this track -
Jun 2015 · 724
a bad pair
Janessa Jun 2015
limitations and creativity is a bad pair,
for creativity is limitless
Apr 2015 · 636
Take it Slow
Janessa Apr 2015
Please take it easy, my lonely heart

He makes you feel like everything is gonna be alright

Be steady and take it slow

No, you're not yet in love

Watch your step along the road

Learn from the past

...but leave everything that's unpleasant...

Bring with you the good memories

....put it in your treasure box....

...Be ready for another ride...

Now you learned,

it wasn't always easy

Sun doesn't always shine bright

Atleast now, you'll know when  the rain comes...

Before it arrives..
Janessa Apr 2015
I'm asking myself,
Am I in the right place
Should I really be here
Did I make the right choice
or am I just looking at the wrong angle
Am I really that fed up
or maybe I just need a pause to think clear
Do I really hate what I do
or maybe I'm just doing it wrong
failures keep on summing up
bad results that are hard to fix
domino effect
Are they bluffing with me,
or maybe I'm just too stubborn to listen
to what they had to say
I'm trying to read between the lines
opinion and advice
Anxiety strikes
Is this called self loathing
seems like I don't trust myself like before
Not that confident and always sure to what I do..
Like everything is not falling in the right place
Mar 2015 · 6.8k
Janessa Mar 2015
Sometimes, others might find your actions weak,
But on your angle, its the opposite of what they see.
Jan 2015 · 490
Janessa Jan 2015
Fall on me
I've been waiting for you
Grab my hand
I won't let you go
I'll hold you dear
This heart beats for you
Don't fear
I won't hurt you,
no one will...
Let me kiss you
and your doubts away
I'll be with you
I won't leave you
I'll wake you
from the nightmares
that haunts you
There'll be no other
Only but you
So come to my embrace
I'll leap from heaven for you

If you'll fall on me
and take my hand,
don't let go...
They will try
to keep me away from you
They'll destroy me,
and the love I have ..
only for you...
But I won't let them..
So trust me...
My heart is yours
You hold the key,
key to my paradise

If you'll let me fall
all on my own
Hell, prepare for me..
for I lost my only treasure
Darkness will soon consume me
Let the fire swallow me
Let the beasts have me
They are now prepared
To shatter every piece of me
Destroy every hope I have
And bound me in chains
So I'll be ****** forever
won't reach my Heaven no more
I saw this challenge from another poem

It says there to grab a book and turn to page 49
6th line, 5th word
make a poem about the word you'll find


listening to this song while writing this  -

I need You by M83
Jan 2015 · 1.6k
How Dare You Come Back?
Janessa Jan 2015
how dare you come back?
how can you do what you do to me
'Cause when it's you I can't say no,
and it ******* really hurts
that I always let you in
even if you lways leaves me hanging
hoping that everytime you touch me,
the possibility of having you entirely
why can't I ignore you
the way you ignore me
I ****** up so bad..
And this is getting old
how can you come back and go
and leave me empty and sober
using me for that long...
and I let you use me for that long,
haven't you felt a little
just a little emotion
but I guess not,
You said I've given you what you needed
but you never really needed me
I end up crying inside for you
but I can't let you see how much it hurts me
pretending that I'm enjoying
playing this ******* game..
Sometimes when I'm in your arms I wonder
If I'l ever have the chance to be the one
Or maybe not...

I admit, and can't lie
I still love you
after all the harsh cold kisses

I can feel you have nothing fo me
but why you keep coming back?..

Yes I can give you what you need
but I guess I'll never be the one you really needed.

I'd rather you tell me the worst
but why still keep me like this
when I thought you already forgot about me
and me trying hard
you'll come back again and ask for me
ask for more

you got me on your grip
I'm doomed for loving you,
and I guess will always will..
Nov 2014 · 329
Have and Take More
Janessa Nov 2014
I don't want to make another one,

But I guess it will never be avoided

So I won't repeat and come back to what I've done

But I'm about to make a new one

Heard a pastor once said

"Have more mistakes if you can,

rejoice if you have more failures.

For you will learn and grow from it."
Nov 2014 · 236
Smile on My Lips
Janessa Nov 2014
I thought You weren't there
I prayed for comfort and You were silent
I cried in the corner and have to feel alone
There's no one to turn to but myself
Hated myself, others, and the world

But You worked in mysterious ways, this now I know
Haven't noticed how well I am now
I carried my burden and got through with it
Accepted the hurt so I could learn
Bled the wounds and let them heal through time

You gave me more than what I wished for
Looking back to those scars reminds me how broken I am
Thankful for how I got them badly and for how ugly they are
Because this smile won't be in my lips today
If I haven't suffered from them
Realized now that You wouldn't give what I can't bear
Oct 2014 · 377
Slaves and Waves
Janessa Oct 2014
how does it feels?...... dance like there's no barricade

to swing your hands with the harmony of desires

swaying your feet through space

and balleting around like the walls are invisible

whipping your hair wildly

in this strange and undecided moves.....

.......unspoken emotions, riddles and puzzles.....

....bursting all out with unwavering vehemence,

spirit ready to break free......

.......stamping on the floor, rolling, gliding

rolling in the air as if the gravity is yours....

....translating the words through maneuvering.....

......sending the message by swirling their bodies,

in undefinable gestures new to eyes....

do they still sees and knows?...

those breaths taken away,

those tears of joys,

...memories from the past returned

sow warmth through their hearts...

....those who scrutinize,
and think there's got to be more

do they close their eyes?...

when the music starts.......

.....savoring every beat,

every melody...

every hidden dilemma...

covered by the fascinating movements...

do they still care?

or do they forget themselves...

melting in the waves of music

fading into other realm...

lost in their own world....

which only them can figure...

and only them can rule......
Sep 2014 · 423
Janessa Sep 2014
Close your eyes, dear

I'll kiss the doubts away.

You'll have another
but I'll only have you.

Your mark is on my lips,
and other parts of me.
Your touch on my skin,
this sinful flare .... the apology......
I know my place
......don't worry about me......
I decided to be here
.......stop the guilt........

for now.....
we have each other
sands of time
is pouring fast
few memories to have
so let's have a taste...

Say goodbye after everythin'.
This moment with you
make it a good one,
so we can both smile.
If tomorrow, ....
it crosses our minds ....
Sep 2014 · 826
Happy Are Those
Janessa Sep 2014
Happy are those who found it
Happy are those who stayed
Happy are those whose real
The ones who pictured themselves forever
Happy are those who held hands
Stayed up all night to comfort each other
Whose hearts content and without doubts
Who found haven in the arms of their love
Happy are they for they will stay youthful
For the love they shared will never grow old
Aug 2014 · 716
7 minutes to heaven
Janessa Aug 2014
Got caught up in this thing called bliss
Trapped inside this euphoria
When indulgence was in my grip
Light and Dark is on its fast forward phase
When all senses comes back to you
You'll figure out that something's missing
Then you'll realize what you willingly gave
Just for the sake of fun
And when the source is out
It won't recognize your being
What's left of you is all you had
The feeling of some part of you is empty
Indulged by some to taste the pleasure
After you found out you lost
There's the regret creeping inside you
And you.....can never take it back
It was never meant to be given back
Presence of loneliness will slowly haunts you
Denying will only lead to failure
Faking it won't even save you
Longing will linger

So there you go......alone.......

Smiling for the better times,
And sobbing after being left behind
Background Music:
Gorilla by Bruno Mars
Drunk in Love by Beyonce
Good Kisser by Usher
Aug 2014 · 246
What's what
Janessa Aug 2014
What feels good, doesn't always feels right,
What feels right, doesn't always feels good.
Aug 2014 · 230
just a thought
Janessa Aug 2014
The moment you'd thought they laugh,
is the moment they thought you'd be ashamed
Jul 2014 · 716
Cry to My Beloved
Janessa Jul 2014
Soul searching…    
Gazing upon the sky
Looking out, wondering          
Will there ever be

Keeps running  
As I watch the sun goes down
Looking out, wondering          
Will there ever be

the angel who could save me
The one who'll make me feel                                                            
­Im hopeless and I need your light
Only you can save me

Comes and chase me
And leads me to the dark
Screaming out, running wild
Till you came for me

Around me
Sinking in emptiness
Screaming out, running wild
Till you came for me

the angel who could save me
The one who'll make me feel                                                            
­Im hopeless and I need your light
Only you can save me
**** - I recorded this one, originally the title of this poem is "An Angel" but a friend of mine told me that the title was so common. I know, the guitar was poorly executed ( I'm trying ). That same friend of mine whose been helping me with the guitars saw the original lyrics and told me that some of it doesn't sound right. I gave him permission to edit the lyrics, but I kinda didn't like the way his edited version so this song end up unfinished.

Hope you like it :D
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Janessa Jul 2014
I'm not that optimistic, but doesn't mean I can't do what's right
I'm a rebel, but doesn't mean I can't follow
putting me in a box where I don't belong..
why keep me? avoid any trouble?
try to cover all the sins but it won't work
can't accept me?, don't need you to...
I am alone, but it doesn't mean nobody watch for me
all my moves, all my words... been carefully observed
criticized, judged, pointing your hypocrite fingers
for you this is life, for me this is trash
you can play with the rules by means of the power given by you
but the rules you hold, is only the rules made by you
not the rules everybody follows
Jul 2014 · 1.7k
In my Storm
Janessa Jul 2014
In my storm
you were the gentle whisper
that calms the mad waves..*
A stray of light
from summer sun
that gives warmth in the cold
This battle I fought alone is no more,
with your touch that fills up what’s missing
Emptiness is no more with just a breath that I take from you
You willingly offered,
Forgetting everything that should matter
For a moment, though I know this is not love
But for the first time, I felt right
Even if it is wrong
I don’t know what you see in me
I don’t know if I deserve this
But somehow I know
These memories with you
I will cherish and keep
The soothing words of want and admirations

I don’t want to know when this ends
I just want to live for a moment
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
That Kiss
Janessa Jul 2014
That sweet and gentle kiss..
Something I’m not prepared for
Something that I didn’t expect
I ask myself why
Why you had to be such a gentle soul
Why a simple touch gives me peace
You will never be mine
That’s what I’m sure of
I can never call you mine
I know this will end soon
I’ll treasure it
Every little time we had and we will have…
‘Cause I know this isn’t right
And we will end soon
But there are no regrets
Jul 2014 · 577
I won’t Fall
Janessa Jul 2014
Your lips,
trying to feel it
When I’m alone
All by myself
Imitating your moves
How it gives me chills
And sparks
I’m trippin’ now
All because of your lips
Your touch
How it felt
Your hands
How it caresses me
That caress
How it sends peace inside
Your eyes
The sincerity in it
Imagining you
In many ways
In this four cornered room
Those arms
Encircling me
When it get the chance
Those stares
Even when I try
Not to stare back
My body
Acting naturally
Cant seem to hold back
Looking at nowhere
Then, I see you
You got me bad
When I close my eyes
You lingers
At the back of my mind
You don’t know
How much You affects me
My guilty pleasure
I want to go away
………But I want you near me
Embracing you
Leaning on your shoulder
The comfort it gives
I am addicted
How not to want you
The force you had
The best one I dealt with
But I won’t call it love
You will not know
How I swiftly fell
…….At least not out loud
For that someone: thanks for making me feel special for the first time. I just want to cherish every chance I have while I still can.

Music Background: Bloodstream by: Stateless
Angels or Devils by: Dishwalla
CAndleburn by: Dishwalla
Distance : Christina Perri
Jul 2014 · 1.6k
A Fool
Janessa Jul 2014
I shouldn't have done that..
I shouldn't have said that
I should not hope for more
It's hard to sink it in
this dream of mine of you
Why can't I digest the truth
this stupidity of me
Haven't learn anything
Haven't learn from the past
You will never be mine
Fooling myself again and again

I just stood here
for nothing....
you're not here
you will never be..

another mistake..
mistake again...
no one  to blame but me
simple as that

you got what you want..
the best of me ....
for a short period of time..

I am a fool
I am a fool
you won't be there
no embrace
no kisses
and I can't ask you
.... for anything

I saw this coming
I thought I was prepared
but I was wrong
I am a fool
wanting you here
wanting you near
but this has to stop

You're way too important
than my own drowning passion
I'm used to this...
it will be gone soon...
I am nothing but a fool
I must give it all away
let this go..
cause you're far more precious
than anything I should feel
Jul 2014 · 693
Half-faced Monster
Janessa Jul 2014
Let me out
I’m your art
I’m your life
I am pain
Therefore I am beauty

Let me out
Don’t do this
You know you need me
You can’t keep me
I know you need me

I’ll have the sins
I’ll take the punches,
I’ll be torn apart.
I’ll break a bone if I had to..
I won’t let them destroy you
I won’t let them get the best of you

I am evil...
But I’ll be the one who’ll protect you

Don’t worry about me.

I was made to bear the pain,
To absorb the madness
To swallow all of your fears..

Embrace me.
Accept me.
And you’ll never feel empty

Deep within you
I rest..
I know you can feel me too.
Somehow you know,
I'm waiting here for you
Waiting for you….

To let me out…
Jul 2014 · 5.2k
Being Used
Janessa Jul 2014
we're so used by being used
how long do we need to bleed
it's just happening all over and over
we always come back to this
like we never learned a thing
I know you know how this feels
played by somebody's hands
tortured by their schemes and playtimes
Jul 2014 · 324
What If?
Janessa Jul 2014
Playing fate like cards.
What to risk what to loose?
So much to give up
nothing to gain

We fell....
and we just don't know how to handle
What to feel?....
what to choose?...

We both know...
faking is the best solution...
We both know...
that the truth could bring the best out of us....
but we both know....its just too late for that...

We met at the wrong place and time
but when were together
We jive just fine
Its like you knew me, and me to you
but our path is way too opposite..
the only thing I can do
is just look back and just think

What if we could be
What if we tried
Jul 2014 · 2.4k
Just a Touch
Janessa Jul 2014
just a touch from you gives me peace in my mind
when I close my eyes, can't hardly open it
don't wanna wake up from this dream seem so real
don't wanna think about you leaving me soon
cause we know we're not meant to be
nobody gave this kind of effect on me
here I am, preparing to drown
just to let all come to me again..
You and you alone...

— The End —