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ConnectHook Feb 2017

running fluid, flowing
like love, like life, like blood, like knowing
the living waters from the  throne of God –
it starts slow and it builds
equatorial storms, tropical sadness
as the guitars take you home
in reverberations of eternity
through endless repetitions of longing
through palm-branched alleys and red-dirt gullies
breeze caressing guavas and passion-fruit
past dictators’ mansions
past rusting shantytowns
over ditches running with sewage
into colors too intense to bear
colors to make you cry:
greens unseen in cold climates,
red earth, flowering jacarandas
women walking wrapped in rainbows
huge baskets on their heads
in the blare of traffic
in the madness of African cities
through the Congolese night that calls your name
and the smell of poor people’s food over cook fires
carried on the musical breeze
children smile and beggars crawl in the dust of the street
obscure wars are fought,  false peace proclaimed
while the bones are exhumed
as the Congo jazz rolls on, flows on
like silver sorrow dancing gold in the heart of darkness
past liter bottles of beer sweating cold
on the bar table by the flower’s starkness
lighting up the midday – when those horns come in
on the boat from Cuba, by way of Bruxelles and Paris
blaring triumphant and strong
like a shipment of diamonds and uranium
glittering in the drunken afternoon of a song with no end.
Tabu Ley Rochereau, Pamelo Mounka, Mbilia Bel, Franco & TPOK Jazz
Janessa Sep 2016
Realizing how you’re more delectable
When sheets unfold
Your wicked pose

You’re crawling slowly on your knees
To beg for me
It makes me weak
To know this beat

Oh you gently touch me
Like nobody else can do
Oh you mesmerize me
I feel the magic in you

Love's so inviting when we groove
To set the mood
You sinful food
You taste so good

I feel the rising of the heat
That lights the mood
It burns for you
It burns for two

Oh you turn the key in me
I feel desire for you
Oh you mesmerize me
I feel the magic and love

Come slowly down, down over me
Come slowly down
And love, come slowly down
Down over me
Come slowly down

We move from side to side
And in and out the gloom
And into plume
In the bedroom

I feel the rising of the heat
That lights the mood
That burns for two
It burns for you

Oh you fill the need in me
I feel the fire in you
And your love's the heat, lady
A ****** healing and love

Come slowly down, down over me
Come slowly down
And love

Come slowly down
Down over me
Come slowly down
Fred F Jul 2014
Because by James Franco


Because I read some books
and I was at museums.
Because I made no money,
Because I was handsome,
Because I travelled by bike,
Because I was not arrogant,
A bunch of people seemed to hate me.
I never met most of these people,
I only heard of them.
The only people I saw were the ones who carried me love,
And there were not many those people.
It was not easy to forget about the ones I heard
Hated me, and ****, some of them were actually accomplished names.
I closed the book, but I kept on reading,
I watched my move a million times,
But I did not understand myself any better.
But because I read some books,
Because I made no money,
This was the life I made for myself.
Years later, I decided to look at what I accomplished,
And I watched myself in the mirror, like an old movie, I hated who I saw.
And now he was the guy who died, after I stayed.

— The End —