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MrJaM Nov 2021
I wish
I have the craftsmanship of Shakespeare
to draft my words that you’d hear
and my feelings towards you my dear
so they sound like a page out of poetry
then swerve you into the hands of me

I wish
I have the baritone of Bob Dylan
to shout my words to a beautiful tune
and my feelings to woo my woman
so they catch your heart like a retro hit
then your love, it shines for me bright

I wish
I have the vision of Michelangelo
to draw my words that I dearly hold
and my feelings in red green and blue
so they amuse you like a little child
then your love, it grows for me wild

I wish you’re mine
I wish it all the time
I wish you’re in my sight
I wish you hold me tight

I wish.......
T Apr 2021
Wrapped up in unrequited love,
I’m sorry that I was never good enough.
Broken Pieces Apr 2020
I can't seem to write properly anymore.
Because you walked out the door.
I want to show others how I feel,
But I don't want to admit that it's real.
Would you react if I told you I was in pain?
What if I told you my world was about to rain?
I want to be the strong one,
But I can't bring myself to say I'm done.
I wish there was someone out there,
Someone who I could count of to care.
Matthew Sabella Apr 2020
It berates the ears and resonates louder and louder,
As it continues to cooperate with one another.
It lets the noise bounce back and become even louder.
Drowning out all that is clear,
Drowning out all the good that has been building up over the years.

DROP, DROP, DROP, globules cascading down in rhythm with the problem at hand.
Gripping tighter and tighter strangling out the PLAN.
Wishing that the water would at least fall on someone else,
But it keeps moving over my head, dropping the wet when the skies are clear.

This water is louder when the sun draws near.
The voices get louder when light pierces through the dark.
TAP, TAP, TAP, goes the drum inside of my head.
But the tapping is not enough to drown you out when you are together.

I am done.
I am finished.
I am passed up for things that I would love to do.
I am passed up for things that could be good for me.

I am a glorified babysitter.
Watching and never acting.
Being disrupted all day long, when I'm just trying to help.
The voices destroying the inner circle of my soul.

As it passes me by.
As the jealousy unfolds.
Wishing that it would break down, or the opportunity would present itself to me as well.
I am falling down, crying, tearing at my skin, hoping for the EXHAUSTION to go away.

And then it crawls down the spine.
Inserting needles in every vertebra.
Wanting to trigger the nerves, in its own sadistic way.
PINCH, PINCH, PINCH goes the needle over and under the skin.

It warps the images of goodness into a platoon,
A platoon of soldiers, whose only goal is to **** steal and destroy.
As I stare up to my Father asking, "Will today be the day?"
DROP, TAP, PINCH the water hitting his hand that he uses on the drum stick to plunge the needle deep.

This noise loves to make its home inside my head.
The venom crawling up through my back and weighing me down like lead.
Distorting my views and asking me to change lanes.
A vice that forms from blood clots in my brain.

I am done.
I am finished.
I just want a moment to breathe in some good.
I just want to look forward to what's ahead.
Sometimes you find yourself in situations that make you wonder why you have been out there.
gt lexicartis Mar 2020
I sit and I watch as the sun goes down,
The lids of the eyes of the world close –
I reflect on the sights that those eyes have seen
And I hope that its lips have a smile.

I stay past the dusk in the long night hours
And share in the peace that the world shows –
I consider the dreams that the day must cause
And I hope that its lips have a smile.

I watch as the first streaks of light hit dawn,
The pulse of the heart of the world grows –
I wonder on the thoughts of its rise and shine
And I hope that its lips have a smile.
Michael Marro Jan 2020
A careful caress down creamy curves
A naughty neckline nibble
A shy sideways glance from seductive eyes
Be my personal Sibyl

     A patient persistence towards our goal
     A divine inspiration
     A rumpled blanket, hidden pleasure
     Causes our consummation

          A breathless moment, senses tingling
          A glistening moonlit glow
          A silent encore, the fates allow
          Sacred touch I'll never know
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
When the God said
Make a wish

I remember
A better me

Question isn't
Why did I?
The question is
Why don't you?
I believe
My universe
Is yours
Genre: Observational
Theme: Unrequited love
Anton Jul 2019
Hantud sa lubnganan napod ang kalangitan,
Nanagan na ang mga katawhan,
mga katigulangan ug kabatan-onan,
Nagpangita na sila ug kapasilungan,

Mubundak napud ang kusog na uwan,
Mabasa' nasad ang mga kadalanan,
Nanirado na ang mga baligyaanan,
Kanselado na pud ang mga kalihokan,

Samtang ako ania ra amoang pinuy.anan,
Kanunay nga gahandum sa atong nasugatan,
Nagpangutana, nganung wala naka sa akong kiliran,
Unsa man gyud ang hinundnan ug naingnan,

Nganung sa gugma mo ako imong gihikawan,
Unsa man gyud ang imong basihan?
Dili ba diay ko angay na hatagan?
Hangtud nalang gyud ba ko sa handurawan?

Tinuod nga sa gugma sa ginikanan wala ko gihikawan,
Unsaon taman kining kasing kasing ikaw ang kinahanglan,
Bisan pag dli ni para sa imong kaayuhan,
Nasayud ko nga wala koy kadungganan,
kay matud pa sa uban dle kuno ko kasaligan,
Para mahimo kong usa sa imong mapilian,

Wala na gyud ba kini kalambuan?
Nangandoy lang gihanpon ko na kita mag.uban,
Nga unta puhon makig ila ila sa imong ginikanan,
Bisan nasayod kong wala na gyuy katumanan,
Kay ako usa man lang ka tawng walay hinungdan,

Usa ka taw nga matud pa,"sa kinabuhi walay padulngan",
Pero bisan in-ani ang permi nakong madunggan,
Kanunaay gihapon kong mangandoy ug kalampusan,
Bahala na ug puhon dli ko ma kwartahan,
Basta ang importante ikaw akong maangkon ug mahagkan,

Kung ako Mahimong usa ka taw nga gamhanan,
Magbuhat ako ug mga butang nga kahibulungan,
Usbon nako ang dagan niining kalibutan,
Tapigan ko ang mga buwan ug mga kabituonan,

Akong Hupingon ang mga panghitabo na dle ko masakitan ,
Akong kining hupingon hangtud tika makitan-an,
Kung ako mawagtang man gani pananglitan,
Dili ko maguol kay ikaw ra gihapon akong mapalgan,

Unya sa kung kitang duha mag kita' na man,
Pahunungon ko ang oras sa kailbutan,
Nga ang usa'g-usa ra atong mamatikdan,
Ibalik ko ang kahayag sa buwan ug mga kabituonan,

Magsayaw sayaw kita sa kawanangan,
Ubanan sa kahayag sa mga bituon ug buwan,
Dli na gyud mahitabong muuwan,
kay mga panganod akoang tapigan,

Buhaton ko kining tanan,
Para lang ikaw akoang makauban,
Akoang mahalon ug panggaon hangtud sa lubnganan,
Para kanako mao na kini tinud-anay kalampusan,

wa koy mabuhat maong nagsuwat suwat ug balak
marshay lewis Jun 2019
Remember when we were younger?

In biology class when everything was tactile and new

Experimental and combustible

And we checked each others' pulses

To count and measure

To give reason to rhythm

And you found mine with ease

Cool fingers near the carotid

Unwanted sparks from lack of use

And when I went to you

Placing unclean hands between chin and collar

Trying to finds signs of life

And finding none

As you pressed my fingers further in

Insistent and sure of your steady heart

And it's ironic how years later

When your face is a fading memory

And your presence a ghost no longer haunting

That I realize I never knew

If you were really alive
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