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solEmn oaSis Nov 2015
bato-bato sa lawak ng langit
hinde tamaan wag magagalit
sa aking apat na sulok ng panitik
mensahe ko sa quadro ay hitik

ang lihim sa likod ng lalim
may gintong butil na di patitigil
lantaran man ang talinghaga
patagong kaway agwat ng kataga

sapagkat sa bawat pag-ani
ng parirala sa aking balarila
muli ngang sisibol itong binhi
at para sa kanya...ako ay nag-punla
according to Ellie Hughes:
Make a poem, and use that word as its title.
Be sure to make sense, and relate the topic to title!
since my slogan is...
"my mystery rhyme has still seeking for its own rhythm and blues !
, 'til my sweet serenity haul me unto a stronger melodies and clues!"
and fortunately i have always my precious book in my pocket,,
i ah easily grabbed it and look for the 6th line and 5th word on page 49
and had came up to the term "kanya" as in hers.
glassea Jul 2015
there are skulls and ghosts
and an aura of death

and the king, he walks still
along the rooftops and gallows
until helios chases him dead.

and ophelia, she went gasping
beneath the weight of her thoughts,
finding air only in death.

and hamlet, he screamed his lungs out
before taking his mother's legacy
and drowning in her blood.

and if you think for too long,
you'll learn the real poison is...
my book was hamlet by william shakespeare. there weren't enough words so i had to go to the next line. oops.

act 1, scene 4, lines 3-4
HAMLET: what hour now?
HORATIO: i think it lacks of twelve.
Nicole Dawn Jul 2015
I'm not just 'fine'
I'm fine and.....

I'm fine
As in I'm alive
The 'and' is for everything else

I'm fine and...

Fine and...

Fine and...

Fine and...

Fine and...

Fine and...

As you can see,
That silent 'and' in
"I'm fine and..."
Is very important
This is for the book poem challenge.... The word is from 'numbers' by rachel ward
Em Cooney Jan 2015
I want to give you my heart
So you will know my passion

I want to give you my love
So you will never doubt my loyalty

I want to give you my hands
So you may hold them in your own

I want to give you my eyes
So you will see they are only for you

I want to give you my smile
So you may share in my happiness

I want to give you my secrets
So you will know that I trust you

I want to give you my soul
So you will know I have held nothing back
Hayley Jan 2015
A number cannot describe
what it felt
to die

A portion was taken
and you
weren't even shaken

My body is but a number to you
but I

You now hold a piece of my heart
all because
I wasn't smart

A fraction is all I have to hold,
and honestly?

it's getting quite old
The title (book poem challenge) was from Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer
Janessa Jan 2015
Fall on me
I've been waiting for you
Grab my hand
I won't let you go
I'll hold you dear
This heart beats for you
Don't fear
I won't hurt you,
no one will...
Let me kiss you
and your doubts away
I'll be with you
I won't leave you
I'll wake you
from the nightmares
that haunts you
There'll be no other
Only but you
So come to my embrace
I'll leap from heaven for you

If you'll fall on me
and take my hand,
don't let go...
They will try
to keep me away from you
They'll destroy me,
and the love I have ..
only for you...
But I won't let them..
So trust me...
My heart is yours
You hold the key,
key to my paradise

If you'll let me fall
all on my own
Hell, prepare for me..
for I lost my only treasure
Darkness will soon consume me
Let the fire swallow me
Let the beasts have me
They are now prepared
To shatter every piece of me
Destroy every hope I have
And bound me in chains
So I'll be ****** forever
won't reach my Heaven no more
I saw this challenge from another poem

It says there to grab a book and turn to page 49
6th line, 5th word
make a poem about the word you'll find


listening to this song while writing this  -

I need You by M83
Ordomkasteren Jan 2015
A threat as thin as the love between us
As thin as the promises you gave
A threat as thin as the coffee you made me that morning
As thin as the cup that broke when it hit the floor
That morning
A threat as thin as that other girl you were seeing
As thin as my own confidence
A threat so thin that you can’t even call it a string
So thin that you can barely see it
So thin that it barely exists
So thin I’m not even sure it’s there any longer
So real that it keeps us apart
I was so excited the first time I did the #bookpoemchallenge that I wanted to give it another try. So I picked up a new book and was, once again, inspired by the fifth word on the sixth line on the 49th page (threat).
jerely Jan 2015
I cannot think of anything to describe you
& yet each day and every night
my mind occupies you
I don't know if this is my whole imagination
or it's just my heart that skips a beat
when every time I see you.
This whole track of reproducing
my insanity feeling, why oh why
must it be you?

Is this normal?
Is this a human fate?
or is it just me who always*
think  of you, when you're not?
Why oh why?
This is so crazyyy!
or is this too much for me?
Is this what they called
"like"? or perhaps more than that;

The title of the book that i picked is "Much Ado About Nothing" No Fear Shakespeare
Randomly used word "Think"
Ellie's book poem challenge:
Ordomkasteren Jan 2015
For you I've got no more worries
For you I've got no tears
For you I've got no respect
For you I've got no gifts
For you I've got no heart
For you I've got no soul,
partly because I'm a ginger
For you I've got no letters
For you I've got no words
For you Iv'e got no sign
For you I've got no objects
For you I've got no sheets
For you I've got no eyes
For you I've got no time
For you I've got no recognition
For you I've got everything.
This is a poem inspired by @Ellie Hughes, who has challenged everyone to pick up a book and make a poem inspired by, and with the same title as, the fifth word on the sixth line on the 49th page of that random book.
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