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Sep 2017 · 245
Sing my song
tian Sep 2017
I was quite addicted to your voice,
your covers are always on repeat,
while listening
I found myself dreaming,
that you could sing my song,
that you sing me as your song.

A lyric full of unheard verses,
sing my song,
Sing it all along,
let its flow bring you to my world.

Your covers are always on repeat,
for it is the reason why my heart beats.
I was inspired lately
Mar 2017 · 406
tian Mar 2017
As I look at you
I know that
I have loved you already
for just a short moment
and I swear that it was just
a sheer infatuation

times keep what heart cannot
Mar 2017 · 637
tian Mar 2017
All I loved, I loved alone
Going back I've lost my way home
From pain I rise to strengthen my bones
Yet all I loved, I loved alone.
#3 from my album
Mar 2017 · 299
tian Mar 2017
It was all just a virtue,
thinking I need to apply it daily
Told myself, I'll wait if this feeling is true
Then it become my hobby
Mar 2017 · 505
Verses from the Virtuoso
tian Mar 2017
Art is worth the pain,
such requires a certain cruelty
as curtain calls beneath the rain,
you will be poetry.
I am back
Dec 2015 · 871
Masquerade Party
tian Dec 2015
(Classic music playing, people with masks are dancing)

I was once invited into a fairytale-like occasion
Yes, it's true, it's not a delusion
An event where I can hide my identity
A place of silence, an oasis of serenity
A place where I couldn't recognize faces
But I can hear their distinct tone of voices

Some sits quiet, pretending to be mysterious
Some keep it real, yet they look so serious
People will judge you in the attire you wear
That will give you an uneasy feeling by their intimidating stare
What I wear is a suit colored like the sun
Given and knitted by my lovely oldman

(A man shouts, "this is the moment for the final dance
Grab your partners now for a tremendous performance"

As I roam, I saw someone alone in a room
Wearing a tiara symbolizes the moon
She was in tears, holding a glass of whine
I realized she isn't fine
I walk towards her to offer my hanky
She grab it to wiped her tears then she smiled at me

Oh, she exhibits her glossy red lips
Crossing paths with her feels like eclipse
Her eyes shining bright likes the stars in the galaxy
I'm so in love in this blissful remedy
I can see through the facade and tell she's in distress
I also can feel the sorrowful sensation in my chest

(The emcee shouts again for the last time,
"We'll now be playing the last song in line")

When I heard the emcee, I questioned myself "what to do?"
I told my self, "I'm gonna dance her that's what I need to"
I didn't let anxiety rush in, so I close the doors for it
Final count, And I said in the final minute,

**"You are worth beyond that mask,
Just one dance, that is all I ask"

Sep 2015 · 344
tian Sep 2015
Is it love?  The moment I fell?
No one knows,*  only time can tell.
Aug 2015 · 485
Final Words
tian Aug 2015
Remember, when you said that you wanted to die?
Because of those countless accusations regarding your lies
I told you to stand up, live, just give it a try
But you still keep on asking me all your thousand whys
I'm speechless, unable to answer because of the thought I'm not wise
I punched my stomach, cause of anxiety, wanting to **** the butterflies
I still showed care towards you even my emotions were on disguise
You hugged me and whispered, "I'm HOPELESS" then you cried
I was there, I've swept the tears beneath your eyes
"I'm here for you and I will stand up for you" I replied
Slowly, our lips collide and they began to dramatize
This memory was just a proof that my efforts aren't denied
A precious moment of victory from suicide, because you SURVIVE!
Inspired by a movie. I put myself into the perspective of the boy who encourages the girl to keep moving forward and not to end her precious life. It's just awesome how sweet words can stop a person from committing suicide. Like words of encouragement and motivation. By the way, this isn't a love story. Sorry, hehe. Hope you enjoy my poems, more poems this coming September.

Just correct my grammar

Jul 2015 · 2.1k
tian Jul 2015
You were at the park, sitting all alone
I slowly walk towards you, like coming back home

You look so devastated, so i red you between the lines
I saw something bright into your eyes that makes me gaze from time to time

An interesting story, written by a majestic multi-awarded author
I want to be with you in a journey, that's all I ever hoped for

To knit some memories with you, to treasure every moments
Replace the aura of this place with pure euphoria elements

I want to be your jester, to tell jokes whenever you want to laugh
To do something distinct, like seeking the 'Great Perhaps'

But then you keep on telling me about this ghost in your past that haunts you
I listened like a child craving for bed time stories, that's what you want to

All of my thoughts suddenly dispersed and tossed like waste,
This will all end soon like my oblivious phase.
We've all been in this situation. An intense feeling towards someone. Our thoughts became connected to each point. Like a constellation. We come to think an adventure with someone whom we liked so deep. But then, it's just an infatuation and it will all end soon.

I hope I explained it well. Forgive me. I'm so drained.

From the album 'Unorthodox Kind of Poet'
I'll publish it soon
Jun 2015 · 1.9k
Distanced Friendship
tian Jun 2015
Two years have passed since the ship set sail
Different paths connected to each other, bonds never fail
Memories well treasured, killing any doubts
Distance is just a measure, patience is what counts.

Happy Anniversary to my friend, Km. This is our second anniversary of being friends. Trials come to test our bond, but our strength is too much blessed by our God. Thank you for all Km.
May 2015 · 3.2k
tian May 2015
A raven lives inside my heart
Devouring its functions part by part
Veins and arteries, teared apart
Blood paints on a canvas, portrait of art

*To be continued
To be continued poem. The thought is missin g. So I'll continue this
May 2015 · 637
tian May 2015
He Ditched you and left your heart in torment
He Summoned storm to ruin your sunny weather

*"He gives you moment, I'm willing to give you forever."
It's about a girl, with a broken heart. My lines her thought, my rhymes her taught. 2bars
Apr 2015 · 2.8k
tian Apr 2015
I'm sorry for making you feel worst,
Maybe I'll write lines with verse
I'm begging on my knees, to remorse
I damaged your heart, all the emotions burst
The pain I gave, it's not a curse
To make you feel special again, i am thirst
All my thoughts became one even though they're dispersed.
I'm sorry.
Apr 2015 · 11.8k
tian Apr 2015
Sa maraming taon na ating pagsasama
Maghihiwalay para sa panibagong gera
Bawat istorya tumatak sa utak nitong makata
Wag kayong iiyak, tayo'y muling magkikita.

*Ang pakikipagsapalaran sa susunod na kabanata
A special 4 bars set up for my batch mates in Highschool. It's also a Filipino poem written in our own language, tagalog.
Apr 2015 · 1.0k
tian Apr 2015
Through the dark valleys I speak
Wandering, the great perhaps I seek
To light this vast and lonely place,
To share the truth about His grace

*Serving my God in a very special ways
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
tian Mar 2015
I suddenly felt tired
*so I give up on life
Life struggles
Mar 2015 · 887
Unorthodox Poetry #1
tian Mar 2015
Can you see my efforts?
I guess you can't
I was there in your darkest hours
But you didn't see me
My presence?
All over that place
I tried to decipher
Yet you don't want me to
I tried to pick you up
Yet you rejected my hand
I try everything to make you smile
Yet you keep on thinking negative things
When will this ever end? When? Answer me
I guess, it's all you,
You've been faking it all along
A mist traveling on it's own.
So I started to write what I feel right now. Sorry for not putting some rhymes, it's unorthodox kind of poetry.

I walked in a path full of knives and thorns just to make it through you, yet you don't want me to enter.
Mar 2015 · 2.6k
Wast Efforts
tian Mar 2015
When I gape into your eyes, I see no reflection
When I decipher your face, I see no expression
When I examine your body, I see no possession
When I stare into your lips, I see no confession

*When I look in front of a mirror, I see great depression
The title is a wordplay about Wasted Efforts.
Mar 2015 · 1.4k
tian Mar 2015
I'm your weeping pillow
encourages you when you feel yellow
Old 10 word poetry of mine.
Feb 2015 · 898
The Bard's sonnet
tian Feb 2015
How I miss that day we first met
I wrote some lines with those rhymes in set
Remember those songs, we song in duet
Phil and Rabiroo, that's our pet
Not gonna lose you, I won't let
A memory, I won't forget
Not gonna stopped by any threat
Starting from low class, a cadet
So much trials, full of sweat
Events, we can't interpret
Being razed by distanced, I won't fret
We'll be together soon, til' our last breath
Not a Romeo and Juliet, there's no death
I express my love here, in this sonnet.
Feb. 10, 15
Love poem to the girl I loved the most
Sep 2014 · 1.0k
Missing You
tian Sep 2014
Great collision you bring inside my mind
Like a comet landed all over my domain
Endangered specie, you're so hard to find
Missing you makes me want to shout your name.

Memories we share, I always treasure
But meant to be buried down the ground
And dig up just to seek pleasure
Missing you makes me wonder in every sound.

Phenomenon, I carved at that evergreen tree
In a peaceful land, noise has been slain
While drinking a Japanese green tea
Missing you gives me emotional pain

Should have cease and execute these butterflies
Instead of wanting you back, I beg on my knees
Should decipher closely, going to finish this wise
*Missing you is like looking for a lost puzzle piece.
Time lapse. 9/24/14
Aug 2014 · 9.3k
tian Aug 2014
Anguish pain, I felt inside
Meteors rain, two worlds collide
Crash of plane, the heavens chide
Hit by the train, because someone lied
Portrait of vain, efforts denied
Will I explain, as I stride
A sad humane, won't let go my pride.
Jealousy, the strange feeling I felt.
Aug 2014 · 3.0k
tian Aug 2014
Today is a significant day, the day I come near
Celebrate! To shout hooray, you go smile my dear
Different paths collide in one way, by the ink of that spear
As time flies, I intended to stay, to help you conquer that fear.
It's about the day I met this girl. :) Nostalgia, a past in the present which will lead to future.
Aug 2014 · 856
tian Aug 2014
My mouths are shut
Can't contradict nor rebutt
I have petrified nerves
Can't do any verbs
I can't shout or even whisper
To speak? Why do I even bother
To think, to think, to learn more
Funny imaginations, I always earn gore
My brain, storming relentlessly
My heart, burning in agony.
A poem from the past. 6/26/14
tian Jul 2014
I friend-zoned myself, i don't know why
Bitterness i felt, i think this is good bye
My frozen heart has melt, by that sweet lullaby
By this phase i dealt, as a man don't cry
As i lay down through the veldt, i look at the sky

I will wait, i will wait, my princess is waiting.
I will strive, i will strive, the bard is coming.
I will wait for you, yes i will do. Cheer up princess, cause i know you're reading this. :)
Jul 2014 · 862
stay away
tian Jul 2014
to be distanced.
to be aloof.
to be that wolf.
with my pack,
who supports my back.
Jul 2014 · 553
"The clock strikes"
tian Jul 2014
I knew that it is done and gone
But wait, there's another one
When I think this game is over
No it's not, I should look closer.

The sound, it's ticking all day long
I end it, is there something wrong?
Every hour, it's getting larger
Every minute, it's getting tougher

I'm trying and still holding on
But this puzzles goes on and on
I knew that I'd passed this quest
I can't evade nor I can't rest

When will, and will this ever end?
A cycle of life my dear friend.
Cycle of life my dear friends
Jul 2014 · 561
Being a Sky
tian Jul 2014
I really love to see sunsets
Like I'm living with no regrets
I don't feel pain and jealousy
Cause I'm living in harmony

Hiding my presence in a cloak
To protect you is not a joke
Leading my comrades, like a boss
To seek and to save what was lost

Allow the cloud to walk freely
To treat my friends as family
Tries to calm the storm and lightning
Growing stronger after fighting

Bless with joy, the requiem of rain
For the glory, ours to attain
Gives the sun a big space to shine
Without loosing my pride on the line

Cares for the mist in what she feels
Breaks her chains and her seals
I'm going to protect my friends
Until the day it all ends.
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Refference.
Otaku poem. Hahaha. Share the bard's way
May 2014 · 545
We Poets
tian May 2014
We poets are deep
Nocturnal, at night we don't sleep
We poets are awesome
Words we express are like flowers blossom
We poets are interesting
Advices we give are simply amazing
We poets are philosophical
With our trademark we leave, phenomenal.
*"We rule this world."*
May 2014 · 903
Who am I back in the past?
tian May 2014
I am the boy
Standing in the rain
Wishing they understood

I am the teen
Who thinks he knows it all
And wishing that he could

I am the cutter
With the blade at my skin
Wishing the pain could subside

I am the friend
With all the advice
Wishing to live life

I am the heartbreaker
With the guilt on my shoulder
Wishing she was here to hold me

I am the
The boy,
The teen,
The cutter,
The friend,
The heart-breaker,
Wishing, wanting
To be set free
This is an old poem of mine

— The End —