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Desire May 2019
Married young with lots to learn.
The journey's been both hard and fun.
Spent seasons apart by earthly seas, and
time together, accordingly - in/as one accord
- the ups and downs have pushed us toward,
growth and strength as we move forward;
a blessing its been, we thank you, Lord!
This date has weight. Lets celebrate‼️
Happy Anniversary ❣️
tian Jun 2015
Two years have passed since the ship set sail
Different paths connected to each other, bonds never fail
Memories well treasured, killing any doubts
Distance is just a measure, patience is what counts.

Happy Anniversary to my friend, Km. This is our second anniversary of being friends. Trials come to test our bond, but our strength is too much blessed by our God. Thank you for all Km.
John F McCullagh Jun 2014
He's nobody's hero,
never wanted to be.
Just one of a million
who were sent overseas.
He dropped into France
on a long ago night.
Near Mere St Eglise
where he joined in the fight.
"These are the real heroes"
and he points to the Stones
of his friends and comrades
who never came home.
A comment by an aging Veteran in the American Cemetery  at Colleville-sur-Mer on the 70th Anniversary of the  Normandy landings

— The End —