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Ryan Holden Jun 2017
You talk so lightly
Like fresh air in fog,
You were my vision
Through absolute blindness.

You were the world
That revolved around me,
You made me fill in gaps
That were missing inside.

You made me feel
Like nothing mattered,
When you had me,
If you'll have me.

But you made me crash
In the fog that I tried wandering,
You made the world crumble and fall
Beneath and above these walls.

You made me feel
Like nothing mattered,
But nothing did matter
Anymore when you left.

I'm still shaking and crawling
These walls that disappear
Around my feet and heart,
As I look below I see emptiness.

As I fall into a never ending drop
Of uncertainty I look back up
But hold my arms towards you
So you can catch me as I go.

But you only caught the fingertips,
Of my love.
A poem about feeling like you had somebody, but then you don't.
Jayantee Khare May 2017
Moon behind clouds,
dreams tarnished
fire extinguished
with raining eyes...#10w
tian Mar 2017
All I loved, I loved alone
Going back I've lost my way home
From pain I rise to strengthen my bones
Yet all I loved, I loved alone.
#3 from my album
tian Feb 2015
How I miss that day we first met
I wrote some lines with those rhymes in set
Remember those songs, we song in duet
Phil and Rabiroo, that's our pet
Not gonna lose you, I won't let
A memory, I won't forget
Not gonna stopped by any threat
Starting from low class, a cadet
So much trials, full of sweat
Events, we can't interpret
Being razed by distanced, I won't fret
We'll be together soon, til' our last breath
Not a Romeo and Juliet, there's no death
I express my love here, in this sonnet.
Feb. 10, 15
Love poem to the girl I loved the most
Lynn Greyling Nov 2014
As a passer-by I only watch
across a darkened room,
marvelling at your healing touch
that turns the searing sting
in my burning heart to one
that doesn’t burn as much.

— The End —