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Dec 2015
(Classic music playing, people with masks are dancing)

I was once invited into a fairytale-like occasion
Yes, it's true, it's not a delusion
An event where I can hide my identity
A place of silence, an oasis of serenity
A place where I couldn't recognize faces
But I can hear their distinct tone of voices

Some sits quiet, pretending to be mysterious
Some keep it real, yet they look so serious
People will judge you in the attire you wear
That will give you an uneasy feeling by their intimidating stare
What I wear is a suit colored like the sun
Given and knitted by my lovely oldman

(A man shouts, "this is the moment for the final dance
Grab your partners now for a tremendous performance"

As I roam, I saw someone alone in a room
Wearing a tiara symbolizes the moon
She was in tears, holding a glass of whine
I realized she isn't fine
I walk towards her to offer my hanky
She grab it to wiped her tears then she smiled at me

Oh, she exhibits her glossy red lips
Crossing paths with her feels like eclipse
Her eyes shining bright likes the stars in the galaxy
I'm so in love in this blissful remedy
I can see through the facade and tell she's in distress
I also can feel the sorrowful sensation in my chest

(The emcee shouts again for the last time,
"We'll now be playing the last song in line")

When I heard the emcee, I questioned myself "what to do?"
I told my self, "I'm gonna dance her that's what I need to"
I didn't let anxiety rush in, so I close the doors for it
Final count, And I said in the final minute,

**"You are worth beyond that mask,
Just one dance, that is all I ask"

Written by
tian  M/Philippines
     Samuel Hesed and tian
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