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1.0k · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
Those who find beauty where there is none

Those whose days are never quite done

Those who think with an open mind

The poem writing kind
888 · Jan 2017
She's leaving soon
Inkveined Jan 2017
I close my eyes

And listen to the sound of her voice

And her laugh

And I know, that she's leaving soon

And a different person's coming back
My sister said she'll visit sometimes
777 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
Nestled beneath a cloak of constellations

Cerulean branches sway ominously in unison

Beyond, stands a house shrouded in mystery

Somber silence is heard upon midnight's arrival

Chain of stars encompassing the sky's lunar bell

Quadrilateral stones lead down a worn pathway

Shadows whisper through leaves in the hour of 12
706 · Apr 2017
Inkveined Apr 2017
Have you ever seen
the way a spider
sits so patiently
as it waits
for its next meal?
Or the way
the unsuspecting fly
will lie helplessly
having only its own wings
to blame
as freedom turns into
I rather like dark poems, don't you?
647 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
You said that loved me

But do you love me?

How can you love me when you don't even know me

You only knew me for such a short time

You only knew my pretty side

You didn't know that I can get so difficult

You didn't know that sometimes I get so afraid

You didn't know that I like dancing around by myself

You didn't know that I'm scared of heights

There's so much you didn't know about me

And yet you went and said that word

But, you could only love me if you had met my dark

And I was too afraid to show you anything but light

I was too afraid you'd run away after seeing how bad I get sometimes

I was too afraid you would run away after hearing the things I sometimes say

I was too afraid, too afraid...

You love the mask that I wore, that's what you love

But that's not really me

You're in love with what I pretend to be

Not how I really am

Not the horribly imperfect person that I am

Just the perfect girl I wish I was
634 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
It was killing me
To know
That I meant so little to you
But now
It's killing me
To know
That you know that I cared
629 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
Choosing mind over matter

Following thoughts instead of feelings

When rationality and logical

Triumph over an emotional tempest

You're an intellectual
I might edit this
611 · Jul 2017
Open Letter/poem
Inkveined Jul 2017
Sister that I never met

Do you ever regret

Not knowing me?

Though apart, we're family

Did you think about me, too?

Among all those years we grew

Sister, are you married now?

Our mother's love formed your brow

What you were told was a lie

She never tried to take your life

Our mother made sure you were born

Though your father left her torn

She's always missed you, and your brother

The woman that we all call "mother"

Her love, yes, far from perfect is

But who would be sane

After losing two kids?
Ugliness and beauty coexist in this messed up universe of ours-why are good and bad so often mixed together? I guess, that's in the nature of things. We might have the best intentions and still wind up hurting someone..
599 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
Wide awake, though I was sure I was going to slip into the dark of unconsciousness the moment I reached the mattress

Lying there, I listened to the sound of other people dreaming

My own mind wandering around today, tomorrow, and the unknown

I felt strangely calm, as if knowing somehow that everything I ever worried about, whether it happened or not, was purely irrelevant

Because, whatever tomorrow or the next day may bring, I know I will walk through whatever awaits me

I know I will face joy and pain and that we will laugh and cry and argue, just as we always have

My life is changing, but I will not desperately attempt to keep what is not mine

Some things and some people we are only borrowing for a while

I feel, in my heart, that this is not the end of my reality, just a reality

And I'm perfectly alright with that
597 · Nov 2017
Inkveined Nov 2017
Got my hands tied
Ropes made of pride
Can't say how many times I've tried
No longer counting the lies
Every day, a little more dies
Of the girl who was inside
All my daydreams
That, used to seem
Like they were almost real
Like, I could almost feel
Another life begin
My losses into wins
But, everything I used to think was as it was-

Was just little man-made fairy dust.

And, I can't trust.....

What most people do.
Because, most people don't have a clue
About what's real.
Classics are classics for a reason.
572 · Jan 2017
Ink & Paper
Inkveined Jan 2017
I can tell my secrets to the paper and it won't betray me

I can write my soul into the ink and I won't, misportrayed, be

A strong desire of mine is this:

To meet people like ink and paper is my wish
Wrote this late last year
554 · Jan 2017
I wonder
Inkveined Jan 2017
I wonder if when
He's falling asleep
Through his mind
Pass thoughts of me
Do they remind
Of how things were
How they could still be
Or do they just blur?
520 · Jan 2017
Running backwards
Inkveined Jan 2017
Of course I am angry

I tried my best not to love you

I tried my best to focus on your many flaws

I tried my best not to continuously see past them

I tried my best not to allow the carefully placed ice around my heart to melt

I knew better, I knew better a million times

Than to fall for someone who was always at war with himself

And yet I did

Yet I stupidly, stupidly did

Whatever pain I've felt, I accepted the very moment that I became used to wondering and worrying about you

The very moment I felt my mouth curve up instead of down at your irksome comments

When I began to detest your absence instead of presence

I could not focus on your flaws

I could not stop looking past them

And when I saw that my layers of icy indifference were turning into a puddle

I stood over it, horrified.

But my reflection only smiled back at me.
I have forgiven you for a lot of things, but this.... This I might never forgive you for.
445 · Jan 2017
I wish it hadn't happened
Inkveined Jan 2017
I remember standing there

I remember that you laughed at me

At my body

And... I remember, that, later, I tried to claw at my skin, wishing I could tear it off

But I only managed to leave bright red marks as a sign of my failure to change my appearance to your liking.
And people wonder why I'm self conscious
435 · Jan 2017
Sad thoughts
Inkveined Jan 2017
It will never be me that he chooses
It will never be me that he wants
That's why I left
Because I couldn't take it anymore
Knowing he had so much of my heart
And I had so little of his....
435 · Jan 2017
Twisted Fairytales: 1
Inkveined Jan 2017
My mother warned me to stay away from the big bad wolf, years ago.

I thought it was very strange but promptly forgot about it.

Until the other night when you told me that you were very wolf-like.

But the big bad wolf didn't come to my door saying he wanted to devour my heart.

He knocked first.
424 · Jul 2017
Inkveined Jul 2017
I should hate you
I should want to destroy you
Like you destroyed me
I should want to **** you
One day at a time
Like you killed me
I should want to
Forget every moment
Every millisecond
Since our lives intertwined
But I don't hate you
But I don't want to destroy you
But I don't want to **** you
But I don't want to forget
I want to keep the scars
So that I can trace them
So that
Whenever it's tempting
To throw myself
At someone else's feet
Begging for affection
For love
I'll close my eyes
And quietly remember
Every time that I felt worthless
Every time that I felt ashamed
Just for being me
All because
I wasn't good enough
All because
Someone else was better
All because
You cared more about your future
Than about our present
And I will make sure
That you are the only one
Who gets to say
I slammed the door in her face
Shoved her aside
Kicked her away
And she let me.
In other words, old news-ancient. And it wasn't worth it. -from my archives-
414 · Jan 2017
The Sad Reality
Inkveined Jan 2017
And they all think I'm stupid

They don't say it, but, I know they do

I know they do

And gosh, I am

*I am
388 · Jul 2017
Bad Idea
Inkveined Jul 2017
It was a bad idea
Saying hi to you
It was a bad idea
Not walking right away
The very minute you said
I had a lot of baggage
So very offhandedly
It was a bad idea
Sticking around when
You told me things that
Would make me feel worthless
It was a bad idea
Forgiving you
Because maybe I deserved it anyway
It was a bad idea
When I put some distance between us
Only to close it once again
It was a bad idea
When I let you
Apologize to me
For hurting me so many times
When I let you
Try to make amends
It was a bad idea
When I began let my heart soften
Just enough to
Be able to feel once again
My face brighten
At the mere mention of your name
It was a bad idea
Laughing and smiling
At the things you said
It was a bad idea
Looking past all your flaws
And wanting to be there for you
It was a bad idea
Letting you be there for me
It was a bad idea
Doing the practical thing
It was a bad idea
Trying to prove myself
That I really wasn't special at all
It was a bad idea
Finding out that I wasn't after all
And not confronting you about it
It was a bad idea
Pretending like I didn't know
About all those other girls
It was a bad idea
Grow within myself
It was a bad idea
Finally telling you how I felt
It was a bad idea
Allowing myself to think
That maybe
You were a good one.
Written back in January. I'm gonna disappear for a while again.....toodles.
388 · Jan 2017
Love poem to Love Poems
Inkveined Jan 2017
Expressed so beautifully

The dance between two souls

Eternal moments

Being able to see forever

Knowing it's not enough

Finding your other half

Old fears melting away

There is only love here
I really like reading love poems and thought it'd be nice to write something romantic.
381 · Jul 2017
Dark Mood
Inkveined Jul 2017
I reached for it again earlier
Even though I told myself that I wouldn't
And I held it close to my skin
Sat there, staring down at the contrast
Before putting it away again
I always tell myself
It doesn't matter to me if I have scars
But then I think
It will matter to someone else
And I don't want to have to explain
Line after line
I'm not good at talking
Yes, this is about cutting. But it was a long time ago. And I didn't do it.
365 · Jan 2017
It's spring again
Inkveined Jan 2017
I remember when you looked at me
And we both froze in time
I remember when I saw the sea
Trapped within your eyes
337 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
How painful it is
Loving someone
Who only sees you as
Just another girl
That he gets to say
Fell for him
Just another heart
That he claimed
Beyond my poetic ability
To express.
I'm not even good enough to express how I'm not good enough.
333 · Nov 2017
Prose poem
Inkveined Nov 2017
I read once somewhere that putting your hands under cold water will take away the desire to commit suicide and I don't know how many times I've run to the taps in my house and turned the faucet on full blast just because I needed relief ASAP. It's 2017 and I can hardly believes it even though there's only one month left in the year and my favorite color is black again like my undeniably exotic hair. I don't like being exotic but I have no choice but to accept the label. The sunshine here feels sweeter than it did on the edge of swamplands filled with alligators and frogs that might become someone's dinner. Here, people wouldn't be caught dead eating half the stuff on the menu where we were just two short years ago. Two years used to feel like a long time, but now it feels like an instant. I thought I would never grow up but then I started seeing my mother in the bathroom mirror and the little girl I used to see went away. Autumn will always be my favorite season, I'm sure. It's the most poetic one, and anyone who wants to challenge that is free to but I feel that it is. I'm going from bilingual to trilingual slowly but surely and I have good reason to never want to speak any language again but I won't let a guy take that from me. Not languages. I'm the kind of girl who can write an essay in a day and get an A on it but I'm also the kind that occasionally chases squirrels and cats and other small fuzzy creatures and forgets about everything else so you can make what you want of that. It's probably a miracle this hasn't gotten me in trouble yet. It's drizzling lightly and I'm wrapped in a hand-me-down that I'm not handing back up again. This warm shawl is mine, and any returns will be Borrowing. I never thought I would get used to the sound of anger but I never thought a lot of things would happen like they did. Humans don't know anything. Our knowledge is an illusion and it's going to shatter one day, like all illusions do but we like to have control, right? I don't even have to ask. I don't even have to know you to know that. It's just instinctual. Nobody really knows anything about tomorrow-we can plan, we can plan.... But it's not in our hands. It's amazing when someone you had forgotten remembers you but it's even better when you forget someone you didn't want to remember. I drift between remembering and not- the pain I once thought was needless had a method to it, and our ups and downs were curated with love. When I say our, I don't mean one or two people. I mean our. That word is collective. I don't believe someone like someone I don't know and won't mention could be like they attempt to, but I said I wouldn't say anything and I won't. I'd rather listen to rain, anyway. Ten years from now- I won't mention you either-because I am glad to be away from those chains of expectation and disappointment. And, because I owe it to myself to say It's alright. I can walk without crutches.
This is my first official attempt so cut me some slack.
332 · Jan 2017
It wasn't nothing
Inkveined Jan 2017
Don't tell me it was nothing
When you knocked down my walls
Warmed my heart with kindness
And left me here
*To fall
329 · Jan 2017
Between us
Inkveined Jan 2017
These are the pictures that can't be seen

Of when we snuck out to the library

These are our secret memories

Some, things, hidden, they must be
Might as well focus on the silver lining
326 · Jan 2017
A Dialogue
Inkveined Jan 2017
"The fumes alone could **** you," is what he told me in response to my joke gone wrong.

"Oh really?" I said. "That explains a lot."

Maybe that's why it smelled so pretty.
Don't sniff Clorox if you want to live
322 · Jan 2017
What if?
Inkveined Jan 2017
What if life is just one perpetual heartbreak?
No, really
312 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
So, here's the thing about lies
You tell and tell and tell them
And at first you flinch
At first, you don't want to
Lying pains your heart
But then you get used to it
You get used to the sound of
Half truths and warped words
And then, eventually
You can't tell the difference
Between what's real and what's not
And I wonder, if maybe
Reality is an illusion
Just some thoughts
312 · Feb 2017
Inkveined Feb 2017
Hey guys I'm going to be leaving hellopoetry for a while, it's a nice website but I have a lot of stuff going on and I need a break.

Try to be understanding, and keep being amazing.
312 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
But we will only

Ever be together in

My endless daydreams
307 · Sep 2017
Give me poetry
Inkveined Sep 2017
Give me poetry to wake up to

Let it echo in my ears

Give me poetry when I am blue

So I can face my fears

Give me poetry when things are good

Translate the misunderstood

Give me poetry as your heart breaks

Words can have fangs like a snake

Give me poetry, I say!

Let the lines mark the days

Give me poetry to love

Without it, I'm a mismatched glove
Am I interrupting nap-time?
305 · Jan 2017
Believe me, I know
Inkveined Jan 2017
I know it doesn't mean I'm crazy

Although, at times I have called myself insane

I know it just means that I feel things more deeply than most people

My emotions are magnified and I'd like to stop running away
297 · Jan 2017
Time changes things
Inkveined Jan 2017
If you would've told me
A year or two ago
That I'd be a poet
An avid, passionate one
That I'd write every day
In some way or another
I would have looked at you
And laughed
In disbelief
296 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
Don't listen to the voices, climb
Forget about old choices, climb
So what if it seems pointless, climb
Hoist a flag upon the mountain
Where you're done with struggling
Against yourself to start punching
Back, when
Life begins to push you around
Hard work's a crown
That may seem somewhat heavy but
You can turn depression upside down
Start gathering smiles from your frowns
Everything might be going wrong
But, cheer up!
Have the courage to stay strong
Step right past the emotional quicksand
Get yourself off the floor, and take a stand
Not a suggestion, a command
Because, once you do
You'll forget about feeling blue
293 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
I suppose it was inevitable.

The fact that we would meet.

The fact that I would expect warm sunshine where there was a storm brewing.

The fact that I tried my best to convince myself that I wasn't going to fall when I already had.

The fact that I ignored the alarms ringing through my mind and pretended that they were just music.
And when I finally got dragged back to reality after having lost the argument.
280 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
There is a knife in my hand
And I could use it-
To **** the beast inside of you
But I won't
I have to protect the human
280 · Jan 2017
8:30ish maybe
Inkveined Jan 2017
I'm sitting here eating peanut butter straight out of the jar

Thinking about how we talked the other night

How I couldn't stop laughing and how you teased me for being short

How I got offended and called you a giraffe hybrid but couldn't stop laughing

How you said I sounded like a 9 year old and I couldn't even pretend to be angry

How I thought the fact that you wrote about vultures was hilarious and how we both stayed up talking far longer than we were planning to

How when I insisted I wasn't interested for 2 hours, you insisted back for that long

How I fell asleep smiling and thinking that maybe my life was getting better after all

How I was embarrassed the next morning and pretended like it had just been a crazy shared dream, like the kind in Inception

And how you told me it was only going awkward if I let it be so
Now, if only you weren't obsessed with cheese
275 · Jan 2017
Inkveined Jan 2017
So, who are you?

What are you like?

Who is the last person you cried over?
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