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Inkveined Jan 2017
You were kind to me
You were there for me
You listened to me
And I tried so hard
To be there for you
But I failed
I failed
I failed
I failed
From earlier
Inkveined Jan 2017
I'm sitting here eating peanut butter straight out of the jar

Thinking about how we talked the other night

How I couldn't stop laughing and how you teased me for being short

How I got offended and called you a giraffe hybrid but couldn't stop laughing

How you said I sounded like a 9 year old and I couldn't even pretend to be angry

How I thought the fact that you wrote about vultures was hilarious and how we both stayed up talking far longer than we were planning to

How when I insisted I wasn't interested for 2 hours, you insisted back for that long

How I fell asleep smiling and thinking that maybe my life was getting better after all

How I was embarrassed the next morning and pretended like it had just been a crazy shared dream, like the kind in Inception

And how you told me it was only going awkward if I let it be so
Now, if only you weren't obsessed with cheese
Inkveined Jan 2017
We both met when we were kids
Try our best is what we did
But your best did not match mine
As we, too soon, came to find
Inkveined Jan 2017
Wide awake, though I was sure I was going to slip into the dark of unconsciousness the moment I reached the mattress

Lying there, I listened to the sound of other people dreaming

My own mind wandering around today, tomorrow, and the unknown

I felt strangely calm, as if knowing somehow that everything I ever worried about, whether it happened or not, was purely irrelevant

Because, whatever tomorrow or the next day may bring, I know I will walk through whatever awaits me

I know I will face joy and pain and that we will laugh and cry and argue, just as we always have

My life is changing, but I will not desperately attempt to keep what is not mine

Some things and some people we are only borrowing for a while

I feel, in my heart, that this is not the end of my reality, just a reality

And I'm perfectly alright with that
Inkveined Jan 2017
"The fumes alone could **** you," is what he told me in response to my joke gone wrong.

"Oh really?" I said. "That explains a lot."

Maybe that's why it smelled so pretty.
Don't sniff Clorox if you want to live
Inkveined Jan 2017
He was always the kind of guy
That would hold you when you'd cry
But sometimes he'd be the reason
Your eyes were in rainy season
He was always the kind of guy
That'd make all the girls sigh
But his words contained lies
He was always the kind of guy
I could never truly define.
Inkveined Feb 2017
Hey guys I'm going to be leaving hellopoetry for a while, it's a nice website but I have a lot of stuff going on and I need a break.

Try to be understanding, and keep being amazing.
Inkveined Jan 2017
Everything happens for a reason
But sometimes the reason is:

You needed to learn something new


You needed to be reminded of something

And the only way was by getting ripped up into tiny little pieces and wondering if, perhaps, the local crafts store has enough super glue to be able to hold all of your shattered hopes and dreams in place.
Inkveined Jan 2017
No appetite
Stayed up all night
No appetite
No appetite
No appetite
What's the matter with me?
Inkveined Jan 2017
My friend

You've been my friend for a while

Your comments make me smile

Although at times they're disturbing

Otherwise, it'd be unnerving

For then, you, you wouldn't be

But I'm still hesitant, Cory
He asked me to make him a poem..Again.
Inkveined Jan 2017
I'm sorry you fell in love with fiction
Inkveined Jan 2017
Smear the ink that spills from the wounds you left me with
Across my canvas, suddenly, I'm considered an artist
Kudos to me for writing about all my heartaches and heartbreaks
It's my only relief from breathing in tainted oxygen
Lungs half filled with other people's *******
I'm going to be a ballerina when I grow up, I used to say
Instead, I find, my talent lies in laying my emotions out for display
What I always dreaded I would become, I became
Just another poet, writing tirelessly about pain
I don't feel this way anymore. Written in the fall.
Inkveined Jul 2017
It was a bad idea
Saying hi to you
It was a bad idea
Not walking right away
The very minute you said
I had a lot of baggage
So very offhandedly
It was a bad idea
Sticking around when
You told me things that
Would make me feel worthless
It was a bad idea
Forgiving you
Because maybe I deserved it anyway
It was a bad idea
When I put some distance between us
Only to close it once again
It was a bad idea
When I let you
Apologize to me
For hurting me so many times
When I let you
Try to make amends
It was a bad idea
When I began let my heart soften
Just enough to
Be able to feel once again
My face brighten
At the mere mention of your name
It was a bad idea
Laughing and smiling
At the things you said
It was a bad idea
Looking past all your flaws
And wanting to be there for you
It was a bad idea
Letting you be there for me
It was a bad idea
Doing the practical thing
It was a bad idea
Trying to prove myself
That I really wasn't special at all
It was a bad idea
Finding out that I wasn't after all
And not confronting you about it
It was a bad idea
Pretending like I didn't know
About all those other girls
It was a bad idea
Grow within myself
It was a bad idea
Finally telling you how I felt
It was a bad idea
Allowing myself to think
That maybe
You were a good one.
Written back in January. I'm gonna disappear for a while again.....toodles.
Inkveined Jan 2017
Before you go, spend time with me
Let's create more memories
Before you go, let's make amends
For often our emotions bend
Before you leave, just share yourself
My soul longs for no one else
Inkveined Jan 2017
I know it doesn't mean I'm crazy

Although, at times I have called myself insane

I know it just means that I feel things more deeply than most people

My emotions are magnified and I'd like to stop running away
Inkveined Jan 2017
These are the pictures that can't be seen

Of when we snuck out to the library

These are our secret memories

Some, things, hidden, they must be
Might as well focus on the silver lining
Inkveined Jan 2017
Nestled beneath a cloak of constellations

Cerulean branches sway ominously in unison

Beyond, stands a house shrouded in mystery

Somber silence is heard upon midnight's arrival

Chain of stars encompassing the sky's lunar bell

Quadrilateral stones lead down a worn pathway

Shadows whisper through leaves in the hour of 12
Inkveined Jan 2017
He lit up matches

That engulfed my heart with fire

Leaving only ash
Inkveined Jan 2017
I hesitate for a moment
This is how my mother must have felt
When she was a girl and there were wars
Going on and she would sit in the darkness
Only being able to hear the sound of death
Yes, I think I can survive this
Like she survived that
Inkveined Jan 2017
Don't listen to the voices, climb
Forget about old choices, climb
So what if it seems pointless, climb
Hoist a flag upon the mountain
Where you're done with struggling
Against yourself to start punching
Back, when
Life begins to push you around
Hard work's a crown
That may seem somewhat heavy but
You can turn depression upside down
Start gathering smiles from your frowns
Everything might be going wrong
But, cheer up!
Have the courage to stay strong
Step right past the emotional quicksand
Get yourself off the floor, and take a stand
Not a suggestion, a command
Because, once you do
You'll forget about feeling blue
Inkveined Jan 2017
It's just the same as it's always been

We both roll our eyes and laugh and sigh

Each stuck in our own thoughts

In our own lives, which just happened to intersect

Was it by chance? Oh but you know I don't believe in that

Your laugh could only be brought to my ears by fate

I wonder if we'll still talk like this years from now

Silently, I think about my life before you and how I never knew what I was missing until I found it

Please don't let this fade away with all the things that have

You're the only one who truly understands the days my heart cries and the days I can't help but burst into song

Precious person, you don't know how dear you are to me

This is what true friendship means, through the good and bad

Whether happy or sad

Even if we get mad sometimes, I will never say goodbye to the one who's been there for me through the worst of myself

How did I ever live without you? No wonder I have been miserable

So much was missing from my life
Inkveined Jan 2017
I write about you to remember

I write about you to forget
Inkveined Jan 2017
So, who are you?

What are you like?

Who is the last person you cried over?
Inkveined Jan 2017
There is thunder in my heart
Inkveined Jul 2017
I reached for it again earlier
Even though I told myself that I wouldn't
And I held it close to my skin
Sat there, staring down at the contrast
Before putting it away again
I always tell myself
It doesn't matter to me if I have scars
But then I think
It will matter to someone else
And I don't want to have to explain
Line after line
I'm not good at talking
Yes, this is about cutting. But it was a long time ago. And I didn't do it.
Inkveined Jan 2017
But we will only

Ever be together in

My endless daydreams
Inkveined Apr 2017
I've had a lot to deal with, but that's just life
Gotta learn to roll with the punches
I don't expect that I was very missed, as talent is overabundant here and, well, I consider my writing to still need a lot of refining. I did not expect to return so quickly (some of you might say two months is a long time but it depends who you're asking) but, well....I missed writing. I still wrote, of course, but I felt rather odd and sad at just scribbling things in notebooks only to collect dust later. If even one person finds one of my poems enjoyable, then it was worth posting. I am. I apologize for the sudden spam, I just...I needed to get some things out. You know how it is. You all do. I apologize for the language used in a few of my recent ones but I have always had a problem with keeping my vocab clean. HelloPoetry is a lovely website, and being able to contribute to the poems here is an honor. I did and do still feel that. It's good to be back, HP. Although, I will mostly just write and post poems and do minimal socializing, as..well, midterms are quite time consuming and finals are approaching as well.
Inkveined Jan 2017
It was killing me
To know
That I meant so little to you
But now
It's killing me
To know
That you know that I cared
Inkveined Jan 2017
Did you ever go too far into the past
Listening to your endless curiosity
Allowing your doubts to urge you on
Turning round yet another and another corridor
Exploring chapters from the life of someone else
Tiptoeing across
Forgotten memories collecting dust
Breathing in silence
Once filled with
Voices and laughter
Now hushed
With a quiet and dull pain
Of what no longer is?
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