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Life dies for life,
It keeps us alive.
Keeps the circle rotating.
Johnny walker Apr 23
If I could see you now just to tell
you how much I love you still
to see you one more time for you
I truly
For you passed on before I had the
time, If just one more time I could see
you tell you how much I miss you
If I could hold you one last time to
again for a moment make you mine
just as In life to spend my last bit of
If I could see your smile one last time
one last time before I die for a brief moment again to make you
If one time I could hear the sound of
your laughter echoing around of the
walls of this house that we once shared
twenty years
If could hold her now, If I could see her one more time before I die I die a happy man
Dominic Lees Apr 12
We have very little time on Earth
to write.

Keep it brief.
Jenna Mar 14
Cars passing by,
Who are you and who am I?
With every fleeting glance
Always wondering if we had a chance
The wind blows one way
It was only a windy day
Either way we were sent adrift
Your brief smile a precious gift
Are we perfect because there's no forever,
We can't learn to hate ourselves together.
Inside and outside show the same,
Love lust, quick release, just a game.
There is nothing there that we could cover,
No feelings that we smothered.
If it's not love then it can't hurt,
Climbing into bed without a word.

Slowing down would mean boredom,
So we're left with no time to find the problem.
The role of both a lover and friend,
A candle wick rope lit at either end.
Now, alone with time to dwell,
The idea doesn't sit quite so well.
A memory can't help the mending.
Short and sweet always has an ending.

Are you just my fixation?
A figment of some sweet imagination?
If I picked your life apart
To see what I could have known from the start,
Would I find myself happy
In the face of a reality?
Or sad? As, broken at the seams,
I see the remnants of my tentative dream.
IncholPoem Jan 13
Brief and  Brilliant

A  cow  is brief.
A  crow  is  brief.
A Que   is  brief.
A  question  is  brief.

But  cow  is not  brilliant;
crow is  brilliant.

Que is  not  brilliant.
Que   maker  and  breaker
two's  are  brilliant.

Question is  not
answer  and  replies  are
Arun  Artificial  intelligence
theodosia Dec 2018
your smile with him said so many words,
yet telling me
i wasn't enough for you.
we stayed as friends, but its okay i moved on pretty quick haha ! (:
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