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Mar 22 · 184
If I Die
JK Cabresos Mar 22
If I die, tonight
don't cry,
pick the petals off a rose
and throw the thorns
at my doorstep
with your lies,
how could you tell them
I was important
to you,
when you were not there
when I needed
you the most?

If I die, tomorrow
don't follow,
this is my way
of giving up to the world
that has already
given up to me,
how could you show
those tears,
when you were not there
when I tried to resist
the fears?

If I die, yesterday
don't believe,
I have already died
a thousand times
before you knew
this cold flesh
is in my grave,
how could you find
solace in memories,
when you left me
in the church today?
Copyright © 2019
Mar 11 · 211
Writer's Block
JK Cabresos Mar 11
Words are trapped
in the unfathomable
depth of this mind.

Solitude then came
along this pale
moonlit night.

Ink of this pen
could no longer
unfold its mysteries.

Hope to find peace
on the funeral
of my poetry.
Copyright © 2019
Mar 8 · 255
Unique Feeling
JK Cabresos Mar 8
A thousand feelings
but there is only one
unique feeling for you,
like the flowers
blossom after
a cold rainy night,
like the perfect
scenery of the moon
waning the tides.
Copyright © 2019
Mar 2 · 504
JK Cabresos Mar 2
it is so unfair
how the sky
is always beautiful
while my heart
is in pain
Copyright © 2019
Jan 31 · 130
JK Cabresos Jan 31
The rain caught us
in the middle
of flickering streetlights
in this town,
a dark cold
night walk with you,
we stopped
in a small mart
to grabbed a *****
and talked about
the future,
you smiled
at me,
you rubbed
your warm hands
against my face,
and tears started
to fall.
Copyright © 2019
Jan 27 · 231
JK Cabresos Jan 27
Who would have thought
we will meet in the horizon
of apocalyptic sunsets
painted in the sky?

Who would have thought
we will find each other's path
in the midst of the woods
of lonely eyes?

Who would have thought
our dream of once happiness
will be of walking together
holding hands?

Who would have thought
of this love so beautiful
could drown the pain
into the deepest ocean?
Copyright © 2019
Jan 26 · 207
Love You
JK Cabresos Jan 26
You can postpone
anything but not love,
you can escape
the shadows
of your solitude
but not love,
and I chose
to love you,
I will love you
as long as I can.
Jan 16 · 196
JK Cabresos Jan 16
The remnants of the past
can be so addictive
like the moon waning the tides,
and you, alone in dark places
with painful stories,
longing to walk by the shore,
to feel the warm embrace
of the breeze,
to listen the melancholic sound
of the waves
until the dawning light
appears before your eyes,
to find an escape
for you are caught in the middle
of the ocean and the sky.
Copyright © 2019
Jan 15 · 293
Wrong Feels Right
JK Cabresos Jan 15
Every moment
when I unclip your bra,
the wrong
feels wonderfully right,
the beautiful scenery
of your body,
perfectly naked,
turned me to start
kissing and sniffing
your neck.
Copyright © 2019
Jan 12 · 117
JK Cabresos Jan 12
You pulled me closer
to your life,
you showed me the world
of wha­t it looks like
with you in my arms,
you made me believed
for a m­oment
that I could only see
in my dreams,
then all of a sudden
yo­u asked for space.
Copyright © 2019
Dec 2018 · 161
Hopeless Heart
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
You were once mine.
You were a dream
then a reality,
now just a memory.
I accept it,
even it's hard to do,
but I have to let you go,
to let you see the world
without me,
to let me find
the missing piece of this heart,
that I thought I found in you
Copyright © 2018
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
is the antagonist
of our story,
but it makes me
miss you even more
than usual,
it hurts so bad
that I would
travel the universe
just to see you.
Copyright © 2018
Dec 2018 · 5.0k
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
Love is not blind,
but he who did not see your worth.
Copyright © 2018
Dec 2018 · 272
Scares Me Not Death
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
Scares me not death
but living an empty world
chaos beyond control.

Scares me not death
but when a true love ends
afraid of trying again.
Copyright © 2018
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
She cut
her arm
lonely blades
to feel
the nectar
of pain
her heart
then hide
the scars
to look
perfect again.
Sometimes, self-harm will suffice for all the pain. But please talk to a friend. Seek for help. You cannot fight depression alone.

Copyright © 2018
Dec 2018 · 220
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
When you say
"Believe me",
I doubt.
You already said it
a hundred times now.
Why would I still
trust you,
when "believe" itself
has "lie" in it?
Copyright © 2018
Dec 2018 · 251
Take A Risk To Love Again
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
Take a chance on me
I'll show you respect
and love,
the beauty
of the azure skies,
you're still worth
figthing for,
hold my hands
and we'll turn
sad memories
into butterflies.

Take a risk on me
I'll be the remedy
to your pain,
the silence
of a moonlit evening,
you're still worth
the wait,
for all changes
are in chaos
and now he's gone,
you'll realize
you've chosen
the wrong one.
Copyright © 2018
Dec 2018 · 108
Treasure Hunt
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
The map
that contain us
is hidden in the book
waiting to grow
its wings.
Copyright  © 2018
Nov 2018 · 648
JK Cabresos Nov 2018
Two shadows
walk at ten,
different stories
to tell;
while one
falls in love,
the other pretends.
Copyright  © 2018
Nov 2018 · 275
Two Shadows
JK Cabresos Nov 2018
Two shadows
walked at nine,
loud voices
of deafening fight,
one stopped
and bid goodbye,
the other
left with lies.
Copyright  © 2018
Nov 2018 · 135
Back To Strangers
JK Cabresos Nov 2018
"Back To Strangers"

You were once skeptical
about love,
trying to find evidence
to a belief
that someone will show you
that it still exists.

You’ve been hurt
and still learning
how to smile again,
you wandered the woods
and lost,
you were once brave enough
to face everything
but now a coward,
for those moments
you supposed to treasure
only caused you pain.

It was too late to save us,
now we’re back to strangers,
thinking when I told you
that I will protect you
from them,
someone should have protected
you from me.
Copyright  © 2018
Sep 2018 · 211
JK Cabresos Sep 2018
you are
the gravity
in my world,
and i
will always
Copyright © 2018
Sep 2018 · 2.8k
lunar eclipse
JK Cabresos Sep 2018
your love
is like
the shadow
the moon,
it grows
Copyright © 2018
Jul 2018 · 325
ghost of her
JK Cabresos Jul 2018
were you in love
with the feeling,
or with the person
you were trying
to become

you were disappointed
a hundred times,
hurting her

maybe you were just
by your expectations,
turned you
into holding on
to a ghost
Copyright ©2018
Jul 2018 · 274
I Would Take A Lip
JK Cabresos Jul 2018
I would take a lip,
you are worth
a thousand kisses.
I would take a hug,
I feel safe
between your arms.

I would take a lip,
longing the warmth
when it touches mine.
I would take a bite,
even every word
cuts like a knife.

I would take a lip,
you are worth
a thousand lifetimes.
I would if you let me to,
the world may change,
but I will never let go.
Copyright © 2018
Apr 2018 · 319
Risk for Love
JK Cabresos Apr 2018
You might think
falling in love
is a scary experience–

that will make you
to show your feelings
and will only leave you

Love is worth
the risk–
do not be afraid
to love someone
who makes you
happy and vulnerable.
JK Cabresos Jan 2018
It’s easy to break
a loving heart,

perfect love
in ruins and scars,

he walked away
from her loving arms.

It’s easy to break
a loving heart,

perfect melancholy
of honeyed cries,

she’s a victim
of a troubled mind.

It’s easy to break
a loving heart,

perfect smiles
lost in wilderness,

once broken
it can’t be replaced.
Dec 2017 · 1.3k
JK Cabresos Dec 2017
You are
a firefly sparkling
in the night
of my solitude,
dancing on the trees
giving vistas of freedom
for my words
trapped in silence.

You are
a perfect melody
of longing
my heart succumbed
its deepest desires,
of a nightmare
to be a sweet dream.

You are
a beautiful cloud
after a sudden rain,
your smiles
are the shades
of a rainbow
on a whimsical day,
you are now
an inch from me
but still
a universe away.
Dec 2017 · 1.1k
JK Cabresos Dec 2017
Maybe the spaces
between our fingers
doesn't fit perfectly
Maybe it's better
to hear lies
than the truth.

Maybe our hearts
are now out of sync,
Maybe the love
we tried to mend
only caused us pain.

Maybe memories
are better be buried,
Maybe it's better
to forget
the future we built.

Maybe your lips
are tired being stuck
on mine,
Maybe your arms
just want to hold
someone else’s spine.

Maybe a 'goodbye'
is just a different
kind of saying 'hello',
Maybe it's time
for us
to let go.
Copyright © 2017
Dec 2017 · 455
JK Cabresos Dec 2017
Lonely waters,
I tried to understand —
river flows in your eyes.
Truth be told,
I was another victim
of your lies.

can be beautiful
and profound.
It wasn’t me
who chose darkness —
the other way around.
Oct 2017 · 1.4k
True Friends (10W)
JK Cabresos Oct 2017
They said
it will be
but they
all left.
true fri(ENDS)
Oct 2017 · 496
JK Cabresos Oct 2017
Let's not make the blue flame
We'll keep the night burning
with our lies.
You fake your cries,
I fake my smiles.
Sep 2017 · 504
JK Cabresos Sep 2017
Why every single time
I am with you,
my heart trembles,
my arms
wanting to hug you tight
and my lips
desire to kiss you
so softly,
that slowly
kills me inside?

The more
we talk,
the more
I fall in love.
Sep 2017 · 581
Imperfect Poetry
JK Cabresos Sep 2017
You are not
a perfect love poem,
you are full of flaws
and mysteries,
words often rhyme,
often not,
enticing words
are written —
still not enough.

You are
an imperfect
love poem
of an
imperfect poet.

Yet you may not be
a perfect poetry,
still my ink
stained you
with love,
you —
you are perfect
for me.
Sep 2017 · 476
Lip Bite
JK Cabresos Sep 2017
The moon illumined
the night,
perfect scenery
for two hearts
to fiery emotions,
burning blood
all over our bodies,
our knees trembled.
The silhoutted stairs
are so quite,
I could hear your
whisper of longing,
I grabbed your hands,
and pressed my lips
against yours.
You devoured it.
My lips are yours.
I am yours.
Jul 2017 · 971
Worst Heartbreak
JK Cabresos Jul 2017
It's not from first or last,
or memories of pain from past.
It's when you can love again,
but you just chose not to.
When you think attraction slowly fades,
worst heartbreak is feelings left unsaid.
© 2017
Jun 2017 · 1.3k
Defense Mechanism
JK Cabresos Jun 2017
In a tranquil night,
     soft rain
     began to fall;
     I, struck
     by your lightning,
     compelled to build
     defenses around
     my heart.

I'd rather be in distance
     than to succumb
     to your charms;
     the rain
     was just a drizzle
     like my feelings,
     if I'll tell you,
     all of a sudden —
     our story will end.
Copyright © 2017
JK Cabresos Mar 2017
Farewell to the woman
I still love,
we’re perfect
until we’re not.

Farewell to the woman
who held my heart,
we’re meant to be together
only to be apart.

Farewell to the woman
I built the future with,
just to wake up one day
to be a part of once past.

Farewell to the woman
I still love,
our different priorities
left only an illusion of us.

Farewell to the woman,
my best friend,
our eyes met
only to be strangers again.

Farewell to the woman
of my memorable years,
our sweetest smiles
suddenly turned into tears.

Farewell to the woman
I still love,
we’re forever
until we’re not.
Dec 2016 · 523
Beneath the Moonlight
JK Cabresos Dec 2016
I complicated your life
with these feelings,
and it's hard to accept
of you being untroubled
with my absence.

I was finding possible ways
to fix every broken word,
but every broken road
lead to me to a conclusion:
love is a luxury
we just can't afford,

You're still beautiful,
beneath the moonlight,
drawn by the clouds,
and I can't be jealous of
seeing you with him,
holding you closer
than I was with you before.
Sep 2016 · 681
Escapade (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
Let's escape from reality
where sorrow and hatred
are pleasure.
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
Ink bled with mysteries,
poet engraved this paper
with verses.
Sep 2016 · 650
Sexism (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
Women and men are equal.
The mysteries
and the explorers.
Sep 2016 · 13.3k
Time (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
Imaginary friend,
indefinite existence of events,
hoping to be reversible.
Sep 2016 · 1.6k
Bridesmaid (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
She was waiting
to be kissed,
she was the bridesmaid.
Sep 2016 · 571
Divided World (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
The world is not divided
by borders
but by religions.
Sep 2016 · 7.2k
Penned Words (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
Alone in the room,
my hands are stained
with poetry.
Sep 2016 · 716
She (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
She's both fire and ice
and she's everything
I desire.
Sep 2016 · 526
Love & Respect (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
Never measure love with virginity,
true love
is accepting flaws.
Sep 2016 · 735
Streets (10W)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
A home for broken dreams,
painted with memories
and regrets.
Sep 2016 · 776
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
The sound of silence
Could not compare to what
I imagine, without you.
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