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Cause time folds
Like the skin
Beneath your eyes
I said I'd
Never lie
But I grow old

I grow old
Yeah I said
I'd never die
But the truth
Is that we all
Turn back
To stone

Medusa's eyes
I've been hypnotized
She's sitting
On Her

And now I'm back
To where I started
I think
I'm all

Buried in the quick sand
That's falls up from above

I lose my sense of innocence
But they'll never take my love

This world
Can turn right
Upside down

But they
Won't cactch us
With a frown
Well hang around like bats
Spy on them like cats

Remembering that
Tim folds


When ATLAS Shrugged

Upside down

Down who will
Be on top
Part of
A Song
I think?
lenore Jul 9
it's raining again.
medusa's let down her hair:
strands of raindrops
poison on armour.
Allan Mzyece Jun 11
I placed Medusa's eyes in my camera
And now I turn people into stone with a flash,
Now they are just memories stuck in my past.
Sim Apr 1
punished by Heavens to charm and destroy,
everything she glazes upon turns to stone.
she wonders restlessly from home to home
but when he crawls back in the dead of night
her poisoned heart becomes only a bone.
“The love betweenness^ a mother and her son”
when it’s healthy strong and ancient,
like this, is for me, and it seems,
for you as well, almost a supernatural force in certain ways.
I know many other women who understand this.
It’s been probably the best surprise of my life.” Medusa

sometime, a poem commission needs a quiet time rumination,
a seventh inning time out to birth a perfect game,
a mental stretch mark,
did your know your commentation was a commandation,
write me up, punch my ticket and jump back into murky waters,
where a hu-man boy child only gifted me a tertiary imagination, comprehensive incomprehension

this look upon differing and different, parenting parts of me,
with the bright den mother’s sun gazing eyes of a new motherland,
promotion to an incessant guardianship,
an ordered mathematical centrality,^
a forever buck private’s uniform shoulder stripe pointing to mom

maternal rhymes with eternal

for children go off and go on about their lives,
occasionally glancing backwards,
but a mother’s eyes are an all encompassing, an all white canvass painting that the artist continue-ously slyly forward refreshes,
forever white repainted with each perpetual glancing thought added

this mother woke, sensing her make-male creation
is a gender separate separation,
a mystery needing learning, genes requiring a crisper adult education, a breast refilling is a sharing, eye to eye,  
****** to mouth, transferring a transformation,
between a new meaningful, an analogy of understanding that
swims in both directions, across a uniting natural division that unites,  better called an open boundary

daughters are different but the insanity~same,
a poem for another day

a supernatural surprise that occurs daily,
that you rightly appel it, as ancient  is correctly unsurprising
for the knowledge is in every cell recorded, time immemorial

my insufficient words
can’t explain this
dotted line division,
only that, I too am a student driver mother,
my son, a teacher,  a natural scholar,
the understanding we shared is instantaneous and confusing,
as we go back and forth together,
travellers tween the dotted line spaces,
absorbing his milky ways,
informations that were not obviously ****** in me, or if they were,
awaited this suckling’s coronation and education, invitation

our differences are not a true division,
but a new manner of best embracing

which is why with good humor, our private joking, is that he
is my very own  nap-ster master,^^ we are an ordered centrality^
march 31 2019 9:37am
^Definition of betweenness
: the quality or state of being between two others in an ordered mathematical set
Athena Feb 16
I drown
and glimpse Poseidon's kingdom
I fall
and I am lifted by the winds of Anemoi
My heart looks into
medusa eyes
And I run freely about the lair of Eris
I clutch the moon
in the wake of Hecate
as the war is waged against
Selene's solar bounty
Lethe guides my hand into ignorance
Ponos holds my head high
in the face of my deepest fear
Theia bares Eos to me
and I offer the reddest rose
for she is the light
that lets Helios reign
dana hughes Feb 1
and you lay crumpled on the floor
pain blazing in your *****

She came to you, oh medusa
your hair, writhing, becomes a life all its own

your eyes become poison
"do not look at me that way."

"i am not your piece of meat."

you rise
and you stand on your feet

if they will treat you like an animal
you will become a monster.
i rewrote this one to be cleaner and flow better
I am Medusa; stone cold
I am Hera; a queen
I am Persephone; powerful
I am Athena; a fighter
I am Aphrodite; a lover
I am Artemis; uprising
I am Demeter; sustaining
I am Hestia; of hearth and fire

I am Olympus in its full glory.
basically, this poem is about the hidden power you carry and the strength you don't realise you have.
Knowing you has taught me many things.
You taught me how it feels like to be heard.
You taught me how to be strong.
You taught me to look inside me
and all the beauty inside it.
You taught me to see my worthiness.
You taught me I wasn't the monster
I thought I was.
You taught me that I can be powerful
and that you can be powerful too.
You see, you also taught me that
those Greek myths I've been reading
up on can be true.
I realise that you're a living gorgon.
How your blood could either
heal me
or **** me.
Above all, you taught me I deserve better.
And so I beheaded you.
Because you were right.
I deserve better.
Better than you.

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