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JK Cabresos Mar 26
you can't always stay
sunny side
of life

you must also savvy
the rain
tastes like
Life sometimes *****, admit it.

Copyright ©️ 2020
JK Cabresos Mar 14
I write poetry
in the midst of solitude

of infinite miseries
I yearned to elude

words engraved
in a rose-kissed canvas

are fragments of hidden
memoir of the past.
Copyright ©️ 2020
Viktoria Dec 2018
Done blaming myself
Want to give myself love
That I deserve

Been fake
And treating badly myself
For far too long

Done being harsh with myself
I wanna grow
Although accepting myself
For who I am

I see the light in my eyes
I just woke up
Now I again recognize
My love and soul

I wanna give me the strength
I'm gonna need
I will be there for myself
From now on

I won't be afraid
Of losing myself
I'm here

I stop crusading myself,
I am still here

I see the light
In my eyes
It makes believe
I see the sun
And the moon
And I can breath

How you speak to yourself does count.

— The End —