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Jenish May 16
One drop fell down, one followed more
Then my count failed, free downpour
From two cloudy eyes, tears wishes feet
My lone miseries, life's endless beat.

On my bay, a sweet sparrow sat
Flown from far, but resting at last
In his beak a thread, thin long
Kept his weight down, started a song .

Weary of singing, he looked over wings
In such small frame, life joyfully blinks
Then I spot his one-legged walk
How shameful my moans, how so dark!

Oh God, tiny wings evinced glee
In his woes, but a king in flee.
Marie Apr 4

Feelings that I wanted to flee
when the world went dark
It seems, I feel delighted every night
Totally alone, stuck in darkness' side.

Even now, I couldn't feel
the frozen ground
As I lay underneath a big old oak tree
I don't know if it is inhuman
to stay calm
When you couldn't find the beauty
of the things around.

I won't fret if the moon vanishes
from my sight
I'm thankful of the insects silenced
by the cold
I feel the emptiness run inside me
I can comprehend now the language
of pain.

I know, I'm an unconvincing feeble
Swallowed by world's benightedness
Trying to find an answer in all the miseries
Makes me feel that my life is so pointless.

Somehow, I wanted to go out of this
situation overnight
I wanted to view things to it's perfection
But again and again
I always end up in this prison cell.

I couldn't deny, I'm so cruel to myself
I always let intrusive thoughts intrude
In the vicinity of my consciousness
Because, I want to be a witness of this
Moonless Darkness.
A poem made by me out of reading the novel of John Green,THE TURTLE ALL THE WAY DOWN. Most of words in here are from the book. I compile it and made this one.
Badshah Khan Feb 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 48

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

I am subtly a wanderer, a wanderer alone;
There is amply no sacred place for me in eternal heaven,
And the earth remains no possible means to me.

My dear heart, is in lasting peace,
As I, fondly grasp my Beloved!
Therefore, I walk alone on my chosen path,
Someday, somewhere I can rest peacefully,
In his fond remembrance and in his deep love!

But I couldn’t discover that sacred place,
The holy place must be dearer than all;
Better than the eternal heaven and the sacred earth.

I naturally heard about that sacred place,
Its exist somewhere, I must properly locate,
After many moral miseries and willingly suffer,
I undoubtedly discovered that sacred place.

Its undoubtedly exist in my noble Beloved heart,
So I start traveling towards that sacred place.
All alone on my chosen path, so I can rest eternally!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
Skye Nov 2018
the sun shone brightly overhead
the noises buzzed all through the day
and i was alone
in miseries
in pain
in the dark
i was all alone

wishing you had been the one to end everything.
but im still here so-
Skye Nov 2018
" maybe the night, holds a little hope for us " he sang.
and i cringed at the thought of ever giving you another chance.
another chance to bring me pain and sufferings,
another chance to see the smiles that brought miseries to my days.
should i?
Amanda Sep 2018
I care too deeply for my own good
It ruins every good thing eventually
I do not sleep often, obsessing over
Meaning in the words you say puposefully.

I go on an intellectual treasure hunt
Kindness, love, and hope wear thin
Exhausted, too focused to stop
To take surroundings gracefully in.

Amidst the inflection and subtle gestures
Lurks underlying anger, spite
There's no battle, we've given up
No longer have the will to fight.

Get up, go forward, give it all I've got
Go to sleep with an aching heart
Repeat steps from the day before
A string of miseries I avoid yet endlessly start.
One often meets bis destiny on the path he ttook ool to avoid it
Imran Islam Apr 2018
All my desires are hidden in your smiles
Sweet, in my hundreds of miseries
your magical smile is happiness to me!

I'm surprised when you smile.
Nothing is more important to me than your smile
I'm mad at you for your amazing smile!

Don't be shy, if I enjoy your smiley face
Sweet, don't hide your eyes
Please try to understand my silence!

My dreams are playing in your happy smile
and your love touches my little heart
Let me see your beautiful smile!
Shanath Feb 2018
We look at them
And smile at their brilliance,

Do the stars look at us
And weep for our miseries?
I am gone
And now wish to be forgotten.

                               ( There was chaos to clean
                                                  Now I will read.)
Madhu Jakkula Aug 2017
You and Me
Love and Hate
Up's and down's
Happiness and Miseries
Now and Ever
you, and your sad songs
me, with my good byes
the sunset
the dress
our foot steps
us, and our miseries
words, i cannot bear
thoughts you cannot share
sentences become hums
silence become memories
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