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Colt Sep 2018
When monsters fall in love, do they leave their ways behind them?
or terrorize towns hand in hand?
Do they still open tops of buildings like giant jars of jam
with giddy smiles striking fear for miles around them?
Will they still pick planes from the sky? Or just the crust from their lover's cloudy eyes?
Do their mangled hearts become manicured?
With razor claws brushing wretched jaws,
will children hear them making out in closets?
Will they huff and puff at armies, or yell sweet nothings to pass the time?
Their passion would be fascinating, making love while making masses fear their wrath.
And maybe if we're lucky, we'll see two monsters in the park--
with lipless mouths and fighting tongues--
showing us a love so stark, it would be a first to be given hope
by such vile a folk.
For there's a chance for all of us, if even monsters fall in love.
Devin Ortiz Sep 2018
I fell hard for a stranger,
Her words, the pauses between them,
The boldness in which she spoke,
And of course the confidence in her approach.

But, woe is me, captivated fool.
Palavar was a sweet heat exchange.
Fast passion in shared interest.
The flurry of tongues refreshed,
Impressed by the company of another.

I left with only a name,
No good at this game,
Of courtship.
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2017
Girl, boy,full moon,
Candle light dinner,romance,
Boy says,"Pay the bill."
After so much courting and romance my boyfriend told me to settle funny the bill
DEW Apr 2016
He clears his throat,
offers a hand,
lady afloat
begging to stand...

but where is she now?
The gentleman's moon...
his strides upon Earth
whose labors to croon?

Here, gentleman, hear
her breaths are so soft.
Need this dough like skin,
a taste so aloft?

Her pulse like a symphony,
her steps on pools glistening,
her lips your night litany,
her hands light-wrought ivory.

Gentleman she swoons!
Her hips like snow dunes,
her words gentle noons
that light up your Junes.

Yet you stay away,
your respect holds sway.
Though she is nectar,
you drink not as night
does day.

Your gentle ways
lengthen the days,
though distance kept,
you oft' purvey
a sense of love,
as she turns your way.
Keep time and good company,
Stay laissez-faire,
Of your diet, be mindful:
Of your body; take care.

With intention and tact,
Choose well what you wear,
Downtown or in the garden,
Be seen without glare.

When you're mannered and prim;
You're fit to a pair,
Politely, be you,
Though be a you they can bear.
I wish I had been told this when I was younger.
Trupoetry Feb 2016
When's the last time we discussed your beauty?
Taboo the way beautiful lays itself across the strength of a mans character
but you are

Stunningly, captivatingly beautiful
& Its not your chiseled arms
or your abs
its you

Its the way
Have I ever told you that you're beautiful?
That your beauty keeps me talking
how talking keeps me off track
but in line
and tracing circles

around your eyebrows
across your lips
down your back

Have I ever told you that you're my best friend?
That there is a joy in seeing your face after a long day
dinner tastes better on those days
and I sleep more soundly

Have I ever told you that you are worth it?
That God loves you
That he sent me to remind you
that you're beautiful

Have I ever described how comforting your laugh is?
The way it tickles me
and allows me to keep a pinch of it in my pocket
to sprinkle on me and around me
on days you are on my mind but not around me

If I never have, then with these words I always will!
Poems live forever and your beauty, well...
Its timeless
Charleigh Huston Dec 2015
WILD nights! Daily frights!
Where I with thee -
Under the neon lights,
Shall see our luxury!

Anchor my heart,
In Heaven's port -
Done with the chart,
Done with the court.

Rowing in Heaven's decor!
Silver sea!
Might I but moor
Tonight with thee?
Brent Kincaid Oct 2015
Brown boys on the beach
All of them are great
So many just out of reach
Because most are straight.
Something close to mocha;
Unbelievably **** skin.
Some of it looks like heaven
And some of it purest sin.

Brown boys in shorts
Just covering bare *****;
Impervious to winks and
Any kind of *** passes.
But I hear rumors of them;
Legends may be a better word.
*** things have been known
To happen with them I’ve heard.

Brown boys bare chested
Showing off their physiques.
Proud of that they take care of
Best I’ve seen in weeks.
It’s not that white boys here
Are that much less appealing
But there is something about
The way I have been feeling.

Brown boys can flirt here
In a way I have never seen.
It’s flattering without invitation;
Never insulting, never mean.
Someday I will get braver
And ask one of them to teach
How to tell which one is ***
Of those brown boys on the beach.
Dornish Bastard Aug 2015
He showed interest and did crazy things.
All to get her attention.
She noticed, started to reciprocate his feelings
And encouraged little affections.
But he wanted more, wanted her to be his,
Pushed her for a decision.
It was a mistake, his being impatient
For what he received was rejection.
****. :D
Max Alvarez Jun 2015
You have me
Wishing and waiting
Hoping and praying
Sitting and staying
Close enough to feel
Your hand in mine
Your lips to mine
Your breath and mine
Every song
Is about you
What I think about you
Lyrics line up perfectly with my thoughts
And every morning
And every night
It's you
And love songs
With the birds and the bees
And the flowers and trees
Waiting for the moment
When you are mine
For you have me
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