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Jul 2020 · 197
Jarene Jul 2020
It hurts so good.
Feb 2020 · 182
happy valentine's day
Jarene Feb 2020
what am i to you
a play toy
you can come home to everyday
here for your convience
a being you see
soul deep
beyond the beauty and brokenness
here to be a partner for life
what am i to you
Aug 2019 · 649
i miss you
Jarene Aug 2019
three words
you could only tell me
when you were drunk
Aug 2019 · 13.8k
thank you hellopoetry
Jarene Aug 2019
because of you
when feel defeat  
i now bleed black ink
to hello poetry:
thank you for giving me an outlet. a place where I can speak freely when i am at my lowest, in the darkest place i can reach. thank you for giving me a place to put the thoughts that i cant comprehend in my head, and making me realize I'm not alone. i cannot thank you enough!
Aug 2019 · 407
the unknown
Jarene Aug 2019
will you still
love me
when you realize
i'm far from perfect
Jarene Jul 2019
you ask me to tell you
but when i do
you brush it off like
it’s nothing to you
what’s going to happen
when i tell you
i’m feeling exceptionally blue
will you believe then
that it is true
or will you gasp
when i float off into the wind
like expired souls do
Jul 2019 · 390
i’m ok.
Jarene Jul 2019
if only you could see
i’m falling apart at the seams
a beautiful mess
as self distructuve as can be
Jun 2019 · 290
Jarene Jun 2019
lost in the void
between i love you
and i need you
do you know the difference
because i’m starting to
the difference between
i love you
i need you
the difference that can
change our world
and split it into two
a world where
i know
i will endlessly cry
for you
Jan 2019 · 3.4k
Jarene Jan 2019
i thought
was supposed to be
beautifully passionate
the exploration
of two souls
but what is
when it is selfishly
when all you see
is a hot
a temporary
and nothing more
nothing below the surface
Nov 2018 · 977
save me
Jarene Nov 2018
my heart hurts
i’m stuck with
this curse
i need to learn
how to love
it kills me first
Oct 2018 · 4.4k
old habits
Jarene Oct 2018
all i want
is to be
wrapped up in your hoodie
with your arms around me
Oct 2018 · 781
my sanity
Jarene Oct 2018
i don’t know
where i’d be
without poetry

in the ground
planted with the
flowers and trees

a forgotten
drifting in the wind
among the leaves
Oct 2018 · 468
the other girl
Jarene Oct 2018
here I sit
in the middle of the bar
trying to hid the tears
begging to water
my rosy cheeks
i thought i was okay
until i saw her
she’s perfectly
the way her eyes twinkle
when she looks at you
the way her tattoos light up her skin
the way her voice is so welcoming
like you could tell her the world
without the slightest worry of
i see why you love her
her beautiful soul
**** i wish i was her
Oct 2018 · 5.0k
Day 1
Jarene Oct 2018
the numbers controlling my life
the numbers that i strive to be
pure perfection
causing my body to eat itself
while it withers away
into nothingness

im exhausted
trapped in hell
a hell created by numbers on a measuring tape
just one less calorie and i'll be okay
i'll be happy
finally beautiful enough

the calories fueling me through my days
as i drag along
until i find myself
to the edge
of self destruction

deeper in hell i fall
trapped even further in the darkness
praying i can find my way
back to the light
back to sanity

i want my life back
i want to know what it is like
to wake up in the morning loving yourself
to look in the mirror not hating
every aspect
of the person
in front of you
to get through a day without
having to shield your face
to hide the burning tears
rolling down your cheeks  
to not have the
destructive thoughts
to drag you though the dirt
when you think you are finally okay

i want to know what it's like to be me
Join me on my journey to self love and enlightenment. Through all the pain, the good days, and the bad. This is me in the raw, completely bare, and valunarable. This is for al the people out there that are also suffering. Let's grow together. You are not alone!!!
Jul 2018 · 534
over you
Jarene Jul 2018
you had me trapped
by the love
i still had for you
my hands on someone else's body
was a sin  
that formed an indescribable feeling inside of me
one that ate me from the inside out
and crippled me
until i was incapable of functioning
like a human being
i was stuck neck deep in quick sand
ready to fade away
until i met him
he broke the curse
the one you had placed on me
he set me free
free to love again
free to feel again
free to be me again
i am yours
no longer
young love
Jun 2018 · 2.3k
to my first love
Jarene Jun 2018
i never thought i would be able to fall in love
physically or emotionally
extreme vulnerability
was an absurd concept
in my mind
but i jumped
took a leap of faith
into the abyss of impossibilities
and free fell
right into the safety net
created by your arms
the tenderness of our fingers intertwined
soon became my life vest
if these feelings were to suffocate me
you would pull me back to the surface
and revive me
with the purity of your breath
i would always be okay
because i loved you
i love you
i still love you.
this love
that i try so hard to make evaporate into the nothingness
never fails to find a way to come pouring back into me
you took your full name
and engraved it into my soul
so there it stays
like a ball and chain
always reminding me of what could have been
Jarene Jun 2018
My thoughts are spinning
A whirlwind of blurry memories
From the night before
You are toying with my mind
Making me go insanely mad
Your hands passionatly caressing my body
Was a feeling like no other
Does he actually want me for once?!?
Your lips against mine
Lit a fire inside of me
I couldn’t believe
I was finally good enough for you  
I never wanted those feelings to subside
But of course
When I woke up
You were gone
I was just a drunk hook up
to you
I was naïve for thinking I would ever be anything more  
And now here I am
Alone once again
Wondering why I will never be enough
For you

— The End —