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Sophia Dec 2019
Roses are not always red,
Violets are not always blue,
I chose to be with you,
But you left me for someone new.
Nina Aug 2019
I couldn't help it
But to smile
Every time i look at you
Or think of you
It *****
Because it's pretty obvious
That i like you
You could see it  in my eyes
And especially my smile
But you don't care
You don't care about my feelings
So I'll promise you
Sooner or later
I won't be smiling
When i see your face
I will look at you with a straight face
And show you
That you're no longer
The reason why i smile
Jarene Jul 2018
you had me trapped
by the love
i still had for you
my hands on someone else's body
was a sin  
that formed an indescribable feeling inside of me
one that ate me from the inside out
and crippled me
until i was incapable of functioning
like a human being
i was stuck neck deep in quick sand
ready to fade away
until i met him
he broke the curse
the one you had placed on me
he set me free
free to love again
free to feel again
free to be me again
i am yours
no longer
young love
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
I've lived in your heart for three years.
My payments were always before time.
If I made too much noise I assure you I didn't know.
My foot steps are often loud, the neighbor beside me keeps his music up.
I never filed a complaint.
Accepting things as they are.
Outside of that nothing seemed to be wrong.
The conditions weren't bad at first.
Everything worked.
The sink clogged a bit.The locks need to be replaced.
The things of which I done myself.
I felt home here in my one bedroom.
Not too much company so no need for much furniture.
There were nights I couldn't feed myself,
making sure your demands were met.
Differences between needs and wants.
Still I received note after note about noise among other things.
Things accused of though disputed.
You smiled in my face and told me all was forgiven.
To receive a note of eviction.
The neighbors music still loud.
My landlord unable to be found.
Someone new moving into my place
Mark Lecuona Jan 2016
It seems I’m living a life of decision
It used to be so easy to make a choice
To feel desire was to know what to do
I never lost my confidence or my voice

I believed in who I was more than  I do now
It’s a funny thing when you know so much  more
But I only believed in what I wanted with you
And it was so clear that I knew what love was for

I’ve lived more than once
And I’ve seen the signs
I never want to have to say maybe next time
But if I do
Then I will be the first one there

I read once an old man’s virtue is only a loss of energy
But you know I know how it feels now to be left behind
And I want to believe that I love you enough to stay
The beauty of your eyes makes me hope you’re my kind

God tell me how to know
Tell me how to know my mind
To be so sure as I was long ago
To tell her she is who I was hoping to find

I’ve lived more than once
And I’ve seen the signs
I never want to have to say maybe next time
But if I do
Then I will be the first one there
Arataikii Jul 2014
I hear you fiddling about and it's like listening to thoughts.
Not sure if they're yours
or no ones.

Fingers travel awhile on one piece and then just as quick
they're searching for something; like the path isn't clear,
or not there at all.

And you'll mess up or miss something and laugh
and it fits right in.

— The End —