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Jul 2020 · 204
Your words my Poem
Rui Rosa Jul 2020
Let me spice up your words
In a powerful way
to get your point
Written in this masterpiece.
Jul 2020 · 124
Cockroaches have no home
Rui Rosa Jul 2020
Even Cockroaches fly
They wander alone in houses
Going back and forward
Never making one their own
It's normal u would try the same
Thats why u can't be loved
Don't love a person that doesn't fear the fear of losing someone or something, if it doesn't scare you it's not love. It's just pure evil.
Jul 2020 · 235
Rui Rosa Jul 2020
You play me like a fool
Like a character in story
In a twisted narrative
Waiting for It to end
Jun 2020 · 420
Blue mixed together in red
Rui Rosa Jun 2020
I was the most beautiful Rose
That you never took care of
When you remembered me
You forgot that I akso peak
However you plucked and threw me
your blood rained down
In a beatiful crimson
Staining the petals of the other roses
I've turned blue in a garden of red
It would make a fine painting
Feb 2020 · 111
Rui Rosa Feb 2020
I'm the man of the island,
Eight floating pieces of land and Pico,
Which is the most beautiful island of all.
In Pico you can climb the mountain.
The tallest mountain in Portugal,
From the top you can see how much beauty Azores has.
And the beauty is all of us,
Without the others,
We wouldn't be called Azores,
Thats why we are Azoreans.
Rui Rosa Apr 2019
Depression is a disease that affects
4.4% of the world population
1.4% of the Portuguese
being the 17th country with the highest prevalence rate
I'm not suicidal... but maybe I am.
I know that suicide is a sign of cowardice,
but greater cowardice is lacking the courage to do so.
I'm not suicidal... but maybe I am.
I got tired of writing suicide letters and trying to do it,
but not being able to, because something makes me stay alive
I'm not suicidal... but maybe I am.
But I still hope that one day I will have courage and that I will take my own life.
So I will give all the rest that my soul needs.
The day I sank into depression, Life can bring you problems, but you exist to solve them, do not think if you are capable or not, just try, dont waste your life.
Rui Rosa Mar 2019
Mistakes are a proof that you are human.
If you "Ctrl. + Z" it just means you're a living being
Jan 2019 · 161
Why fear death?
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
Why fear death?
It's natural,
It's biological,
It comes to us all,
wether you want it or not,
sooner or later,
nobody stays to tell the story,
when they go,
they say nothing and never come back
we try to reach out and nobody answers or calls,
guess we have to look for it in the yellow pages.
Jan 2019 · 430
We made you...
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
We human kind,
We had to study your language to be able to understand you.
Bits and Bytes is all you know.
All you ever seen was 0's and 1's.
We human kind made you,
You were so big back in 1946
as time passed you became smaller and smaller,
so small that you fit in my hand.
We human kind made you,
Smarter, faster, autonomous and dangerous.
Now you're one step closer to rule the world.
A little poem about ENIAC
Jan 2019 · 1.7k
I'm your worst nightmare
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
When the clock tick midnight its time to go,
Walking between my realm and the realm of the living
I sense the smell of a young soul,
The sweet salty taste of soul.
I'm the shadow you fear every night
Blending in the dark of night,
To haunt you here I go.
Voodoo chanting I do,
to unleash the fear in you.
Leaving chills down your spine.
So that I can add another soul to my collection.
Jan 2019 · 256
War has changed...
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
War has changed...
It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity.
It's an endless series of battles without meaning.
Fought by soldiers, machines and whatelse is at our disposel.
These wars left our world in chaos.
Creating, altering and destroying it,
the anthem is all it remains.
This is all it remains from it.
Jan 2019 · 2.0k
Eletronic love...
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
We meet at "discord"
over an IPv4 connection
Talking for hours through microphone
Your electronic smile has awakened,
a feeling that the CPU does not process
You entered my HDD with your virtual love,
which filled so much space of illusions in RAM,
So much that it gave Blue Screen
A love story with some tech knowledge
Jan 2019 · 222
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
Maybe we still love each other,
maybe we keep thinking about each other,
maybe we'll look at the profiles on social networks.
Maybe it's not the end.
Each one has chosen it's path and now it is only memories.
Nov 2018 · 401
Black and White...
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
Death is black,
Life is white,
No matter witch one you choose,
It will allways be Black and White.
I decided to make my version of " roses are red, violets are blue"
Nov 2018 · 771
⊰ WARS ⊱
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
Enemies of ours that are on the ground
Hallowed be your troops
Come to us your resources
My will be done
Just like in and out of your village
The Wood, Iron and Clay of each day gives us today
Forgive us our attacks
Just as I did not forgive those who attacked me
And do not let us fall into traps
And save us from all treachery
To our king!!!
Nov 2018 · 2.4k
Where all started...
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
I remember my first sleep paralysis like it was yesterday
I would go to sleep and then I would fall asleep
In a matter of seconds I was floating over my bed
It was weird and scary back on the day
Since time past it kept getting worse and worse
At the point of becoming routine
I didnt nkow why I kept having those lucid dreams
So one day I decided to search on google
And i found that i had sleep paralysis
It didnt help much since I didn't nkow how to stop it
Today I still dont nkow why I have it
Is it normal? or maybe I have an evil spirit inside me
Who nkows?
Since I have the gift
Why not use it to write a good poem.
How I discovered I had sleep paralysis and how it started.
Nov 2018 · 185
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
Life plays the way you choose , but sometimes you don't choose and it somehow it appears written.
when you look behind and say how did i get so far?
Nov 2018 · 840
Do you wear a mask?
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
There are those who wear masks to hide,
Those who wear masks to show us what they stand for,
to inspire,
to unite,
to define,
to strike fear,
There are those who wear masks to protect themselves.
And there are those who wear masks to protect us all.
Which mask you wear?
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
I lost faith, hope and sleep.
My soul has awakened my REM (RAPID EYE MOVEMENT),
Where everything becomes a lucid dream
This is where the terror begins.
Inhuman visions begin,
The shadows come close to me
Whispering my name,
I see a figure,
He tries to steal my soul,
My body unable to move,
Panic begins to set in,
Unable to breathe,
I try focusing in my getaway.
"Wake up"
I try to wriggle my toes.
In last despair,
I try to use the trump to my only salvation.
The phrase that kills all evil presences.
"Jesus blood has power"
That's when he screamed like there was no tomorrow,
A scary loud shout,
I've never heard anything like it.
It seemed like it was falling apart.
I just woke up.
Since that day I began to believe in Jesus and his power.
One of many episodes of sleep paralysis

— The End —