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Mark Motherland Dec 2018

a child sings from an open window
a sweet song serenades an angry sky
escorting the sun home soft and mellow
so many years have now drifted by
visiting my old home here on Vatersay
Western Isles have their own genetic blends
I made the wee trip over from Castlebay
all that was left to see - two gable ends!
As my eye resists a lonely tear
I walk alone for a while on the sand
memories hark back to yesteryear
my Parents couldn't tame an untamed land
unrelenting hardships too much to take
the summer rain and then the winter snow
remnants of a failed dream in my wake
endless crashing tides screamed we had to go
but now I've lost myself in time's assuage
smoke billows forth from a happy fire
forgetting the gales and their howling rage
just the birds and lambs of nature's choir
but then the Cuckoo sang a confused song
Oyster Catchers didn't know which way to fly
no more childrens laughter all day long
Father leans on his staff and starts to cry
I visit my childhood home this one last time
bookending my days, a kind of crescendo
a strange thing I know but surely not a crime
for an Old Lady to sing from an open window.


New Scotland, old Scotland it was all the same
the clearances were a distant memory
and the two thousand mile journey that took weeks.
They settled on Nova Scotia's East coast
time and circumstances made them one flesh
as they embarked on love's difficult journey
they were blessed with a sweet child, Ishbael
they both loved her tho no longer each other

at night Ishbael would sing out the open window
she would sing to the moon, she would sing to the stars
she imagined that she was a ballet dancer
and dreamed of being such when she grew up

Mother eeked out a living from the tired land
Father spent most of his time on the fractious sea
She stood motionless at the front door each night
He checked the lobster creels under a salty spray

the spode China would be laid out on the table
strategically placed on the driftwood surface
cups stained brown with tea, coffee and nicotine
and on the outside with smudges of lipstick
it was the most treasured family heirloom
it was somehow smuggled across in the boat
it was passed on to them as a wedding gift
it was the only item of value they ever had

night after night Mother watches the sea
in the distant field, Sheep murmur like Bees
the bog cotton waves like a myriad hankies
as sunlight dissolves under cumulous cloud,
his bent over figure would surely soon appear
whistling a sea shanty walking up the track
but like a novel, his script came to an end
the storm weathered body was never found

outside on the lonely pebbled shore a Curlew sang
the net curtains rose and fell to it's bleak strains
wind rattled the windows like the beating of fence posts
they drank hot milk from Spode china for the final time
their family had creaked under the stresses and strains
that night a tall poplar tree crashed through the roof
storms wrecked their home like they wrecked their marriage
a perfect marriage of howling wind and frigid air

a lifetime of memories carried toward the sea
yet that old enemy was soon to be their friend
like a crush that would simply not go away.
Veiled by wrinkles Mother responds to the calling.
Larks cavort up and down in their unyielding plot
while they are bound for a far and distant land
the land was in their blood the blood was in their kin
the Isle of Vatersay, they were going home.


Old Scotland, new Scotland it was all the same
but she could not ignore the similarities
she looked across the ocean, it was all the same
two thousand miles of Atlantic anger
wind driven waves like a Tiger on a lead
but the tide died, the sea had peace like a child's hair
this reminded her of her kind Step Father
he would lean on his staff and cry when things went wrong

a storm took this house too, only they were not in it!
They settled across the water in Castlebay.
Time was unveiled as she relived her childhood,
withered fence posts and rusty wire that kept the joy in
brushing aside the nettles the hearth warmed her heart
window fames were as firm as ber Father's hand shake
she carefully scraped away the moss of time,
darkening seas awakened to her silvery voice.

She scurried along the beach with a youthful gait
reminiscent of her ballet dancing days
then the tide of her heart rose like a mountain within
down in the marram grass, she stared in sheer disbelief
her body all a quiver she picked up the fragments
with cupped hands tears were mingled with Spode china
she raised her eyes heavenward and screamed...
"nach eil sin italicired"
which when translated means 'how wonderful is that!'

tears rolled uncontrolably down her face
she stood still shaking the fragments in her hands
it made a lovely tinkling sound like cow bells,
two thousand miles of Atlantic anger
had softened the edges and smoothed over her memories.
She looked fervently at the long deserted croft
the wind erased her footprints in the sands of time
and then the sun went down.


when your poems fail to rhyme
when your watch runs out of time
when you feel your fate was sealed
we were on the same level playing field

when clouds slowly start to fill your sky
when the ocean gives it's final cry
life's pathways they did wind and wend
we were all equal in tbe end

we all had good times and hope'd they'd last
but time went on rolling on by far too fast
that lady in the window she's still singing
not about 'the end' but a new beginning.
It's surprising what comes into your mind whilst walking along an Outer Hebridean beach. This is a work of fiction yet it could of happened. Anything can happen on a Scottish Island, the Clearances were cruel but serendipity can be rich.
Mark Motherland Nov 2018
The *** Gardeners there were twelve in all. Hurrah! Hurrah!
everyone a Hero and answered the call. Hurrah! Celagh!
they were going out to war to fight the ***
soon be back as Heroes when the work is done
so get the Cheer Leaders ready...
the *** Gardeners are coming home

poison gas threatened from afar. Hurrah! Hurrah!
Soon be back as Heroes and first at the bar. Hurrah! Celagh!
they climbed over the top of the fields of fire
and complex networks of barbed wire
so get the fireworks ready
the *** Gardeners are coming home

deadlocked enemies on the Western line. Hurrah! Hurrah!
their bodies were earth their hands were slime. Hurrah! Celagh!
they didn't have time to take a breath
out of duty to the King they laughed at death
so get the flagpoles ready
the *** Gardeners are coming home

specialist bombers of an infantry platoon. Hurrah! Hurrah!
our Heroes longed to be home so soon. Hurrah! Celagh!
overhead shellfire scared them out their wits
dropped in their trench and blew them all to bits
so get the coffins ready...
the *** Gardeners are coming home.
The *** Gardeners were twelve young men who were masters of their craft. They transformed the gardens of Kinloch Castle, on the Isle of *** (Scotland) into a veritable paradise. There were Palm trees, a Japanese walled garden, an array of tropical plants, crops of peaches, nectarines, figs and grapes as well as acres of glass houses with free flying hummingbirds. Out of the 12+ young men that went to war, only two returned.4
M Solav Sep 2018
There are clouds of sound and noise
That utter thoughts in a muffled voice,
Gestures of hands simply won’t cast out
Cloudy skies in days of doubt.

Like strangers lost in a crowd
Whose cries are buried by the loud,
The loud din of helpless wanderers
Whose presence disrupts and disturbs.

All strangers left on their own,
Islands floating out in the fog;
Orphans with cruel fates to bemoan;
Fates that are swept under the rug.

And who's looking with interest, who reaches down with an arm,
Never so eager to help, neither too late nor too soon?
Who would make this world perhaps a little more warm
And freshen the skies of our cloudy afternoon?
Written in December 2017.
Ijla Mar 2018
Travelling across
The vast blue ocean
Feeling the wind on you
Trying to blow you away
Nothing to be seen
Except the faint line
Where the sky dips into the sea
And the few islands
Scattered across it
i wrote this whilst i was travelling back home by boat.
Cana Mar 2018
Warm smiles under rusted hulls,
mailboats smoking,
lobster red cruise ship tourists,
back to the islands they go

Highborn Cay
White cloth walled gazebos,
bikinis and tan.
Loungers on pearl beaches,
lovers, the sea and sand

Compass Cay
A pirates place.
Rustic docks in crystal blue.
A meeting place, restless souls
Pathways and secrets on a tropical island.
Oh, frolicking sharks? In cuddle piles.

Staniel Cay
Rural and lovely,
Pink and blue shops, take your pick.
Haggling fishermen in front of a quaint little pub.  
far from home, further from troubles.
Locals tell me god blesses me a lot.
The church has the best plot of land.
My last 2 months. Bliss in the Bahamas
aurora kastanias Jan 2018
Crystalline waters enclose the rocks
Which ancient sailors swore to be,
The remnants of genesis leftovers
Of creation ****** deep, in the heart

Of the Mediterranean sea. Stones
Of philosophers mystic alchemy,
Metamorphosing mercury into precious metals,
Silver and gold, thoughts and ideas.

Blissful grounds of Magnum Opuses
In search of enlightenment where arid soils,
Nurture the trees symbolising peace
Delivering fruits treasuring divine,

A golden juice, a gift from Athena, goddess
Of wisdom gently slithering In Greek veins,
Inebriating essence with innate, gratitude
Towards nature and pride for roots profoundly,

Entrenched in concepts of liberty equality
Justice for all human beings, are equal by nature
Social animals responsible for,
Governing themselves within a civil society

Of free individuals. A land encompassing
A thousand islands, perpetual movement
Of tectonic plates under a blistering sun,
Caressing mountains a tireless breeze, whirls

The little white flowers off olive trees,
Now embodying the pervasive spirits of past
Conquerors standing on millenary blood-bathed
Territories ruled, yet by the twelve Olympians

A mythology while history is written
And narrates, the story of the men who fought
For pride and glory earthly vices
And out of Love.
On Greece
AJ Vicario Sep 2017
Here i wrote us a song:
Sheep and shepherd, make me a dove,
I want to play chords with the island waves,
Foster the people and give the children love,
Give me beats that never sour,
Wings that never rest,
And forever bloom a peaceful flower.
Poetic minds are islands often found
In common reaches of the status quo
And in remote and deeper waters
Of vox humana in muted undertow.

--Daniel Irwin Tucker
May the voice of the human always be heard above the noise of the human!
Haruharu Jun 2017
I'm back home, on my mountain by the sea.
I close my eyes

I can hear the boat engines, the children laughing.
Water is splashing, the seagulls are screaming.

I feel the sun burning on my face,
and the wind cooling it off.

I open my eyes

I see all the tiny islands and the boats that looks like toys.
They're almost in a straignt line, heading for the horizon.

The sun hitting the water surface makes it look like a glittering sea.
It blinds me.
Everything does.
The beauty of my hometown.

I stand up and feel the salty wind grabbing my hair.
I breathe the fresh air,
I breathe the laughter, the peace, the ocean.
I am alive.
from a day in my hometown on the west coast
loveless Mar 2016
Once upon a time, there was an island of feelings where all the feelings lived together. Those feelings were like us. They looked like us, talked like us, lived like us.

One day, everyone was together having fun in the open grounds beneath the sky. They all were talking and talking with each other. Except two.

They were two, a boy and a girl but they were one by soul. And their name was love. They never talked a lot with others. They talked with each other only. They never got enough of each other. They stayed together always no matter what they do. They wandered on the island, hand in hand, with fingers wrapped together. Sometimes they laid on the beach, gazing upon the moon. But they were always there for the other feelings whenever others needed them. They were good going with others. And so their life went on.
That night, they were sitting at the corner when everyone was enjoying.

"mind your own business" hate said in a harsh tone. And so everyone looked at him. He too was there. After all hate is a feeling too.
"yes my friend. But you can not do this. You are not the boss here. You are not our ruler" happiness said in a low voice.
Hate must have done something again. He and his friends always disturbed others.
"I am the strongest one here. So I am the ruler of you all" hate said and this caught attention of all.
"I am the strongest one" happiness said "I'm the king then"
"I am the strongest one" anger said popping from behind of hate.
"I am the strongest one" unity said coming out if crowd
'I am the strongest one ' ' I am the strongest one ' everyone from the crowd started to say. Everyone wanted to be the king. And the atmosphere started to warm up.
There could have been an rampage if that went for just a minute more and that would have desolated everything but some wise one among them, that one's name never came up, that one stayed hidden.
"let's have a fighting competition tomorrow. The winner gets to be the king"
And everything was silent for some time.
"that's a good idea" one said
"yes" said the other
And all the crowd whooted.

At the end it was decided that tomorrow a contest would be organised. And in the contest anyone can participate. There would be fight in the event. One to one fight decided randomly. Whoever wins goes to next round. And the champion becomes the king of the island. Love stayed in corner, both a bit sad about the war the fights about to be happen tomorrow.

No one slept that night. They were restless and wanted to be the king. And soon tomorrow came. Everyone prepared for the contest. And it started with the first light of the sun in the morning.

The sun, the breeze, the sky, the sea, the stars everyone looking towards the feelings anxiously. This war among feelings. And love stayed at the corner, watching the sad battles.

And it started. The battles decided randomly. They started to battle. They fought and fought and at the end hate and his friends, jealousy, rage, greed, anger and sadness won from all at the end and they already decided the winner among them and that was their leader hate. The good ones were weak and they lost.

Hate laughed out loud after winning his last fight from happiness.

All the feelings were unhappy. They knew the one who won was the wrong guy. They should not have organised the contest. They all were looking down. And love stood there silently, looking in each others eyes, smiling. Not smiling on the result but they always keep on smiling looking each others eyes. That was them. Their nature.

"all of you are so weak" he looked at happiness then " you should have not messed with me"
"I've defeated all of you. And now I am your king." his voice was evil.
" bow to me now" he said aloud "all of you" his voice echoing everywhere.
Everyone was just ready to bow down


One said
"not all of us"
"what you said" hate said looking towards the crowd
"one of us is still undefeated" some one's from the crowd said
"who? Who is that one?" hate said out aloud
"love" happiness replied standing up from the ground from where he was laying after the defeat.

Love looked at them and they looked at love back.
"so you all think love can win from me"
Hate looked back at love.
"come on love. Fight with me" hate looked at love.
"we don't fight" love said in unison with a smile on both of their face
Hate laughed aloud. "see your last hope. Afraid from me"
Other feelings looked at love. They said "please" "please love" you are our last hope " " defeat him. Free is from his evil " " that was our mistake and we accept it " " free us love "
Love looked at hate back.
"we can't fight alone. We would fight together. It won't be a fair fight " they said
Hate laughed." So you are afraid. "
"no never afraid " they said
"anger come with me. It would be two vs two fight. Are you ready "
" I've a better idea " love said
"what!? "
"how about you all versus the two of us "
Hate and his fellows laughed so hard.
"are you insane " hate said
" you seem like afraid. You can back off anytime " love said with a smile
"your wish is granted. " hate said and his fellows came up besides him. Love came up from the corner to the centre.

On one side was love and on other side all of hate and his alli. The others thinking that love went out of his mind but love knew what they were doing.
"come on " love said. They moved their arms and had them in mid air as a gesture of inviting them to get on to them. They were still smiling.
All of hate and his allies ran to love with their first ready for first punch but love didn't moved a bit. Love stood there.
Those alli moved as fast as the can wanting to end it as soon as they want to. Still love didn't showed any sign on movement.
They were so close to love looking in the eyes of love. And the eyes of love lit up so bright just for a moment.

They froze.
All of them froze. Their fists stopped moving. Like their fists turned into stones. All of the alliance of hate felt it and stopped. Some force preventing them to love further. It was like love had eyes of Medusa and love turned all of their fists to stone. They tried to move their hands but they couldn't even bulged it.
"what have to done to us" hate cried aloud.
"nothing " love said smiling with hands still in mid air.
Hate tried to grasp what was happening to him. His body was not going by the order of their mind. Like an unstoppable force, he couldn't see like gravity affecting his hand. What was this power. This strength radiating out of love.
"what is this power " hate asked love
" do you think it's my power. It's your weakness. It's inside you " love said calmly.
Hate kept on wondering what it was. It was inside it he knew now. He thought why he was stopping himself. Why his allies are stopping themselves. Why is his mind betraying the body.
'wait ' hate said inside himself. That was not his mind. That was his heart inside that was him not his mind or anything. That shine in the eyes of love was of love. Even hate can not hurt anyone with love inside the eyes. That was the real power of love. Corrupting others soul. Changing them. Filling it with love.
"I see now " hate said. His eyes opened.
And he fell on his knees and so did his friends.
"you win, my king " he said
" all hail the king, all hail love " and with these words from the mouth of hate Other feelings bowed too in front of love.

Love won without even moving his hands. That was the real power of love
Just a story
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