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Seranaea Jones Jan 2021

i hope we do not
(as a species)
into islands of
six foot radius circles
adrift upon oceans of
Social Media,

as Billionaires scoop up
space with the vacuum
of our losses

and then water ski across
surfaces of what once was
our own footsteps.

They Know—

we can not afford
to dog-paddle
our way across
their private

by our wealth

s jones

"No man is an island"
John Donne
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Mare Clausum
by Michael R. Burch

These are the narrows of my soul—
dark waters pierced by eerie, haunting screams.
And these uncharted islands bleakly home
wild nightmares and deep, strange, forbidding dreams.

Please don’t think to find pearls’ pale, unearthly glow
within its shoals, nor corals in its reefs.
For, though you seek to salvage Love, I know
that vessel lists, and night brings no relief.

Pause here, and look, and know that all is lost;
then turn, and go; let salt consume, and rust.
This sea is not for sailors, but the ******
who lingered long past morning, till they learned

why it is named:
Mare Clausum.

Originally published by Penny Dreadful. Keywords/Tags: mare, clausum, closed, sea, narrows, shoals, reefs, uncharted, islands, wreckage, shipwreck, damage, dark, tides, waters, surf, stranded, Robinson Crusoe
Arjan Wilmsen Apr 2020
the wind brushing the mountain tops
the waves crashing into land
the soil saturated with sweet raindrops
and now I finally understand

islands in the vast ocean
dressed in mysterious clouds
always alive, constant motion
and now I say it out loud

this place feels like home
my soul and mind belong
a nordic paradise in every chromosome
sound of nature, its theme song

forever i will be
longing to awake
on these islands of my dreams
a precious keepsake
Rui Rosa Feb 2020
I'm the man of the island,
Eight floating pieces of land and Pico,
Which is the most beautiful island of all.
In Pico you can climb the mountain.
The tallest mountain in Portugal,
From the top you can see how much beauty Azores has.
And the beauty is all of us,
Without the others,
We wouldn't be called Azores,
Thats why we are Azoreans.
Anthony Pierre Nov 2019
On islands of the tropics sweetly sets
over poignant scented bistros and tide
on a rich apricot, painted canvas
a gentle warmth for winter's hostile chide

As bare footed limps deep into the sand
To chirps, to giggles; crashing surf so glad
Briskly washing away all memory
of the wintered homage of Avon's bard

A pale mat lays hush, as red kites ascend
to prey in vast fields of his frigid shire
From a window's sill, his eyes thus pretend
A sonnet on the seaside's to retire

Seldom he escapes winter's icy grip
Shakespeare seaside sonnet: a mental trip
A sonnet for my friends in their winter estate
Cait Oct 2019
Mirrors and islands
Mirrors and islands
are all that I see

And the static fills my mind
eats it up like silence

It hums a constant note
glaring in and out
audible, barely

The static fills my mind
and devours everything beneath it
Joseph Sep 2019
I catch myself pondering,
Time and time again,
To what draws me here,
When others refrain,

'There's nothing there', they say,
'No money, No future'
Yet for me to live anywhere else,
Would seem like torture,

Waking to the sounds of the hens,
Each morning without fail,
Watching the boats in the harbour,
Before they set sail,

The silhouette of a coconut tree,
Against a magenta sunset,
Living on these enchanted islands,
Is something I could never regret,

For if I am dreaming,
Wake me, I request you do not,
For each moment spent here,
Is truly a gift, never forgot.
What the head says makes sense, however it's the heart which I've found never leads you astray.
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