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Cozyflowz May 2020
Run the race of life at your own pace, if origins defines race then we are all Africans,
Life is a journey it takes a minute to by pass an hundred kilometres,
Let's not allow our differences ****** the glory inside us,

We are all humans, we are one, let's make it a better place for you and I,
Killing one another can never resolve the issues on ground

Because I'm black doesn't stop me from walking in the midst of whites,
Races doesn't really exist for us because  it has never been an hinders. Black folks don't have that choice.

I'm black I can't own a bank in los Angeles, because the white folks thinks its a barrier to them,
If origins define race then the entire human is Africa,
We need to encourage one another, nobody is perfect in all that is doing.

Hatred paralyzes life, love heals it, hatred confuses life
Love harmonize it, returning violence for violence courses violent,
It add more darkness to the human race,

Let's come together and make peace, God didn't create us to look our differences,he created us to love one another,
Let's fight for peace, let's make this world a better place, let's together run this races and win it in peace.

Poem by CozyFlowz
We are one human, we shouldn't look at colors differences.
Risa Njoroge Jun 2019
She wore a long black dress,
That showed off some of her dark skin,
And a little bit of her *******,
Her hair was pulled up the top of her head,
And she had on thick reading glasses
You would think she was about to take a test,

He wore a light blue shirt and dress pants,
And wore a golden watch with thick leather  straps,
He asked her to sit by the big wide window,
So he could look at her under the golden sun,
When his hand touched her skin,
"Cafe' con leche" she whispered to him,

Before today they only existed in each others dreams,
Exchanged many letters,
Where they talked about many things,
Fears, hopes and secret needs,
They spoke about Wishes,
About lack of kisses they both now seek,

She shivered as he touched her lips,
His cold white hand lit fire to her dark skin,
They wanted more than the wishes and horses,  
They wanted hugs and kisses,
A fine romance
Where they could both feel safe,

Wishes and kisses,
Dreams and Desires,
Beggars wishing to riding horses,
Me and him hoping to stop time,
Cafe' con leche their fingers marry,
Tonight they will live out their dreams!
Rui Rosa Nov 2018
Death is black,
Life is white,
No matter witch one you choose,
It will allways be Black and White.
I decided to make my version of " roses are red, violets are blue"
Tala Jun 2017
The year of HD colours
and endless mind-
rewiring sessions

I blink once, twice
hold my breath
zone out
slip to the nearest galaxy

I look
and still

a Black & White complication
thousands miles away from
a grey and colour palette situation
c n Feb 2016
Behind closed doors, there's something more; deeper than her personal art and healing heart. She's left only to herself. Her head that once was held head, fell and reality shook the room. The roar of laughter echoes and her insides shatter. Flaws are what make us whole. But for her, that's not how the story unfolds. Color leaves her eyes and she's no longer alive deep inside. The photograph that was once painted in color, faded to grey. -c. n.
KT Mar 2016
Night's willow, guard me well,
Else the candle is out and I'm back again.
Little birdie, sing me a song,
While you pluck the stars, one by one.
Sky's clear, from there to here,
Hummingbird's safe in all the worlds we share.

Day's wail, there you are again,
The birdie's flown, I hope to see it again.
Willow's whithered, wax is dun.
The song is done, I can't think myself back.
The Sun is up, also the moon,
A remnant of night, less sung about in daylight.
It's real, I think at least,
The birdie's somewhere, woken as same.
Dreams of Sepia Aug 2015
You were like a black & white movie
that I played over & over but backwards
Amenisia Lopez Aug 2015
In a cold dark world
no one* can *think or feel
there are no sounds,
there are no colors,
the days are grey
but the world is structured

Its a black & white world
where things work or they don’t
simple and complex
In a world so cruel and judgmental
so raw and sharp

so many colors and sounds
a song birds chirp,
The yellow rays of sunlight,
that we never see
because we are in a  pitch black box,
and we don’t try to get out,

differences and similarities
mind and heart,
So much is out there,
look around

at the crisp autumn leaves flames falling to the ground
An evergreen oak wise and graceful  branches
engraved with thousands of stories that were long forgotten
and washed away

We live in a bleak, black and white world
but we can see so much more

can we see the light in shadows
the good in evil
can we see the color in the pure absence of it
Music when there is silence
the chaos in nothing

Look deeper at the black and white of our world
**what will you see?
This poem is just a flow of words, I'm not exactly sure of the meaning  but it definitely has one. This poem is just to open peoples eyes a bit, its metaphorical.Its is also confusing.
Rachael Judd Feb 2015
People think the world is only made black and white
But if you blur your eyes
The only color you start to see,
The color they fail to believe
Its not one or the other, its the colors in between
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