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Rui Rosa Jul 19
Let me spice up your words
In a powerful way
to get your point
Written in this masterpiece.
Rui Rosa Jul 6
Even Cockroaches fly
They wander alone in houses
Going back and forward
Never making one their own
It's normal u would try the same
Thats why u can't be loved
Don't love a person that doesn't fear the fear of losing someone or something, if it doesn't scare you it's not love. It's just pure evil.
Rui Rosa Jul 6
You play me like a fool
Like a character in story
In a twisted narrative
Waiting for It to end
Rui Rosa Jun 26
I was the most beautiful Rose
That you never took care of
When you remembered me
You forgot that I akso peak
However you plucked and threw me
your blood rained down
In a beatiful crimson
Staining the petals of the other roses
I've turned blue in a garden of red
It would make a fine painting
Rui Rosa Feb 11
I'm the man of the island,
Eight floating pieces of land and Pico,
Which is the most beautiful island of all.
In Pico you can climb the mountain.
The tallest mountain in Portugal,
From the top you can see how much beauty Azores has.
And the beauty is all of us,
Without the others,
We wouldn't be called Azores,
Thats why we are Azoreans.
Rui Rosa Apr 2019
Depression is a disease that affects
4.4% of the world population
1.4% of the Portuguese
being the 17th country with the highest prevalence rate
I'm not suicidal... but maybe I am.
I know that suicide is a sign of cowardice,
but greater cowardice is lacking the courage to do so.
I'm not suicidal... but maybe I am.
I got tired of writing suicide letters and trying to do it,
but not being able to, because something makes me stay alive
I'm not suicidal... but maybe I am.
But I still hope that one day I will have courage and that I will take my own life.
So I will give all the rest that my soul needs.
The day I sank into depression, Life can bring you problems, but you exist to solve them, do not think if you are capable or not, just try, dont waste your life.
Rui Rosa Mar 2019
Mistakes are a proof that you are human.
If you "Ctrl. + Z" it just means you're a living being
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