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Sadness... doesn’t need a reason,
One just feel it,
It’s a deep feeling, that harms you

Sadness can not be sustained,
It falls in the form of tears,
When it is strongly felt ...

It appears out of nowhere,
Conquers happiness,
It moves our nervous system,
Until it achieves our fragility...

There we stay in our corner,
Listening to music, crying,
And as our thoughts reorganize,
The sadness and the tears are evaporating ...
This is what we call sadness...
Rui Rosa Mar 2
Mistakes are a proof that you are human.
If you "Ctrl. + Z" it just means you're a living being
Rui Rosa Jan 27
Why fear death?
It's natural,
It's biological,
It comes to us all,
wether you want it or not,
sooner or later,
nobody stays to tell the story,
when they go,
they say nothing and never come back
we try to reach out and nobody answers or calls,
guess we have to look for it in the yellow pages.
Rui Rosa Jan 23
We human kind,
We had to study your language to be able to understand you.
Bits and Bytes is all you know.
All you ever seen was 0's and 1's.
We human kind made you,
You were so big back in 1946
as time passed you became smaller and smaller,
so small that you fit in my hand.
We human kind made you,
Smarter, faster, autonomous and dangerous.
Now you're one step closer to rule the world.
A little poem about ENIAC
Rui Rosa Jan 19
When the clock tick midnight its time to go,
Walking between my realm and the realm of the living
I sense the smell of a young soul,
The sweet salty taste of soul.
I'm the shadow you fear every night
Blending in the dark of night,
To haunt you here I go.
Voodoo chanting I do,
to unleash the fear in you.
Leaving chills down your spine.
So that I can add another soul to my collection.
Rui Rosa Jan 13
War has changed...
and left our world in chaos.
creating, altering and destroying it,
the anthem is all it remains.
This is all it remains from it.
Rui Rosa Jan 12
We meet at "discord"
over an IPv4 connection
Talking for hours through microphone
Your electronic smile has awakened,
a feeling that the CPU does not process
You entered my HDD with your virtual love,
which filled so much space of illusions in RAM,
So much that it gave Blue Screen
A love story with some tech knowledge
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