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Oct 2021
keep me on the edge; make my imagination go wild; torture me with pleasure; pull me against your muscular royal chest and pour every single word on my trembling **** body; looking into each other eyes as we get more deep into the endless passage of time; consume my sumptuous lips; kissing; with each taste giving my heart a sensational riot; as you’re cradling me in your royal arms; use your lancing tongue and stain your marks all over my soft skin…control my mind with your fingertips sending electricity galloping down my spine; make me the reflection of your soul and at the end of the day when our strength has faded; I’ll surrender to the aura of your presence; purring and begging you for much more…..keep along the edge of my fantasies penetrating my mind; through the depths of my desires keep galloping your fingertips in all the places your hands can’t reach; hollow me out thrusting your royal lance of passionate words; leave your maiden gasping; screaming for more; I surrender my body; soak my inside canvas; *** paint in me; creating our art….pressed together savoring the honey of our **** bodies; with no lusting limits to every moment of our passion together as one….sexually aroused by the sensation of our soft lips; kissing from each position and licking in every direction; knight and maiden united; intertwined grinding on each other; searching from front to back; through every glory hole of intimacy…the most intense ****** erupts in ****** pleasure; offering us the sweet taste of cuming together; finding our hidden
Lady Bird
Written by
Lady Bird  Cisgender Female/Virginia
(Cisgender Female/Virginia)   
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