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Oct 2021
caress and kiss me; my thrusting knight
joined together as one in pure ecstasy
our expressed desire just feels so right
moans of more; be-cuming a part of me
pull me close; holding me so very tight
exploding our passion through the night

knightly serpent do strike
*** in with your steed-rod
deeply dry and very thirsty
I’m your only maiden’s bush
oh how my inside quenches
that sweet and salty taste
your royal lance drenches

moaning for it to ***;
slow deep and in;
thrusting your tongue;
softly against my ****;
faster and faster;
your maiden wants it
hard and yet so kind
body on body
desire yours and mine
in a frenzied torrent
slam me from behind
with lust and passion

I want you to wet my lips tantalizing my tongue
elevate my heart rate and make my vines hum
burn like fire inside me as I swallow you down
I will drink you so deeply; intoxicating myself
with your presence imbibing my essence
make me dizzy punch-drunk on your passion

glistening bodies; exquisite torture;
indulged in a passionate war;
two hearts enslaved with desire;
our emotions they being to soar
striking each others heated fire
my heart pounds as you part my thighs;
then I feel your moistened tongue inside
awaiting to enter my valley’s wetness
your royal manhood it begins to rise
my legs open wide to straddle my knight
easing your hard lance into my glory hole
your maiden rides your steed with delight
Lady Bird
Written by
Lady Bird  Cisgender Female/Virginia
(Cisgender Female/Virginia)   
     Jennifer DeLong and Bogdan Dragos
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