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Chris Neilson Jan 10
A house without an
onion is akin to
a meal time meltdown
Never run out of onions
Martin Horton May 2019
You made me cry.

You and your hundreds of brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, ancestors that I’ve met in the past.

Painful, piercing, burning tears that cause me such pain, I worry I’m allergic to you.

But I keep on coming back to you.


You would have thought that I’d ban onions from my house. Yell at the top of my voice. ‘Onions be gone!!!’

But I can’t. You provide such an essential element to so many dishes.

Sometimes, I think I’ve got away with it. I’ve peeled you fully. You lie there, waiting to be cut, apparently unarmed.

But then your fury is unleashed as my knife begins to slice. You weep too. Tears of malice, venom and white hot anger. Tears that say ‘You’ve hurt me and I will not let you get away with that!’

Will you tell me something onion?
I know you make me cry but out of your dozen or so relatives, is there an onion that will make me sob?

An onion, where with each layer I peel, it releases in me grief and pain and hurt that I’ve kept locked up for years, and then I’ll finally feel cleansed.

Or did God, in all his wisdom, love and kindness, not create such a beast because he knows that I wouldn’t be able to cope with that much pain?

Instead, he treats me like an onion. But oh, so, so gently does he remove my peel and layers, washing away the hurt and grime with his tears of love and tenderness.
I wrote this on a writers weekend where there was a variety of objects I could choose to write about and I chose an onion. One of the biggest onions I've ever seen. And this is what came out.
Salmabanu Hatim Jan 2019
Cough! Cough!Cough!
Try this cough syrup,
In no time you will be up.
No infection, no inflammation, no allergen,
In a jiffy, everything gone.
My onion sugar cough syrup is better,
All you need is an onion and sugar,
And a jar.
Cut the onion into round slices
Round rings, not tiny pieces,
Place an onion ring in a jar,
Cover it with sugar,
Place a second slice on top,
Cover the same with sugar on top,
Till you are done.
Close the jar tight,
Leave it overnight.
The next day, your honey coloured cough syrup is ready,
Wish your recovery is speedy.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2018
Complexity is like onion
Some peel it
Layer by layer

Some may shed tears
Just on first layer
Then stop there

With passion
Some may explore deep
Inside the core

Some chop it, at once
Exploring all the layers
Revealing a delicate soul

Some make it simple
Some complicate the simple
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Complexity
Lady Bird Sep 2018
drips of joy
some of pain
peel me you'll
find restrain
liked or disliked
I‘m all the same
aroma and sight
so guess my name


don't take these
words by surprise
you might shed tears
from your eyes
many have complained
that I'm a nuisance yet
who I am is who I am and
can't help how I was named
open your eyes cant you see
an "ONION" thats just me...
hanaz Apr 2018
Keep your eyes peeled,
You will cry,
You will cry,
When you chop me, Onion says!
Poetic T Dec 2017
It never saw itself as much,
             a rough coat...
  but underneath that where
             its true potential lay.

But when It looked deeper
          all it saw was conflicting layers.
    Then the unthinkable, others saw
his uses but he just cut into himself.

Tears feel as the feeling of unworthiness
             was cut away as layers fell..
but this was like every other
                     onion depressed at its worth.

but everything is special in another's eyes,
     Were all like a onion, layers of dignity.
But even though we don't see it,
      We all have a worth, were layers of an onion..
the professor of unmasking will be
conducting the lecture to-day
and it's recommended that students
tune into the things he'll say

we'll take a little peek
at the layers he'll reveal
the exercise being similar
to removing an onion's peel

you'll not forget
the knowledge he'll impart
it'll stay in your brain's
recollection cart

so let's commence the lesson
enough with the intro's waffling on

it has an outer skin
there's the inner rows
a center core

as this composite
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