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Nov 2017 · 468
Sweet Bliss
Jackie White Nov 2017
The leaves were changing when our story began.
A story that grew from our own heartbreak.
Out of broken hearts grew a young romance.
Whom I thought was a dove was but a snake.
And the feelings you held were not returned.
We healed and we grew stronger together.
We found trust again; our hearts had relearned.
We talked at great length, we never blethered.
Our hearts had created their very own beat.
We now possess what other souls pursue.
A companionship quite rare, young, and sweet.
Even though we're on our own, our souls dance still.
Our hearts beat now with a love filled with bliss
We long for the next smile, laugh, hug and kiss.
A sonnet I had to write for my Language class, but I really liked it.
May 2016 · 626
Because of You
Jackie White May 2016
You help me when im at my worst.
Even when we werent together you were there
You were my best friend
And you still are
You listen to my rants
You dry my tears
You defend and protect me
I can see
Actually see
That you love me
Your actions make your words true
You help me see the beauty in myself
You take any doubt i have about my abilities away
You bring my smile to my face
And when i smile
It is true
And pure
All because of you.
May 2016 · 670
What Hurts
Jackie White May 2016
What hurts…
Not seeing you
Knowing youre not okay and not be able to help or comfort
What hurts is planning on doing things
Then, at last minute, cancel.
To take back those words.
What hurts is knowing we have to wait years to be treated as a couple
We have to wait till we leave to get that chance
We have to wait to have dates
We have to wait to do those things that others do daily.
People in the same position.
But they dont like us.
The most powerful woman in your life
Doesnt like me
And is doing what she can to convince you to leave.
She puts you through hell
And its because of me.
I dont want you to leave
But i want you to be happy.
So if you are happy not going through this for the next year or two
I wont blame you
It hurts to think that you might wake up and think that its not worth it
To think that no matter how much fun we have had, that going through hell for me
Is not worth it.
Im not worth it…
May 2016 · 536
The Moon and the Stars
Jackie White May 2016
The Moon shines bright
As it does each night.
And when you look up at the moon,
You see the stars, and hear the bugs of June.
The midnight air is warm,
The wet air leftover from yesterday’s storm
And as the day ends,
Another begins
And leaves yesterday’s storm behind
So that we can clear our mind
No longer bearing the pain
No longer bearing the fear
As you look up at the moon,
You see how beautiful it shines
You see how beautiful the stars are,
Shining beside the moon
Shining down on us
Showing us the peace
The warmth
Giving the escape long needed
The moon and the stars
Shining down from afar
The moon and the stars
See how beautiful they are
Just like you
just something i came up with....i love you boo bear. so so much. i wonder if you will ever see this....
Apr 2016 · 291
Your Love
Jackie White Apr 2016
The love you give
Is the love I need
Sep 2015 · 453
i believed you
Jackie White Sep 2015
You ******* lied to me.
you said you loved me.
you said i was the only one.'
you said you feel for me
and that you cared.
you told me you loved me.
and i believed you
**** aubrey. the lying cheating ****.
Jul 2015 · 8.0k
Your laugh
Jackie White Jul 2015
Your laugh brings out mine
i miss it so much
the way you would lean back as you laughed to a joke
you say you hate it
something about it not sounding right
but to me
its perfect
i miss him. his laugh is only part of it
Jun 2015 · 635
Why me?
Jackie White Jun 2015
Why me?
Of all the girls in this is school
in your new one.
in your life
in your neighborhood.
why choose me?
youre an amazing person
and i have enough insecurities to supply a large business company.
But you choose me to hold you.
to love you.
and i will forever question the blessing of your love
because i never get blessings
not on this level
Jun 2015 · 654
Jackie White Jun 2015
Words are not my thing.
Especially about you.
After all the time we spend together,
all the words exchanged,
none can even begin to express
exactly how i feel about you
about us
Hmm i love him so much
that doesnt even begin to show it
Jun 2015 · 1.8k
Dark vs. Light
Jackie White Jun 2015
I look past your darkness,
your demons,
and i see your light,
your angels.
And they are here to save me.
Jun 2015 · 5.3k
Jackie White Jun 2015
I love you so much.
You are not alone anymore.
Let me help you fight your demons
Jun 2015 · 1.9k
Jackie White Jun 2015
Im scared
i hate to say those words but i am
youre the best thing to ever happen to me
youre my light to the day
and the stars to the night
you bring happiness into my lonely world
and come this summer,
i may never see you again
please dont let this end
the poem says it all
Jun 2015 · 2.3k
My fear
Jackie White Jun 2015
I am not afraid of much
but you brought so much light into my life
that my fear is now becoming a fear of the dark
i may lose him come this summer
i dont want to lose my light
May 2015 · 411
Jackie White May 2015
Luck is not my thing.
It never comes my way.
But when i look at you, my mind is changed.
I see your smile
i hear you laugh
and i know i am lucky to call you mine
You hold me tight
you kiss my lips
you say "i love you" and i know you mean it.
the way you held my face and leaned in
my heart melts at the thought of you
I love you
please dont leave
clearing my mind a little :)
May 2015 · 1.2k
My Angel
Jackie White May 2015
You saved me, my angel
you lifted me up and held me tight
you kissed my forehead and looked into my eyes
you said, "I love you" and i know you meant it.
You saved me from loss and misery, my angel
and no matter what i do
there will be nothing that i could give you
that will return this blessing
about my angel who has done more for me than he realizes. i love you baby
May 2015 · 19.8k
Fear of...
Jackie White May 2015
Fear of losing someone dear
Fear of injustice
Fear of a strong man
an abusive man
Fear of the dark
Fear of a house
Fear of a mysterious man
an unknown man
another TKAM poem i had to write. Hope you like!
May 2015 · 6.4k
Jackie White May 2015
You, my love, are amazing.
Your laugh is like a sweet candy for the ears.
Your smile melts my heart.
When you look at me, i can only stare at what i want to be.
What i have always dreamed of having.
When you call me "Boo" or "Babygirl" all i can think of is how you have chosen me
to be your lover,
your partner
the one to show your love to.
im amazed at your beauty
by your stubbornness.
And i love every piece of it.
I love you baby
I love my boyfriend silly and i cant believe how lucky i am to have him.
Thank you for choosing me.
I love you Aubrey
May 2015 · 836
A Dream
Jackie White May 2015
Yes. Thats what this is.
A Beautiful dream.
Something that only happens in our imagination.
Something that one can only dream of.
But we have it.
So lets treasure it.
Thoughts about my love.
May 2015 · 10.7k
A Song of Innocence
Jackie White May 2015
The song of innocence stopped when she screamed.
She screamed out of fear.
She knew she did something forbidden
The song of innocence played for a man,
And the bird sang as the man ran,
And the bird sang as the man fell.
The song of innocence soothes the ears of a girl.
A girl who listens with curiosity
A girl who grew up to be a woman
To **** a Mockingbird poem i had to do for my Language Arts class. i liked it, so i wanted to share.
The first person mentioned is Mayella, the second is Tom Robinson, and  the third is, of course, Scout
Apr 2015 · 738
A Clue
Jackie White Apr 2015
Nobody Knows
Nobody has a clue
They think they do
But never shall they never know what i go through
Apr 2015 · 896
Jackie White Apr 2015
Im a newbie with everything.
I cant play instruments or video games
i dont sing or play sports.
i can barely cook.
And here you are,
having tried and excelled at almost all of it.
you, my love, are amazing.
and here i am.
a newbie at even high school.
what caught your eye?
what made you love this girl who does nothing but laugh at everything?
What makes you love me?
ugh my boyfriend is awesome at everything
then here i am.
how did this happen????
Mar 2015 · 933
Goody Two Shoes
Jackie White Mar 2015
I know
im a goody goody.
i clean after myself,
and sometimes others.
i hold the door open for any and all
and i hate being late.
But you,
you my love are just the opposite.
you get into fights
you curse
you are someone i would avoid a year ago
but now i cant get enough of you.
my heart leaps when we touch.
our kiss is perfect.
you, my love,
you are something bad for me.
and i love it.
Mar 2015 · 613
Jackie White Mar 2015
No phone, no facebook.
Simple, old fashioned email.
When we arent together, thats what we do.
Whether its setting up dates,
or just passing time.
My heart leaps with joy when i see your name
up at the top
waiting for me to read it.
i dont care if it takes longer.
this is something unique to this relationship.
to us.
Just some thoughts. As usual.
Mar 2015 · 744
Jackie White Mar 2015
When i see you, i cant help but smile.
You let me forget my worries, if only for a few moments.
Your name is so unique and adorable.
Im glad you dont read poetry.
Im so quiet, and you are so loud and outgoing
what makes you like me?
Opposites attract?
Im horrible at sports,
while youre making every basket.
Our lives cant be more different.
But i love it.
Me, the book nerd
and you, the athlete.
Whats in store for us?
hehehe i may or may not have a crush who may or may not like me too. aaand he may or may not want to talk to me tomorrow. But this is just some thoughts. I love his name though XD
Mar 2015 · 602
Just Think
Jackie White Mar 2015
Today was horrible.
Just the worst.
Just like yesterday,
and the day before that.
Life may have its downs - some days more than others.
But think.
Just Think.
At least one good thing happened.
Just one.
Talked to an old friend?
Someone complement your hair or clothes?
What about your favorite artist?
They release a new song or album?
New book?
Did someone dare to smile and wave at you?
Just think.
Life is not only downs.
As the days go by,
It gives us ups too.
Just think.
When you woke up,
when you got to school,
When you got home,
on the bus
or an the path,
or in a car.
Who did you see?
What did you see?
What did you think?
Was there fear?
Maybe there was.
But Just think.
About those happy thoughts.
Those happy times you had.
Because they will be back.
Just give it time.
Just Think.
Just Think
Mar 2015 · 643
A Lie
Jackie White Mar 2015
Lying is common.
Most use it daily.
Some to get out of trouble.
Some to hide something they did.
Or how they feel.
How they truly feel.
People ask if they are okay.
And they say yes.
Not because thats how they feel.
But because its what everyone expects.
They expect them to be okay.
Not to be truthful.
Not to say how they truly feel,
A lie is common.
It masks just like a smile.
It makes others happy.
Which is good, of course.
But it doesnt help the pain.
A lie is a mask.
I hate lies.
Mar 2015 · 4.0k
Forgive Me?
Jackie White Mar 2015
Where is everyone?
He walked down the empty hallway
I guess everyone went home...Thats where i should be
'Frank?' rang a voice through the corridor
He froze
Who called my na-It cant be
A boy about the same height turned the corner.
Please. I cant do this right now
The shadows danced as he raced the other way, chills from the familiar voice going down his back.
Run. Faster!
'Frank, wait!'
why did i stop?
Frank turned around to see the boy he loved and feared.
Go away
'Frank. I need to talk to you'
Just turn around and walk away
'Want to get some dinner, Frank?'
why cant i move?
'Frank, come on. I know youre mad. We can talk this out.'
Its too late. I have already tried that
'Im sorry. Can you forgive me, Frank?'
I did the first time...
'I wont do it again'
...And the time after that...
'I promise'
...and you still hurt me.
'I really am sorry. I never meant to hurt you!'
Lies, and i know it
'Please Frank. We can talk about this.'
So why do i want to forgive you?
'Answer me, Frank! Dont just stand there!' The boy yelled, tearing up.
Why do i want to hug you, and tell you everything is fine?
'Frank? Please baby!'
why do i feel this way when i let you into my heart...
'I said i was sorry! What else do you want?'
...Why did i let you hurt me?
'I love you, Frank! I always have!'
Why do i want to scream "i love you too" and forget everything that went wrong?
'Frank, I promise i will never do it again. I will never hurt you like i have'
Its a big cycle. A cycle that wont end.
'I will n-never s-strike you or yell or anything.' The boy said, sobbing.
I love you. I dont want to lose you. But you hurt me. How can i love someone i fear?
'I promise, love. I promise!'
What do i do?
'Forgive me! Please Frank! Please say you forgive me, baby.'
Homosexual abuse happens too. Dont ignore it.
Feb 2015 · 4.7k
A Smile
Jackie White Feb 2015
A smile has a pro and a con.
It gives others happiness, and then they smile.
But a smile can be deceiving
It may not show all that is there.
People can smile all they want,
But there are those who can see behind it.
See your pain.
They want to help, but you wont let them.
You wont let them in.
A smile has a pro and a con.
It can mask your pain and suffering
Make it seem like its not there.
It can also show those who step on you
Those who give you hell
That they cannot hurt you
And they could stop
Stop you from hiding your pain
because once they do
there will be no pain
A smile has a pro and a con
It can be either a mask
or true happiness
Never see a smile
and think
that they are happy
Because there may be a day
When you really realize
They are not
Just some thoughts
Feb 2015 · 514
That's Okay
Jackie White Feb 2015
You made me feel different
You loved seeing me shine
Seeing me smile
You said that i was the only one
That you would never leave me
Leave me alone
You were jealous
Scared that i would find someone new
Someone better
I told you i wouldnt
but you werent the one who shouldve been worried
I was
You thought you loved her more
I thought she made you smile
Made you laugh
I guess I couldnt
That's Okay
Go with her.
But dont come back to me.
About my last break up after i moved.
Feb 2015 · 420
Your Love
Jackie White Feb 2015
Your love for me keeps me going
I can never forget it.
Your my everything
My world
I can write about everything
but you stump me
You tell me how you feel
but all i can say is
"Thanks me too."
But you mean so much more then that
You mean everything to me
And although i'm leaving
Ill never be gone
Ill always be by your side.
I never lie.
Especially when i say.
I Love You.
Well, if you have questions about this, just message me or something. I dont know what to explain.
Feb 2015 · 584
What Happened
Jackie White Feb 2015
The warmth comforted her
The strong arms told her she was safe.
What happened?
His deep voice startled her as he came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.
His blue eyes glowed in the dimming sun.
What happened?
The warmth was colder.
The strong arms really held her anymore.
What happened?
His voice changed. Not for the better.
His eyes no longer glowed when he looked at her.
What happened?
He got worse.
It got worse.
What happened?
He didn’t text her.
He didn’t talk to her.
What happened?
It’s my fault.
I must’ve done something.
What happened?
He could at least talk to me though!
I have no idea what’s going on!
What happened?
Just yesterday he was saying he loved her
Now he took that back
What happened?
She loved him.
He loved her.
What happened?
He hated her.
She was angry at him.
What happened?
Another girl came.
She took him away.
What happened?
She loved him.
But he loved another.
What happened?
About a relationship falling apart. Wrote it referring to my own, and it came out more true then i intended. For example, i wrote about another girl coming in and at the time it was written, no such thing happened. But it turns out in the end, one did come and official ended what couldve been.
Feb 2015 · 2.6k
The Puppet
Jackie White Feb 2015
The strings tightened their grip on her wrist.
She couldn’t fight them.
She needed help.
The knives were so close, yet so far away.
If only she could reach them.
If she fought hard enough
She could.
It’s happened before
They have escaped before.
They fought, and they won.
But there are those who didn’t win
Those who fought and lost.
They were replaced.
They were ignored
They were left behind.
That’s why she didn’t fight.
She was scared
What if she couldn’t fight them?
What if she lost?
The strings moved her hands
As the marionettist gently moved them.
Her hand rose above her head
The little girl below her covered her face
She had had enough
The strings broke her skin as she resisted.
The blood flowed down the strings
As she fought.
The marionettist was getting impatient.
I helped you. Now you help me. That’s only fair, right?
He said. For a second, she believed him.
No. It’s not.
She reached for the knives. She was winning.
But they were still out of reach.
Then the strings broke.
She had won.
She was free.
And she was done with the strings.
This is about letting yourself be controlled by other people. The marionette would represent those who control others and have them do their ***** work. The puppet didnt want to hurt people anymore so she fought and broke free.
But there were those who tried and failed, those who were left behind and abandoned.
Think about high school.
Marionette - Populars, the ones who manipulate others
Puppet - Shy ones, the ones who can be manipluated
Lost Puppets - The bullied, the ones who had fought for whats right and lost
Little Girl - Think of her as the friend that was there for the Puppet for the longest time, but then met the Marionette and the Puppet left the Girl. Maybe she tried to get the Puppet back, but the Marionette wouldnt let that happen. The Puppet wouldnt hurt the girl though, so she fought and finally won her freedom back.

— The End —