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Jackie White Nov 2017
The leaves were changing when our story began.
A story that grew from our own heartbreak.
Out of broken hearts grew a young romance.
Whom I thought was a dove was but a snake.
And the feelings you held were not returned.
We healed and we grew stronger together.
We found trust again; our hearts had relearned.
We talked at great length, we never blethered.
Our hearts had created their very own beat.
We now possess what other souls pursue.
A companionship quite rare, young, and sweet.
Even though we're on our own, our souls dance still.
Our hearts beat now with a love filled with bliss
We long for the next smile, laugh, hug and kiss.
A sonnet I had to write for my Language class, but I really liked it.
Jackie White May 2016
You help me when im at my worst.
Even when we werent together you were there
You were my best friend
And you still are
You listen to my rants
You dry my tears
You defend and protect me
I can see
Actually see
That you love me
Your actions make your words true
You help me see the beauty in myself
You take any doubt i have about my abilities away
You bring my smile to my face
And when i smile
It is true
And pure
All because of you.
Jackie White May 2016
What hurts…
Not seeing you
Knowing youre not okay and not be able to help or comfort
What hurts is planning on doing things
Then, at last minute, cancel.
To take back those words.
What hurts is knowing we have to wait years to be treated as a couple
We have to wait till we leave to get that chance
We have to wait to have dates
We have to wait to do those things that others do daily.
People in the same position.
But they dont like us.
The most powerful woman in your life
Doesnt like me
And is doing what she can to convince you to leave.
She puts you through hell
And its because of me.
I dont want you to leave
But i want you to be happy.
So if you are happy not going through this for the next year or two
I wont blame you
It hurts to think that you might wake up and think that its not worth it
To think that no matter how much fun we have had, that going through hell for me
Is not worth it.
Im not worth it…
  May 2016 Jackie White
Stranger Blue
Poor, poor angry soul.
What's the secret to your control?
Like Banner said staring blankly.
"There is no secret.... I'm always angry."

Angry about what the world has become.
Why society only favors some?
We are becoming a people without love.
Following the eagle instead of the dove.

Angry about the reason poverty thrives
Why the rich get richer like they're breaking out in hives?
Angry about our economy breaking down.
Doesn't matter who's fault it is...
White, Black, Yellow or Brown.

Angry about why people can't find a job.
Leaving them to beg, borrow, steal and rob.
I could go on and on just hope I'm not on my own.
But for now I'll leave well enough alone.
Jackie White May 2016
The Moon shines bright
As it does each night.
And when you look up at the moon,
You see the stars, and hear the bugs of June.
The midnight air is warm,
The wet air leftover from yesterday’s storm
And as the day ends,
Another begins
And leaves yesterday’s storm behind
So that we can clear our mind
No longer bearing the pain
No longer bearing the fear
As you look up at the moon,
You see how beautiful it shines
You see how beautiful the stars are,
Shining beside the moon
Shining down on us
Showing us the peace
The warmth
Giving the escape long needed
The moon and the stars
Shining down from afar
The moon and the stars
See how beautiful they are
Just like you
just something i came up with....i love you boo bear. so so much. i wonder if you will ever see this....
Jackie White Apr 2016
The love you give
Is the love I need
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