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Feb 2015
A smile has a pro and a con.
It gives others happiness, and then they smile.
But a smile can be deceiving
It may not show all that is there.
People can smile all they want,
But there are those who can see behind it.
See your pain.
They want to help, but you wont let them.
You wont let them in.
A smile has a pro and a con.
It can mask your pain and suffering
Make it seem like its not there.
It can also show those who step on you
Those who give you hell
That they cannot hurt you
And they could stop
Stop you from hiding your pain
because once they do
there will be no pain
A smile has a pro and a con
It can be either a mask
or true happiness
Never see a smile
and think
that they are happy
Because there may be a day
When you really realize
They are not
Just some thoughts
Jackie White
Written by
Jackie White  18/F/Ohio
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