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Gray Dec 2018
Twelve, getting older;
Boy, oh boy
You know,
It is time
Too old for silly games…
(Too young to work)
Sit in limbo--
Ponder your fate,
The life that which you live
Still eleven,
Scared of what you see;
It’s not fair
It’s never been fair
Ten now
You know your father has no chance
Whatever faith you had,
It’s gone with his career
All you have is your games,
Your sister,
And what little hope you have left
All you can do is pray;
Pray and hope it will be okay
On Jeremy "Jem" Finch in Harper Lee's To **** a Mockingbird
Mesa Sep 2016
There are some things in life
that you have to do knowing
you're going to lose.
Life isn't a game, and
you'll never be crowned winner,
so stop racing to the finish.
Walk tall.
Walk slow.
Savor every step,
and I promise you,
losing won't feel so bad.
Jackie White May 2015
Fear of losing someone dear
Fear of injustice
Fear of a strong man
an abusive man
Fear of the dark
Fear of a house
Fear of a mysterious man
an unknown man
another TKAM poem i had to write. Hope you like!
Jackie White May 2015
The song of innocence stopped when she screamed.
She screamed out of fear.
She knew she did something forbidden
The song of innocence played for a man,
And the bird sang as the man ran,
And the bird sang as the man fell.
The song of innocence soothes the ears of a girl.
A girl who listens with curiosity
A girl who grew up to be a woman
To **** a Mockingbird poem i had to do for my Language Arts class. i liked it, so i wanted to share.
The first person mentioned is Mayella, the second is Tom Robinson, and  the third is, of course, Scout

— The End —