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Mar 2015
Today was horrible.
Just the worst.
Just like yesterday,
and the day before that.
Life may have its downs - some days more than others.
But think.
Just Think.
At least one good thing happened.
Just one.
Talked to an old friend?
Someone complement your hair or clothes?
What about your favorite artist?
They release a new song or album?
New book?
Did someone dare to smile and wave at you?
Just think.
Life is not only downs.
As the days go by,
It gives us ups too.
Just think.
When you woke up,
when you got to school,
When you got home,
on the bus
or an the path,
or in a car.
Who did you see?
What did you see?
What did you think?
Was there fear?
Maybe there was.
But Just think.
About those happy thoughts.
Those happy times you had.
Because they will be back.
Just give it time.
Just Think.
Just Think
Jackie White
Written by
Jackie White  18/F/Ohio
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